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  1. I finished the Game, did Aloth's quest, and never got beyond +1 no matter how many times he approved of my actions. Tekehu hit on the watcher IMMEDIATELY, and I tried to put that on hold, never got the option to romance him after that. Apparently, it's one chance, and too bad if you say no 5 seconds after you meet. It felt like there should have been WAY more party interactions? PoE1 had tons without the relationship system but Deadfire has scarcely any. If this isn't a bug, then it's a huge step backward.
  2. There's one convo with him where the Watcher can ask if he has feelings for her. It takes him a bit to realize what she's talking about, and then gives a it's-not-you-it's-me talk. Well...that's a disappointment of Varric Tethras proportions!!
  3. People have been datamining - neither Éder nor Pallegina are romance options. Aloth, Maia, Tekehu and Xoti are, and I think it's possible to have a fling with Serafen? I saw the datamining...I was just hoping maybe someone had tried it with a F!Watcher, I mean *sometimes* the dataming is wrong. Serafen is adorable but no...lol Looks like it may be between Aloth and Tekehu (who is oddly tempting!). Also, LOVE your name
  4. Has anyone playing a female watcher managed to fully test Eder? Is he for certain off limits or is he just "hard to get"?
  5. I was actually wondering about this as well. I know we could at least change our primary and secondary colors in the first one.
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