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  1. I guess nerfing all items to the ground is a nice short cut to fix the difficulty.
  2. Spoiler Alert First of all sorry for my english. (Solo Challenge and Adding more ennemies ) Here my experience. I think patch 1.1 will be nice for the content bug fix and difficulty. I'm a Veterant and i like test game to thier limit with challenge like Do a Solo Run PotD Expert trial of iron background #6 worst income + all Scaling. I don't quit to relog on last save i do legit Run Only so this is Legit Experiences which I share you must understand what is Op and what is nerf to the ground. You can only figure out with Legit Run. To make it simple the best way to beat the game as a Solo run with everything at maximum is Melee dual wield. ( Spec Swords is the best ) Why ? Because Offensive > Defensive So Fighter / Palladin is the best combo Ever. You Can Use Fighter / Rogue ---- Fighter / Paladin ---- Palladin / Monk ---- Those are Exemple. You can beat the game with different Multi class but i will explaim why those are the best for a Solo Run. You need to pick a Class with a Full attack skill from lvl 1 and a possibility of escape / Aoe charge attack arround lvl 10-14. The number of ennemies doest matter, the only difficulty is to find a way to move arround and resist interrupt / paralyze / blind stun etc. Once you got ur set up there can be 50 ennemies it wont change anything because they are stupid. Here an Exemple of Fighter / Rogue witch i like. ( Vampire Tavern South east of the map ) Lots of them but thier number doesnt matter because they are weak. ( They talk about adding more ennemies so here you go ) First exemple of Mobility + Aoe Attack.( Base of a Solo run is Control ur fight ) https://clips.twitch.tv/BillowingVastSalamanderPanicBasket So here a Decent Fight Which i died on this Run with my Paladin Monk. If we could have more fight like this one with 4-5 mage like this and powerful Melee it would be challenging. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/265116676 And Here the FInal Boss with my Fighter Paladin, Face tank no strategie more easy than the Councelhaut Mage. It was my first time beating the game with a Solo Run everything Max out difficulty scaling 1 save. I was noob. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/262329128 Ok So we know melee is strong No immune, hight Damage, Tanky. So ok i will try Ranger dual Pistol for the Full attack skill max damage. Result ? Ranged weapon are all Garbage cannot use full attack or everything is immune you must use different set of weapon to counter stuff when Melee don't need to do such thing. Ok some of you will say Frostseeker bow can be op.... with at least 2 man Crew if you 4m > sharpshooter/monk but we talk about solo run. https://clips.twitch.tv/ObliviousCourteousMelonChefFrank Here Same place with Melee dual, Why is it so strong ? Ranged is suppose to be twice or triple stronger than melee lol, https://clips.twitch.tv/DoubtfulBrightOxRiPepperonis This is for the Dev only so if they expect us to play Solo Challenge they must understand what is going on. Character 1 hand and 2 hand Melee 2 hand = ok early bad late. Melee Dual wield is the best so far Early + end game. Ranged: Pistol arquebus, bow / crossbow have no Damage All Full attack skill are useless with 2 hand and the chance to miss is High, when you miss with a 2 hand u are fuk and when u use ranged weapon you attack once and you are flanked so are you going to use a Bow which give u -10 deflection againts melee or pistol whihc give -25 crit damage when they are already useless ???? The most frustating with Ranger Class is the Pet. The Pet is Squishy no damage, Attack Slow, Miss way too much for PoTD difficulty. How Fix ranged ? i was thinking about add a new sub class. Subclass name like exemple Lonewolf. Advantage, Lonewolf gain X bonus with ranged Remove negative penalty with ranged weapon. Disavantage : The Ranger have no Pet, The Ranger have penalty using melee weapon Mage : Mage is interesting It can be strong with a Multi class like Paladin dual wield or 1 hand shield. Chanter Cipher priest druid are not really good for a secondary class for a Solo Game, Cipher can be interesting for the 30% damage soul whip but again all the cypher/chanter subclass is not really for ranged only work with Melee. ( I did'nd test all of them but with my experiences i feel like if you wanna do magic skill you need Single target + bounce, otherwise it sux. Summon / Items Summon : is totally useless in PotD because they are weak and they stay for 10-30 second. Most of fight have an average of 2-5 minute and the recorvery on them are way too high. Items. items need to be check. There is tons of item useless which force us to remake build with specific items. Like Modwyr and Kapana Taga. ( Best weapon in the game, Nothing is close to this combo. Battle axe ? There is one battle axe which is interesting but it's late game and there is only 1 Battle axe so you cannot play efficient build like Dual wield Fighter Devoted Battle axe which is not acceptable. Few items like the Hatchet which give bonus vs Plant, i think its vion-ceth , Let's be honest. Who the fuk gonna use a weapon on his offset to kill plant. There is just a few place with Plant why would you use a Weapon with bonus againts Plant ? Roleplaying ? All Ranged weapon have a -10 accuracy or -10 deflection -25 % crit dmg , innacurate. I wish i could speak with the Dev