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  1. Outcast's Respite (northwestern area of deadfire) has the pool that you can drink from to get attribute points or injuries. These buffs are not staying even without resting. I did not notice them dropping off before, I'm pretty sure they were treated as a per rest buff.
  2. Do the bosses scale or are they always at a set level? I accidentally hit Belranga at level 17 on PotD, and couldn't quiiiite kill it after a few tries. Probably could with more prep and attempts though. Will this fight be easier at 20 or just get more difficult?
  3. Just had to restart my game and got caught by this update. Must say I'm glad that happened!
  4. I'm playing an assassin/devoted dual pistol character. Whenever I'm in combat, if reloading has already started and I go to issue an attack command or ability cast, the character turns towards the target and restarts the reload from the beginning. With AI on, I have to slow combat down or keep pausing to catch the character after the reload is done and then issue the command. This is always when not having to move, I know moving interrupts reloading since you can't reload while moving. Is anyone else having a similar issue? I like to have my character run my AI behavior for the most part, but sometimes I don't want to waste a full attack at their current target and it's tedious to slow or pause pause pause to catch them before the ability fires off. Edit: This got moved from its own post to here even though it's a separate issue, sorry for that.
  5. Are you playing full screen or windowed, and how long are your sessions? There is an acknowledged memory leak that slows my fps by about 50% after an hour or more. If you restart your game it picks back up. If you're running windowed, I always had to alt tab out and back in after EVERY loading screen, for some reason it drops to a static 20 fps on every transition before I tab out and back in. If on full screen, that problem happens maybe once every 5 loading screens. I just minimize and maximize and it goes back to running just fine. Your problem may be neither of these, but hey maybe you'll get lucky!
  6. I read that as the chant itself is an attack against an enemies' concentration. So this removes concentration from foes, but gives them immunity to being hit with it again for 10 seconds. Which means you wouldn't want this chant in a short rotation list.
  7. As far as AI goes, you have the conditionals set up incorrectly. You have to have every buff on its own conditional, in order, with a cooldown that matches its duration. Right now you're telling the AI to cast all of those spells on a one second delay from top to bottom. If you know programming at all, the AI just loops back to the top and goes through the conditionals once again. Here's what happens with yours: 1) Do I have concentration? Yes) Cast Vital essence, restart conditional check No) Go to next conditional So if you give yourself concentration, it is going to check that conditional and keep casting Vital Essence because you told it to.That little clock/sun dial that has a 1 in it for self buffs is where you set a delay. If you set it to 15, it will only cast Vital Essence every 15 seconds if that conditional is met. Your self buffs are going to do the same thing once it gets past Vital Essence. Since you have them all grouped under one conditional, every time it re-runs the conditionals and sees you have the Intellect Inspiration, it is going to cast something from that list starting from top to bottom, whatever is available. It will never get past that conditional until it recasts your buffs until you're out of spells. So, leave the concentration conditional as it is an put a cool down on it. - That's fixed. The sucky part: every buff has to be on its own list, and you need to add a delay as long as the buff lasts. Then it will check for con, cast Intellect inspiration, then cast each buff in sequence, and will not repeat that portion until the buffs fade (with the proper delay). Then you can put an "always true" conditional after your buffs to cast the weapon with a long delay. Then put a Self: has melee weapon conditional and self: has intellect inspiration, cast citzal martial spell on a delay. Then put self: has melee weapon, attack nearest enemy. <---- I don't think this belongs in the AI behavior, I think it's default if their AI is on and you have them to defensive/aggressive attacking, they'll automatically auto attack whatever is nearest so just leave it empty; once all of the buffs are done, it will start attacking. If this doesn't make sense in text, I can put a picture of what it should look like if you want to do what you've listed. Ok one more edit: I actually suggest setting ALL of the buffs at a delay the same as the shortest buff (as well as the weapon itself). That way if a fight lasts long enough for citzal's to need recast, it will refresh every buff and your weapon before doing so. Otherwise he may become absolutely useless with not many buffs up and unable to cast as the weapon duration runs out. If you fiddle with those settings enough you should be able to get it to flow correctly.
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