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  1. As pointed out POE 2 was pushed back for more polishing. Sometimes this ends up being a good thing and I'll point to DAI as an example as it did well enough to be mentioned in shareholder calls twice. First on how it was a cornerstone of the company's profits that year (and all of us being ganes know how rare that happens, especially at a giant at EA) and second they even admitted in the second call that holding DAI back was the right thing to do. It can also workout poorly, but you have to drop the penny sometime.
  2. Has anyone created a portrait pack for Deadfire? I'd try but paint programs tend to explode when I touch them.
  3. So I just finished my first playthrough with a Fire Godlike/Kindly Wayfarer Paladin, and I have some thoughts on the ending. Pallegina: Tekehu: Maia: Serefan: I need to give him teleportation skills and then we could have Nightcrawler. I didn't travel a lot with him the time around so not much to say. Xoti: Took me FOREVER to figure out how to keep her from going all on me. Eder was as solid as ever, but I get the feeling that Aloth is Aloth and I'll probably have a lot more to say on my second playthrough since I'll be romancing him. I sided with the Huana which felt like the best decision, especially considering my relationship with Tekahu. Can anyone explain the whole Berath's blessing to me, please?
  4. I expect the next path to come out just before or with the Story DLC.
  5. What's wrong with Aloth's romance? I did think godlike got short shrift, especially female characters. I started Aloth's romance pretty much after I acquired him, and then it didn't go anywhere, even after I did his quest. RPGSite comments on the potential bugs. This cause me to delete all the way back to right before you can get him, and I'd just finished Ashen Maw. As for the godlike I'd like some more colors for hair and skill. ESPECIALLY for Fire Godlikes so I can match the blasted portrait
  6. Based on what? Wasn't the Fig campaign like uber successful? And POE2 is getting good press for the most part so I'd say there's a good chance of a third one.
  7. Curious to play the pathfinder game. I hope it will be a success and good to play. However Bioware DID reset you to level on after your "death" in ME2 which is pretty much the same thing here. The bioware of ME trilogy isn't the same. Already brought by EA. I have hard time to call ME a RPG. Even if I've enjoyed the 2, there is no 'ruleset'. The lasts games to feature a continuous progression are the neverwinter nights, but it was limited to the expansions (so close to what we get with the poe). At the end of the main game you don't reach the max level allowed by the d&d3 system. But Bioware's choice to hit the reset button on Shepard had nothing to do with EA owning the company. And ME3 DID offer continuous progression from ME2. I know people like to stomp on EA (which I find hilarious because I remember them for the creation of some of the greatest CRPGs of the '80s in the Bard's Tale series), but in this case it really does look like a story decision which makes sense. Even Agents of Shield makes a reference to something similar with Coulson in season 1.
  8. Fix Aloth's Romance More Headstyles for Godlikes More Soulbound Weapons and Armor I'm not holding my breath but we'll see what they have in store when the new expansion releases (I assume the patch will at the same time)
  9. However Bioware DID reset you to level on after your "death" in ME2 which is pretty much the same thing here.
  10. I've been trying to figure out how to manipulate this and I can't seem to find the right touch. Especially since the romances are so slow. Maia, Aloth and Teneku are making me nuts. Enough to become pixelated celibate anyway. Thanks in advance for any help
  11. I just finished White Marchs 2 and went to deal with Yenwood. When I got there I had NONE of the Special allies that I'd collected over the game. Those being the Archers, the Knights of the Crucible, and the Ogre Clan from WM1. If there a workaround or a fix for this?
  12. Going to try this again since it seems my post disappeared into the aether, does anyone have a list of the faction codes, especially for the Defiance Bay Factions? I cannot figure out what the Crucible Knights' code is for example. I know the Dozens code is simply Dozens iirc. Anyway, Help???
  13. Just out of curiosity, what are the codes for the factions in Defiance Bay? The Dozens is easy, but I can't figure out the format for Crucible Knights or the third one (Just started playing a week ago, and I haven't memorized everything yet)
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