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  1. System specs: Debian Buster, upgraded from Stretch (so the fixes should work for that version too). Platform: intel amd64 i5-4460/16gb ram, ASUS H81M-K board, built-in HD Audio, running a daemonized pulseaudio under an xorg/xfce4 environment, up to date Steam installation with current game patches pre-August 2018 DLC/patches. Logs: There are no logs for this issue, none whatsoever, and I have never seen an output log from PillarsOfEternityII. Not once. I have seen logs in ~/.xsession-errors and I include a cut and paste example log for when it can't find a library, in this case libpulse-s
  2. I meant chiefly materials that upgrade weapons and armor, but an all-round consumables chest would be just as good! If it helps, I've seen successful mods add items to the fishmonger in Port Maje and someone else added trinkets and a new vendor in the same place, so vendors seem to be doable but not chests yet?
  3. I would love to have a chest of consumables that I could use to upgrade weapons and armour with. The scarcity of consumables is an important part of the game's balance, I'm aware, but this is for fun and possibly a useful thing for those intending to solo deadfire and I'm a linux player so I don't have access to windows-based cheat consoles to just give me the stuff. You can put an upper limit (but make it large) if you want, or make them infinite, but bear in mind there are about 15 that are very heavily used in upgrading the quality of items. Some items like adra ban and sapphires are almost
  4. The save game bug seems to happen after you swap party members or retrain or even level up and then step out of a party changing zone for me. I make two saves now, expecting one to be murdered. Makes me think somehow the game is treating save files like quicksaves.
  5. My theory is that it's not actually a bug. The game can't tell whether you never met a character or they died if you import a POE1 save so it assumes you never met them and starts the game that way. The only problem with this is that it also assumes you had past history with Pallegina in the dialogues, and disappears Aloth unnecessarily.
  6. Anyway, I tested with a different, solo import from POE1 and I can confirm there's no Eder. The game knows this, and transfers his dialogue to the Steward. He is definitely not on the boat and not in the fight or killed in it. I don't know where he is, but I've played half the game with the other save and I still haven't seen him anywhere yet.
  7. I don't know if he was even in the fight given he wasn't there in the chair to start with. Does the game assume he does?
  8. if he's not there to greet you then he died in your poe save Yeah that's what I assumed, but wasn't sure of. Eder is definitely alive, just not in the party because it was a solo run. They might have to expand their testing for that situation.
  9. With mine, Eder wasn't even in the chair when you wake up. I don't recall any particular weird ending from the POE1 game I imported, so it's a very strange bug.
  10. I have the weird situation of Eder not turning up at all, not before the pirate fight and not on the beach. It's possible he's around somewhere, I did manage to find Pellegina, but Aloth is also missing from where you're supposed to meet up. I wonder where Eder is...
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