who design the range preffix and suffix. No Logic at all. I Never seen Negative Preffix on any other similar game for Ranged weapon. It suppose to do Damage no less damage. Op item. There is a few Over power item like Swords : Modwyr and Kapana Taga and Glove : Gatecrashers. +2 might 50% Chance to knockback on crit, Do you imagine when you Aoe Charge the potential of those glove ? That's unfortunate it's only for Melee. ( Poor Ranged ) Belt : The undying burden, Jesus this Belt is Op This kind of items should be drop by Dragon or Big boss they are the best I wish there would be a 2 hand with both bonus from those sword on one 2 handed ranged or melee weapon, it would balance the difference power. Do you guys understand the power of those swords the stats They give together + Full attack skills + Aoe ? Everything Else is so far behind. Why 1 hand item have more damage and more suffix/preffix possitive than one 2 hand melee or ranged weapon ? I would pay lots of money for an answer. Dragon ? I don't really wanna talk about Dragon. The first fight on the prologue at the Caravan with the priest and 2 fighter which use lay of hand non stop are more difficult. List of Bug By Me https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/100321-epic-bug-lists/ Ok all of this may look negative but it's to help the game to be better, i spend Tons of hours, i know all the game by heart. I really enjoy this game i like Obsidian and i'm a big fan of those game. I'm looking for more challenge tho. I Hope this will help to balance the game in patch 1.1
  3. Yes! That little **** was a little pain in the ass, but, got it in the first try anyways. The problem is all his toys, jesus, they are many coming from everywhere. I didn't get to the mech dino yet, so... can't say much on that as for now. But, i'm close, though. Any suggestion, guys? You play poTd ? If you want a challenge fight before go to the boss attack someone in the village before Nemnok. Aggro everyone and fight them. They are really anoying because the Chieft ( the father of the sacrifice kid ) have a special armor which buff his familly ( Which you will have if you kill him ) . It was the most epic fight for me on PoTd of course. I found a couple nice fight here and there but you have to force them like this little Town. ( If you play Solo or course i don't play 5 man it's too easy )
  4. I know it's just a funny taunt. Make a little more pressure. I really love the game. I'll keep update the bug and try to make Professional thread when i have the time to report those bug.
  5. Copy that, If i find the time to creat 1 Post for each bug i will do it. For now i will just do that for quick report. most of the bug are just Abuse everyone can reproduce the bug if they do what i say.
  6. Well i take my time to do that for free to help them. If they care about thier game they will check those video and take note. I don't have time to creat 1 post and talk about each bug ...
  7. Hello Here a few bug by a Veterant looking for challenge. Epic Bug found. I have found more but those are the one caugh on my Twitch. Spoiler Alert don't watch those clips if you don't want to abuse the game or see the content. Luca bug https://clips.twitch.tv/OriginalShyOpossumAllenHuhu Full attack Abuse https://www.twitch.tv/videos/263578786 Ramdom Bug https://clips.twitch.tv/GiantLaconicLorisFailFish https://www.twitch.tv/videos/263589096 Money Bug ( IN french sorry ) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/262331931 Double Helmet https://clips.twitch.tv/FuriousPerfectBorkGivePLZ P.S The biggest bug is the Difficulty, When you creat a New game and CLick Path of the damned it say : Warning this option is intented for player who want the most punishing encounters. I don't see anything pusnishing.... Take care i'll update this post with more Bug.( Just kidding )
  8. you don't have bonus stats for playing PotD wtf is this. The Ai got bonus stats it's suppose to be a challenge for us not for them lol. With the new scaling i got challenge with a Solo run. For a full team the game is still like 10 time too easy to be a challenge but for 1 character solo run it's decent i have lots of fun, im dead like 6 time already the scaling is nice. Before the scaling it was easy to do the content on a solo run. I try to finish the game Solo again with different class. It's really sad that there is just a few weapon. The only 1 hand decent is sword, all other items is just for roleplaying but watever as long as you find ur way to have fun. I can't wait to get a real difficulty and play the game with a 5 man team seriously. P.s if you want to dual wield with Battle axe, forget it there is only 1 battle axe in the game, it's a decent one but u must wear a shield or another kind of weapon so u can't use fighter devoted. It's really strange that there is like 10+ of each weapon but 1 battle axe. Actually there is 2 battle axe, 1 with the beta backer lol. So yeah if you wanna play Fighter Devoted you must play anything but axe or play shield, but if you play shield u can't use full attack skills. Just a p.s to the Dev, fighter devoted + battle axe + full attack = ? I got lot's of hope for the game, lot's of potential but right now u must take the limited item they want you to use. This comment is just for vetarant Take care
  9. This is awesome i'll remake a game max difficulty everything maximum scaling with 1 character to see if we have challenge here thank you for this difficulty change.
