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  1. I had this problem on an island at the northwest or the world map, at a bog some huana came with trolls and the leader wouldn't die and two of my chars got stuck =3
  2. Have you checked the integrity of your files?
  3. Wow man, what a mess. I was going to all islands, but I stopped, I feared that this kind of thing would occur to me. have you ignite the light of the tower?
  4. David, do no apologize, this kind os things happens, the game is awesome, there could be some new stuffs and etc, but, you guys are working on it, that is something that some companies should do. Good luck for you guys ^^ Just one thing, there'll be an PoE3? hehehe
  5. I can tell you two things, any problem with an old version of your gpu or sound drivers, or your windows 7. The game is for windows 10, maybe with the updates to come this problem will be solved, I tested the game on a OS7 home premium and the game had no problem...
  6. Have anyone found a problem with Xoti's lantern? I can't upgrade it, even having the item Luminous Adra mantle.
  7. Heya, what kind of crash? when does it happen? Did you updated your drives? My friend had a problem with his drives, and my brother with some files from his HD, I told him to do a sfc /scannow, some files from his system were corrupted and now he can play.
  8. I did apply poison to see if something happens, but it says that: Paralytic: 0 Corrode Damage per 0.0 sec for 0.0 sec. on Hit (0% chance to Paralyze target on tick). Is this normal or it really is a bug?
  9. Hello there, every single time that I buy something from the stores, the items doesn't goes to store, it does go to the last char I've selected before hitting trade.
  10. There're lots of items (armor, weapons in general) that has this kind of problem =\
  11. I had a problem where the gold mummy told me to get anything I want from the Vault, I did go there, and i had to kill every single one. =\
  12. Can't get this item, is there a need to do something else and then come back here or is it a bug?
  13. Hi there, I'm grateful to have bought this wonderful game, some fixes will only work when I start a game over, correct?
  14. Can't see the details about the paintings on the wall, On the first and second floor.
  15. Hello there, Some crates, bookshelves and others places the highlight won't appear or disappear depending at where you are, in Queens Berth, for example, after the first scene at the docks, go right and there will be a barrel to the left and a crate to the right of it, For me, the crate only highlight after I have some distance of it. I had a problem at the fort where we call a guy when he plays the piano, At his quarters, there's a bookshelf where it won't highlight too.
  16. Sometimes, the weapons are not in the previous slot. PS: Any kind of weapon got removed from the third tier slot.
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