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  1. As the title says. I played the game as soon as it was out, but i uninstalled it after only a few days. The reason? Even on PoTD the game was disappointingly easy. So, some months have passed. We reached patch 2.0. How is the game now ? Should i give it a try or is it still the same as before? ...it's just great that i bought a game that requires months of patches before being enjoyable...
  2. Ok, first of all thank you. Now, i have to ask you another thing related to this. The Obsidian site told me : """ This is the "season pass" for all downloadable content being released for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, which includes the Beast of Winter, Seeker, Slayer, Survivor, and The Forgotten Sanctum content packs! Note: Keys redeemed prior to release of the DLC packs may not appear on your platform of choice. Once the DLC is released, it will appear."""" I redeemed the key on GOG, used it, and now i have the Beast of Winter DLC. But the other ones, from " Seeker "
  3. And again, i logged in the forum with the old account... sorry about that. I'm writing this because i can show my badge as a baker.
  4. Even worse : someone has been paid to traslate the game so badly in italian. Change translator, Obsidian!
  5. Druid. I just discovered that my warrior / druid can with 21 INT can morph not only 1 time. 1 time for each animal form. ... so i have a druid / warrior with nice life points, able to take a small beating without dieing. But it does not end here. This druid also, thanks to the cheese , can morph for more or less 34 seconds in each kind of animal form. 5 animal forms, meaning a total of 34 * 5 seconds of animal form per fight. ---------------------- Next time i know how to cheese the game. I will do a party of 5 Warrior / Druids. 2 with ranged weapons, 1 that cas
  6. Mah. I feel overall disappointed by this sequel. But what's done is done. Surely it is by no way worth the money i spent as a baker, and i won't do the same mistake twice.
  7. Oh, sorry about that. My monk in easy fights simply is a melee fighter. Else, i use her to go and destroy the enemy mages / archers, with the support of my ranged archer and druid. Priests are very nice, but i find them not essential. In fact, even if they makes your life easyer, i greatly dislike that class. CC is critic ? If so, yes. I prefer dealing damage and doing teamwork to destoy my foes, even if it takes more time. I use barbarian in multiclass because of frenzy mainly, but also because of the bonus to life points on level up. Oh, i instead prefer the teamw
  8. Well, if Obsidian would hire me to correct the italian dialogs, sure. Else, it's a job too big to do for free. If i was still in High School, i would have jumped on that opportunity. But now, with a job comes also a seriously reduced amount of free time. E quindi speriamo che prima o poi qualcuno corregga gli errori ortografici.
  9. Yep, native italian here. Italian is traslated badly. 1- Some things are missing, like the description of Perception attribute 2- I have lost count of how much times my female main character is considered a male by both people and the narrator. Point 2 especially breaks the immersion, but there is nothing we can do.
  10. The language spoken by people like Palegina or Governor Clario. I have always found it entertaining that it is more or less 25% latin (Palegina's Verus, that mean true in latin) and 75% italian with usually a letter or 2 changed in order to make it seems a different language. It's nice to keep seeing a tribute to my native language in this game (Most recent example : when you clear a certain mission, Clario will say "perfect" in Valian dialect. It is " Belfetto " . In italian, perfect is " Perfetto ", and it is pronunced exactly like Clario do. But with a P and a R instead of a
  11. Hello, as the title says, i have started a few days ago a blind run of this game on Path of the Damned. Why? Because i have already cleared PoE 1 on PoTD many times, so i think i have what it takes to clear PoE 2 for the very first time on the highest difficulty. But the problem lies in this simple fact. I have no idea what awaits me in the future, this time. (While on PoE 1 i started PoTD only after i cleared the game on hard...) So, let me show you my party members. I hope you could give me tips or suggestions, if in your opinion my party is not suited for a PoE 2 PoTD run.
