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  1. Thanks for the responses! I have decided to do a Trickster/Beguiler to push the single target damage higher and to not have another Wizard (decided to keep my boy Aloth in the mix). After testing the Cobra Strike it definitely ticks very hard and is easily applied but makes it harder to use Ring the Bell as it is considered ranged. The Trickster Ancient may be something I try out later though. Sounds super fun for lots of raw aoe.
  2. Hi all, I am currently attempting to start a new playthrough revolving around a single idea. Heavy DoTs (Toxic Strike, Break the Bell, Gouging, etc.) to be applied in an aoe or single target from the rogue tree paired with support skills from either the wizard or cipher. I was hoping to get some feedback on pros and cons and maybe have a few questions answered. Spellblade: +Applies buffs to self faster and are generally stronger for the player. +Has access to blights and citzals for AoE application of DoTs, both have really solid base damage +No need to take Trickster
  3. I personally made an assassin ascendant that uses the Red Hand arquebus. I would stealth and blow a target away then follow up with ascendant spam (disintegrates and mind waves). I would prioritize Perception and dexterity.
  4. Soul Annihilation actually doesnt favor any weapon type. The raw damage of it does the same amount of damage no matter which weapon type you use. You are correct about Backstab favoring 2 handers.
  5. I currently play an Ascendant/Rogue and it is an absolute monster. Opening with a sneak full attack gets me 1 auto away from max focus. Then I proceed to buff up with Borrowed Instinct and Body Attunent. After that I either spread around Disintigrate or Amplified Wave. The damage for this build is insane and I have no issues surviving.
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