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  1. As the title says. I would like to roleplay as something different. And what better than being able to have : 1- Angel / Demon Wings 2- Horns for devils or Oni 3- Wolf / Fox / etc etc tails and ears This way, i could create a monstrous party, for an evil playthrought. I could have a male devil, a male werewolf, a fallen angel and a kitsune. Of course, i am aware that editing the models is near impossible. So it would be nice if some modder could create equippable items that add these horns / tails / wings
  2. Hello SChin, it's me that has to thank you, you bring really good news! I can't wait to see the new patch with this fix.
  3. Hello, if anyone could help me i would be grateful. What things should be: (Like it happens in DnD and PoE1 ) - if i click on one of my characters, he/she talks ( like " Hei", " Yes?" and so on...) - if i tell a character to move / attack , he/she should always talks. Instead, what i get is: Silence. Main char and hirelings talks like only 1 time per 50-60 clicks or orders i give them. It's a bit immersion breacking, it's like having a mute party. So: What i humbly ask you all is if there is a way to fix this. I want all my characters to say somet
  4. Vote: 6 / 10. Was it worth the money you spent as a backer? Sadly no. It's absolutely not worth more than 60 dollars, not to mention how much money i spent on this. This does not mean that PoE2 is a bad game! I will explain soon enough. Explain what you think was good/great in this game! Combat mechanic is entertaining and flawless, i enjoyed it as much as in PoE1. Fireweapons are more entertaining and useful here than in PoE1. Graphic is greatly improved, i enjoyed the new character models. Plot, while not being a masterpiece, is very interesting and
  5. I have just one thing to say. Random events while traveling on the endless sea are good, but in my humble opinion... the one about your crew wanting to know more about you, their captain, should happen early. I got it only now, after mapping more than half of the map. But that is not a critic, just a tought i had.
  6. Ok, i can finally say that i was wrong. Even if probably i was misled because the game strongly, and i really mean it, strongly advice you to play as a pirate because the quests, rewards and roleplay is huge. But you are not forced to be a pirate. In fact, my Watcher now as now is a declared menace to Slavers. If she see a slaver ship, she is going to kill (not sink, i like classical battles, not naval ones) each slaver on the ship.
  7. More customization. Now as now, if i want to do a character with green hair i cannot (or i'm so dumb that i have not yet figured out how to )
  8. True, i guess. Well, but i hope now that Obsidian will be satisfyed. They get to play with ships and big bad pirates, in a setting that strongly remind us of " Pirates of the Carribean ". (We only need Jack Sparrow and his ship...) That said, now that Obsidian is satisfyed, i strongly hope that in the future things will be more classic. I do really hope a PoE 3 closer to its roots. More similar to Icewind Dale, Baldur's Gate, Pillars of Eternity 1. Let's leave these strange settings and mechanics (like moving around various isles on a ship, for a whole game) for another
  9. Overdo ? Nah. Or maybe a bit. I'm playing like 1 hour / 1 hour and 30 minutes more or less each day.
  10. should be opposite. ship-to-ship combat, sans boarding, utter ignores potd difficulty adjustments. Ship-to-ship combat for me is way more simple. I go foward until my ship crash against the enemy ship. Then i enjoy a good old fight men vs men. Swords vs swords, guns vs guns. Already conquered 2 pirate ships this way. Why waste time with cannons when my party can eviscerate each one of them in a melee fight? And PoTD makes this even more entertaining. Oh, if it could be of some interest. My party is : 1- barbarian / ranger. Used as an archer. 2-
  11. One thing is sure. At near endgame, it will be a great pleasure showing my true colours. I mean, now as now because of PoTD and enemy high level, i'm forced to use various different flags to avoid battles. But in the end, when i'm of a high enough level, i will surely hunt all the pirate ships on the sea.
