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  1. For what it's worth, I've listened to that banter, and while Eder is definitely crushing hard on Iselmyr, it doesn't seem like to her it's anything more than one of her stupid pranks, this time both on Aloth AND Eder. Because when Eder asks what does Aloth think about them together, and she replies that Aloth wants only happiness for her, I honestly lol'd. Heck, he's getting annoyed even when she comes out just to talk to Eder and repeatedly asks him not to encourage her. And after all that she says: "Ooh, yer face, Edér! Only thing finer'n seeing it is feeling this lad's ire!". It's only my interpretation, of course, so take it for what you will. That being said, I find myself liking Eder a lot less. Not for being fond of Iselmyr, just for being this dense and obviously lacking some basic empathy. Welp, all more reason for me to suppress her in my playthroughs, I guess (like I imagine her constant yapping in Aloth's head and trying to assume direct control of his body wasn't enough already :D ). Honestly, I'm not really a fan of Eder in this game, either. He wasn't my favorite in the last game (I found him bland but inoffensive, so I took him anyway), but he's more self-aware, which doesn't work for me. His jokes are trying too hard, and when he brought up finding the...er..."loud woman," I benched him permanently. The timing was pretty awful; I have way bigger issues to worry about. Like, you know, getting my soul back. On a side note, I prefer "romancing" adventurers that I create, since I come up with backstories for all of them. It's actually kind of sad fun, from a role-playing perspective.
  2. Right? She's annoying and arrogant about her religious beliefs, but the other characters, including the Watcher pick up on it and can tell her to cool down and shut up if she goes too far. She's not somehow beloved by all despite her personality like, say, Sera from DA:I. Wait, whaaaat? Sera is arguably one of the least liked companions in DA:I (her only real competition is Vivienne)... She has her pocket of (very vocal) supporters, but universally loved would be Varric, and Sera does not have the same level of fandom as Varric (I'm actually in the minority in that I like Sera and Vivienne and don't like Varric...). Also, I just want to clarify that I don't think the companions are shallow, per say, but I do think they are incredibly underutilized. On the flip side, I find this game's NPCs much better than the previous game's. I don't know if it's the voice acting or what, but they feel much more alive.
  3. Maybe it's because I just finished another Dragon Age playthrough, but I find the banter lackluster. I mean, I also have Xoti and Pallegina, and while there have been some pointed words and side-eyeing in a few very brief banters, I would hardly call it incredible drama. Honestly, I feel like mostly everything has been improved in Deadfire, except companions. They still feel bland to me. I wish they were integrated into the main plot more (even if the game forced you to take certain companions for certain quests) and less exposition-based. The resources for ship combat should have been devoted to this, in my opinion...
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