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  1. Glad you enjoy build! Which one you went? Herald or War Caller? If you don't find summons useful for your game- I would take And Hel Hyraf at Level 1 for AOE armor nerf and on Level III I would chose either Rejoice My Comrades for being also a better party healer now, upgrade to Hel Hyraf for longer Armor debuff or if you have some rangers in your party using firearms you can go for Chant Sure Handed to make them shoot faster. Rest should work really. Later you could take upgrade to Rejoice for Revive on allies or for example. I went with the herald. It's great for a sword singer
  2. Hey Voltron, I'm playing with this build and so far I love it! Thank you very much. But since I'm playing with a party, I can't use skeletons very effectively. It feels like overkill in terms of party member numbers and most of the time the enemy dies before I even got a chance to summon the skeletons. What would you change in this build for those who play with a party? I'm talking about the whole build and not just the skeletons.
  3. Besides the Reaping Knives (which make no sense when cast on oneself anyway in my opinion) Rogue + Cipher is actually pretty awesome. That's because you start the game with a +70% dmg bonus and can go to +90% in a few levels. That's pretty cool. Especially Assassin/Soulblade is pretty spectacular if you combine it with Backstab. You can one-shot the first victim out of stealth pretty easily and get a ton of focus for your Soul Annihilation - which usually one-shots the next enemy, then use Smoke Cloud and repeat. Perfect Assassin in my opinion. Detonate works with Assassination by
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