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  1. Yeah, I can't reach the download page, just times out/loads forever.
  2. For some reason despite him being a rank 3 Surgeon and having lots of medical supplies aboard, if he is the Ship's equipped surgeon, I will not get the option to aid sick sailors during the Plagued Ship events. Usually you get the option to be Benevolent and ask the sick ship to send their sickest man for treatment to figure out whats going on and how to fix it, with Big Mouth, that option is replaced with saying that we are too low on medical supplies to do anything (even when we are not). I'm assuming this is just a bug!
  3. And now we will probably never hear from this guy again lol... the only man on earth who knows where to find this gun
  4. Hatchet and Spear are good for tanks, same with the Dagger one (if for some reason you wanna tank while using a dagger). Clubs are good for some builds, cause they lower will. Any of the ones that increase Armor Penetration are useful any time you come across a high armor target. Pistols is good for many builds, I enjoy the AOE effect from the Blunderbuss as well (Use with Serafen's Blunderbuss). Arquebus modal should always be on for arquebus users. 2h Great Sword accuracy penalty is a small price for +30% dmg. There's really a lot of good ones (as long as you realize most aren't meant to be
  5. Actually for Paladin and Priest if you go into the Reputations page, your desired dispositions are highlighted with a blue outline and your opposed dispositions are highlighted with a red outline. I have not found any way to access that information on Character Creation though, which would definitely be an issue for new players.
  6. Hey hey! I was wondering if we could maybe get some additional words and information about the Vailian language which has made an appearance in both games. The Wiki has a going list of words, and I love that Deadfire allows you to mouse-over foreign words to get a definition. However is there any chance you could give us more information about things like: conjunction words ("the", "and", "as well", ect.), do Vailians only use "Ado" for Greetings and "Corès" for Goodbyes (or are there other variants based on time of day or formal/informal speaker), are there any other curse words we need to
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