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Hi all,

I am currently attempting to start a new playthrough revolving around a single idea. Heavy DoTs (Toxic Strike, Break the Bell, Gouging, etc.) to be applied in an aoe or single target from the rogue tree paired with support skills from either the wizard or cipher. I was hoping to get some feedback on pros and cons and maybe have a few questions answered.


+Applies buffs to self faster and are generally stronger for the player.

+Has access to blights and citzals for AoE application of DoTs, both have really solid base damage

+No need to take Trickster for Displaced Image.


+Passives benefit weapon based combat.

+Longer casts but have some strong debuffs to reduce enemy stats

+Seekers Fang cipher bind, from what I have read this thing scales at Focus/10 per 3 secs. This is some pretty hefty raw damage late game with the Rapier model allowing for some nasty crits. WoTeP would be my AoE backup.

At a glance it seems to me a choice of easier and more consistent AoE damage from the Wizard or the Higher Single Target Potential of the Cipher.

So what are some things I may not be taking into consideration with these two choices? Which do you prefer and Why? Does combusting wounds work with non hazard DoTs? What single target weapon would the spellblade prefer, Rannigs Wrath maybe?


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That's a matter of taste I guess. You are not missing anything as far as I can tell. 

I like both Spellblade and Mindstalker - but since I generally prefer Wizard over Cipher I'd opt for Spellblade. Infuse + DoTs is nice. Combusting Wounds doesn't work with DoTs though. Only with "pulsing" spells that do a new attack roll every few secs (Chillfog, Walls, Freezing Pillar and such). Pure DoTs only have one hit roll and then it's just ticks. Those don't trigger Combusting Wounds.

Trickster/Soulblade is a great melee combo - especially when using "Offensive Parry" from Whispers ofthe Endless Paths: you'll get new focus from parrying and can spend it right away with Soul Anihilation. Not really DoT-focused though.

One weapon the Spellblade has access to and which does very high single target dmg plus high poison DoT on its own (which stacks with other DoTs) is Nannasin's Cobra Strike (from a unique grimoire).

Spellblade can also use several spells to lure enemies to a spot from stealth - like Arkemyr's Dazzling Lights for example. Anything that makes soem noise, can be cast out of combat and can be targeted on the ground. Makes it a lot easier to catch all enemies in an DoT without using sparkcrackers. Ciphers don't have that. But Tricksters can do it (Dazzling Lights) which makes them very useful for such an approach.

Also don't forget Battle Axes with Bleeding Cuts: the modal is very powerful and especially good if you use a Battle Axe in your main hand (and something else in the offhand) and use Full Attacks (see Arterial Strike etc). That way you won't suffer the longer recovery but apply a very strong DoT for a long time that stacks with itself.

Speaking of DoTs in an AoE: I would either go with a Scout (Trickster/Arcane Archer + Watershaper's Focus or Streetfighter/Sharpshooter + Hand Mortar/Fire in the Hole).

May I also draw your attention to a Trickster/Ancient? With WotEP you can apply Taste of the Hunt in an AoE (it's quite strong) and at the same time cast several very good DoTs that also unlock Sneak Attacks and Deatblows and combine them with the Rogue's DoTs. It's unusual but it works and is fun.  

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I can vouch for Seekers Fang being an absolutely fantastic weapon for a melee oriented cipher. On my Transcendent it does like 40-50 damage per tick after crit with Spider's Patience when Ascended - about half of Disintegrate - but rapier strikes much faster (particularly dual wielded with a ranged weapon), normal hits also leave a slight (stacking) DOT.  The nice thing is that the first tick is instant, so it deals almost 100 damage per crit... and then the deadly DOT.

And it has the fantastic per encounter Spider's Flurry ability, which deals 3 hits to everyone in the cone (plus immobilized and offers 3 chances to crit, 3 stacks of regular DOT)... Can usually affect 3-5 enemies with it... and maximize focus too. 

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Thanks for the responses! I have decided to do a Trickster/Beguiler to push the single target damage higher and to not have another Wizard (decided to keep my boy Aloth in the mix).

After testing the Cobra Strike it definitely ticks very hard and is easily applied but makes it harder to use Ring the Bell as it is considered ranged.

The Trickster Ancient may be something I try out later though. Sounds super fun for lots of raw aoe.

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