  10. Just addind Difficulty would add like 10 DLC of content i don't understand thier way of thinking. People would grind and search the area for decent item to complet thier set of equipement to continue the main quest. I feel like it's a money decision making. The difficulty is a main problem and they don't talk about it.
  11. They are working on different game. Google a little bit. But the original poster seemed to imply that Obsidian should concentrate its resources on properly finishing the game instead of doing DLCs and I am answering to that. Writers and artists can't help with bugfixing so they should do something else - like creating content for DLCs or working on other games. Obsidian is forced to create projects for them to work on, there is no way to avoid that. U bet, They probly work on DLC but they also working on the other game which they are building right now. Just my research. Don't take that for cash
  12. Here you go Hardest Difficulty possible with 1 character. i Just face tank it no strategie using a few potion. Path of the damned + Expert + Trial of Iron + Scale Upwards ( all ) + #6 Background story ( less rewards ) + only 1 characer ( solo without die ) Watch the video let me know if it's hard... https://www.twitch.tv/videos/262329128 I can remember first time i kill the last boss in PoE 1 it took me about 1 hour thinking what to do to not die. It was a real challenge with a full team double stack aoe heal etc. poE 2 ? 1 character few potion don't move. How it come to this ?
  13. 2 Dragon. They are strong ? Spoiler ==========================> If you can kill a Imp u pass the gear check. Path of the damned of course.
  14. Hello Spoiler please don't read if you never finish the game. First of all i'm a big Fan of those game especially Obsidian game like POE, i've played Baldur's gate when it come up and back in the day it was something. I really enjoyed PoE1 POTD it was hard, i past lots of hour trying to kill the bear in the cave on the second zone, have to come back after a couple more lvl. Since the game was not scaling up. When poE2 came out and there was the option scaling. I was like holy **** they are awesome. I creat a party directly Potd expert full scaling all UP. i died a couple time early on then on my third time i did a few quest to get more level. After you reach lvl 8-9 and kill the first kraken in the temple the game is over, the difficulty just go down.It was so easy i did'nt even enjoyed it. I was like damnit it will be difficult a some point. The answer is no. POTD is like Easy in PoE1. Quest bounty give tons of XP u reach lvl 20 doing like 1/3 of the content. There is no point to do all the content since there is no challenge. You reach lvl 20 it say max lvl... So u just go to the last zone but there is no boss. i killed the thing and i was like nice a few mob decent but not the hardest i've meet. So i continue and it was the end i was like wtfffffffffffffff. Trash mod is the end ? ( Ancient Vampyre was stronger. ) SO i said maybe i'm too good ? Or they make the game for casual player ? So Casual player feels good crush the game at max difficulty ? Enyways, Today i just finish my Solo game POTD Expert full scaling ( I repeat nothing scale ) with 1 character. I chosed the number 6 Background ( less rewards more difficult story etc ) It was so easy i was like how people can play the Normal mode with 5 character when i crush POTD with 1 characer ? Maybe i'm a old veterant and those game is for the new generation. Feelsbad. I'll wait a few month and come back if they have the time to fix the difficulty and the items, there is like 3-4 decent ring 2-3 boots, You always loot the same thing and Every zone drop the same unique. By the way i unlocked 66 Berath's blessing. I'm done for now no challenge no boss no point to grind. I think the difficulty if a way bigger issue than New Rum and drunk pose or life bug. It's the global fun of the game. Let me know what u guys thinking and ur story. I'm a bit upset sorry about that.
  15. Hey guys, i just finish the game with 1 character only. Solo POTD Expert all Scaling with background #6 most difficult path. Nothing to say but easy. Put a shield early on and after a few lvl u crush everything since u out lvl everything and nothing scale. I don't understand how easy but be the regular difficulty.... make no sence to me. I will remake a new character again ill try to put bad stats and put a white weapon and see if i got challenge. Since the game is not for veteran... Just a bit upset guys sorry. Big fan of those game since Baldur's gate but jizz the game so Easy wtf is wrong..... I'll keep u update with my white weapon solo POTD expert fake scaling on.
  16. I just finish The game POTD Expert All Scaling 1 save. No scaling, after lvl 12 i put everything on aggresive mode til the end i did'nt even play. I'm disapointed i though the hardes difficulty was suppose to be hard, Not even a challenge. The only thing which i fear is a mistake on a fight boat insult the god or run to fast in a sigil/trap to be desintagrate. Hope they will rerite the difficulty cuz this is not fun its a kid game.
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