  12. Italian traslation is bad. Difficult seems bugged, because i started with Hard but it seems like playing Story mode. Various bugs. And i spent a good deal of money to back this game. Result : i will give this game some time before trying it again. Hope it will be better, or this is last time a game developer in general will ever see my money.
  13. Fosse solo quello. Hai notato che se crei un personaggio femminile, questa viene considerata un maschio ? Memorabile Eder che " gli passa le dita tra i capelli, togliendo un alga"... gli passa. A una femmina.
  14. As the title says. I have no words to express my disappointment. 1- Perception in starting screen has no description 2- The main character is considered as a male during all the dialogs of the game. Or at least for a good part of the beginning 3- Overhall, it feel like a rushed traslation. Especially during the character creation. Please, fix it. Especially point 2, because the gameplay is ridiculous. The characters of the game talk to my female character as if she is a " he ". (I really hope it is not going to be like this in all the game)
  15. http://jeran.altervista.org/DEADFIRE2.bmp Go on, open that link. You can see my female character with her wolf and Eder. Google translate the dialog. " Eder gli passa le dita tra i capelli ". "Gli" is the italian way to say " to him ". But she is a girl.
  16. As the title says. I have no words to express my disappointment. 1- Perception in starting screen has no description 2- The main character is considered as a male during all the dialogs of the game. I created a female character and both Eder and the Narrator refer to my female main character as if she was a " he ". ------------------------------------------------ Point 1 i understand, but point 2 is not acceptable. It means the traslations was or poorly done or rushed. No much time, so everything was traslated only as if the main char was a male, because adding a traslati
  17. Mmm... sadly for me it will be a gameplay of barely 30 minutes if i'm lucky. Can't afford to go tired at work tomorrow.
  18. So happy to use GoG. It always seemed better than Steam. Afterall, what is Steam good for? Showing achievement to other players? But i am, and i have always been, a lonewolf kind of player. I don't play videogames with other people nor i care to show them in real time what i do. Anyway, download for me on GoG is going on without a problem. Even if 20 Gb of game + 4 backer DLC is going to take some time. Let's wait for when we will be able to download our already bought season DLC
  19. I think that people should get what they desire. I could argue that guns are wrong and so on, but i know when a battle is lost. So, i say : let americans have their guns. They are happy. I don't know why we Europeans do not allow our citizens to buy fireweapons...i guess we are not intelligent enough.
  20. I don't even know all of that. Being a backer and having bought months ago (while backing the game) the season pack DLC, i know that there is something more than simply the game that i will get. But what i will get, is a mistery to me. I'll have to wait and see i guess.
  21. Italy gets the game at 7 pm. Oh well. As long as the game is delivered on my account on GoG, i could wait even for another month or more. In fact, i would have been perfectly fine if the developers delayed again the release date. Better having the game later but with less bugs, than having it earlyer but with more bugs
  22. Good, so here in Italy at 5 pm finally the game will be released. I really, really hope that this game won't be a disappointment. I really hope that it will be as exquisite as the previous one. Mainly because it is the first time i trusted some people (Obsidian) enough to invest money on their project as a backer. And it was a lot of euros.
  23. Well, i think that companions are one of the few weak points of Pillars of Eternity. And one of the reasons why i started this topic. Because afterall if companions are made well, why searching for exotic or unusual companions ? People search the unusual in the hope to see something refreshing. When i play Baldur's Gate 2, i always take my time to think about who am i going to recruit in my party. Because each Companion you miss means less interesting dialogues and other things. ( Like, for example, Aerie's words against Irenicus in the last battle or Minsc during all the game)
  24. Algroth, you have a point. And i appreciate that you took the time to explain your point of view. Keep going then, as i sayd you have a good point.
  25. I don't know if you are a troll or if you simply think that being a backer in evry possible way ( judging by your badges) gives you the right to do whatever you want. Clearly good manners can't be bought with money. Anyway i refuse to being dragged into a pointless discussion. I asked politely to stay on topic. You don't want to do that? Then do what you prefer, i tryed.
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