  12. Nah, obsessed not. Well, if i was 10 years younger probably yes. But now there is no time to get obsessed to videogames Anyway, let's say that i don't like not understanding things. So i simply can't accept this situation. I will take my time, but i'll find out just how much freedom of not being a pirate you have in this game
  13. Ok, i've already played a bit. Just a tiny bit. But i already did such grandious battles. Like, (i'm doing PoTD difficulty), beating the very first pirate ship battle with only my party (of level 4) and 5 crew members (minimum required to use a ship). Battle possible only because of a certain amulet that grant you to summon a young dragon + 2 vywerns. Ok, first impression seems to point toward what you all are saying. You can play without being or behaving like a pirate. BUT if further gameplay confirm this, i have one thing to say : The game is litterally pul
  14. Mah. It's not jumping to conclusions. It's discussing and learning by understanding different view points. Think about me. I have an opinion, a bad one. But if you are right, something that i'm going to test in these days, i will learn to appreciate a game that until now...i considered (and still do, for now) a disappointment. In short, this thread could lead me to appreciate a game i backed and could lead me to buy other Obsidian games in the future. That's the beauty of dialogue and sharing opinions.
  15. Well, since a majority of people seems to have a different opinion, i have to think that maybe i played and felt the game in a bad way. Maybe i unconsciously tought that being a pirate was unavoidable? Who knows. But i'm lucky that now i have 2 weeks of holiday from work. I will try in these days to play again and see if you can actually avoid being a pirate. And if, like you all are saying, it is true, i will write that in this topic. Without a problem. People are allowed to have different opinions. I respect that, but i admit that i become supergrumpy too, when others te
  16. As i clearly stated at the beginning of this thread, i wrote an opinion on a mechanic of the game and asked other users for their opinions. And you know what ? Turns out that many people have interesting ideas. The one who is not constructive at all here is you. You are not giving an opinion, nor a suggestion. You are simply stating that in your opinion i'm ranting. But even if i were, telling me that will surely lead us nowhere. If you think i'm wrong, state clearly the reasons. Be constructive, show me why i'm wrong.
  17. Indeed. Else i won't be here talking about this. I played for many hours when the game was published.
  18. I'm glad that i'm not the only one that feel the " Pirate " thing is wrong. I'm quite surprised that Obsidian never thought about that. Because in these RPG the very fundament, the base, is the ability to choose to roleplay as a Good or Evil character. Now, a pirate can be only from Neutral Evil to Completely Evil (chaotic / lawful ). So, this ruin the immersion, the whole roleplay. And i hope noone will start arguing that pirates can be good guys. Jack Sparrow characters belongs only to movies. A pirate is someone that take other's belongings by force. This alone close all
  19. I would like to know your opinion about this. In my opinion, the major problem of this game is the whole " Sea travelling " thing. Don't get me wrong, it would be nice if we had the freedom of roleplaying it as we please. Like, roleplaying your voyages as if you are on a civilian / military ship, doing your things following your moral code. Instead, the game force us to be a pirate. You have to hire Pirates / wannabe pirates as crew members. The default crew you already have behave like pirates. You have to feed them well and give them rum or similar things to keep th
  20. This comment is as constructive as using sugar instead of concrete to build a palace. Other than that, i agree with dunehunter. It's always bad when you can solve a situation with cheeseing the game.
  21. You don't get a challenge or increase of difficulty with things like " no pause in battle " , " no saves allowed " , " Die once and your save file is deleted ", and so on... You obtain a good challenge and a good difficulty working with the AI. Example : Party has 1 ranged char and 1 mage/druid/chanter ? Enemy AI send certain monsters against the ranged char, and other monsters against the mage or druid etc etc... If this is done well (like it was done in PoE 1 in the monastery), you get a entertaining and challenging game. ...considering what i'm reading, i guess the ga
  22. My idea of hard is simply a challenging game. Deadfire months ago was the kind of game you could almost sit and drink a coffee while your party did all the work in battles. That's easy and boring. My idea of hard is having to control my characters and having to create some strategy in order to win. I'm not asking much.
  23. I would like to see a prequel of Pillars of Eternity 1, instead of a sequel that Deadfire. Not that it really matters, since Deadfire turned out to be disappointing.
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