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  1. I made a level scaling mod and while testing it I noticed same creatures would get different bonus levels when spawn at different locations. Thus it seems that ExpectedDifferenceMin/Max values are not tied to base enemy level but to location (area) level. With scaling turned on, enemy base level appears to be adjusted by the difference between the player level and the location level. Early game locations would give highest bonus levels. Anyway, here is a link to a work-in-progress level scaling mod for anyone willing to test it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lkrSndOItGA5nB1eQyBXyL0IyVh04lRd/view?usp=sharing Mod's intention is to make the game slightly more challenging. It does two things: Enemy levels are increased. It changes the levelscaling cap of max 4 bonus levels to 10 bonus levels. As posted before, enemy base level appears to be adjusted by the difference between the player level and the level of the current location. How to install: Navigate to Pillars 2 folder (e.g. Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\) Create "override" folder in Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\ Unzip the mod to the created /override folder. Run the game. Make sure scaling is turned on (all + only up). Note that the mod might work only in locations you haven't visited yet (needs further testing). Thank you for the hard work going into editing all of the creatures to scale properly! I was holding off playing this game until things scaled to my level because I was too lazy to do so, and now that they do I am happily playing the game again. I can confirm this mod works in scaling enemies (please note I only tested in two locations.) I am level 9 and without the mod enemies were level 6, with the mod they were level 9.
  2. Hello David, Do you know if you need to start a new game for leveling scaling to work (if you already had it on)? Can you please confirm how level scaling works? Are creatures expected to match your level, or only scale up 1 or 2 levels from their base? I have tried to modify the gamedata files to have monsters scale up more, but I guess it was being overridden by more monster specific behavior. (Their level did not change when entering a new area on the modded and unmodded saves.) Please view https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98843-level-scaling-difficulty-compilation-thread/page-7?do=findComment&comment=2026269 for details on how I tried to configure the modding. Thank you and I appreciate your help. ~Matt
  3. I don't think level scaling is working for me either - but we don't know how the scaling is implemented. Maybe units only scale in a range of levels and still have a hard cap. Those imps could be scaling (for example) from 4 - 7 or something. On my save fighting the encounter with the frost bow outside the city, the shrooms looked to be level 4 when I was level 9.
  4. Can anyone confirm that the latest fix to level scaling applies to existing saves, or will a new game need to be started? Thanks for the quick fix on this bug!
  5. Since scaling is done per save I am skeptical that that registry value handles it. However it is our best lead at the moment. Can anyone please try and confirm that editing this value change gets scaling in game? The best way would be to go to a new island for a quest known to be lower level, and check if the enemies are scaling. Then reload your game with it set off and check the same enemies. It is possible that if scaling isn't meant to be changed mid game this value will not do anything. We can't be sure of what rider scripts are run when difficulty/scaling is changed through the UI. Furthermore we don't know if the scaling is done upon entering a new map (and it just checks the value), when a new game is started, or when the value is toggled. My guess is that it is done upon entering a new map, mostly because going to Story Mode sets scaling to All. This is likely to scale enemies down to give players an easier experience on that setting. This means if we find to hack the value there is a good chance it will apply to new maps. Anyone who can test this empirically should do so. (Unfortunately I am I work now). For me I am holding off playing any further because my options are redoing 10 hours of content, or risk being stuck ina game that is too easy.
  6. r44 - I was playing on Veteran & change difficulty to Casual, then back to Veteran and level scaling was disabled. I believe this is a bug, but perhaps you can take advantage of it to turn level scaling off mid game
  7. I initially started the game with level scaling set to All, Scale Up only. During the game I needed to change briefly from Veteran -> Casual due to getting stuck in the Old City at a very low level. Afterwards I changed my difficult back to Veteran. Unfortunately this locked my level scaling to None. I tried changing the difficulty again but I cannot change the scaling back and it is locked at None. I am not sure if this is a UI bug or actual change, but I did notice the quests started displaying the scull icons afterwards, which after reading the forum is only set is level scaling is None. Is there a file or command I can edit/run to set level scaling back until this issue is fixed? Thank you for the help! Steps To Reproduce: Have level scaling enabled, Veteran Difficulty. 1. Change difficulty to Casual 2. Hit "Save" to confirm changes to maps that have not been visited. (Note that scaling is still working) 3. Change difficult back to Veteran 4. Hit "Save" to confirm changes to maps that have not been visited. (Now scaling is set to None, and quests have skulls on them) PS - I have save files you can use to test this but the file uploader will not permit me to upload them.
  8. If anyone knows a console command, or file that can be edited to fix this I would also appreciate it. I could have sworn I chose All Content, Scale Up only but when I checked again it says it is is None.
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