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  1. In Pillars one the proc chance was to low. 10% on a hit or a crit. So by the time you took into consideration misses and grazes the dam thing basicaly never went off. Then when it did go off they got a save vs reflex, will ect......... I thought most of them where completely bloody useless. I really hope OBS realise the mistakes they made with this and address them in Deadfire
  2. OK, just in case you are not sonic mage: Nothing against your post. It just seemed to me that it was a forward pass (Can I say that in english?) for sonic. If you say you don't like the casting system and wish to discuss that, maybe you shouldn't ask others why they don't like it. Maybe you should start by telling us which changes you didn't like and why i shouldnt ask othes why they dont like topics? Ok great thanks
  3. and again all the pointless negativity alot of other threads ive had a look at like this aswell
  4. Why so much negativity on this forum? Anyway while im here....What issues do you guys see with the new casting system? What potential problems have you encountered with it?
  5. i didnt like what they had done with the casting system i would have preferred they left it alone 100%
  6. I was a disinterested at when i first started playing it but oh boy is Deadfire going to be good Just a bit confused on WTF they have done with the casting system..........yep really consfused ATM. I have cancelled everything in my diary for April 4 for 1 month
  7. why is that boerer ? what are you unhappy with about the way POE2 is headed? Ive only justy started playing the BETA but loved pillars1
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