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  1. I haven't had enough equipment to reach this cap as I sell all duplicates and not very far into the game. Do we have other storage options for items. If we drop something in a chest, will it disappear? I'm a horder so don't plan on using most the items. Just like to collect them all.
  2. this was posted in a Pillars 2 forums alreadyI like that stance. I'd prefer it to be perfect for PC, everyone happy and then look at possible ports. If it's doable, excellent. If not, then I'll settle for watching videos about the game rather than a shoddy port. Heck, got BG1, BG2, IWD and PS:T on my tablet and think that works well. Still prefer a mouse and key for them though. Further Edit -The next day: Got home and the mrs is home early watching tv... Not PoE for me tonight... Will time the load another time unless someone else wants to do that? I need a gaming room.
  3. Seems fine for me. Using an external HDD aswell connected to the xbox one side USB port (couldn't justify doubling the price for a solid state drive for a few seconds improvement). I'll time it after work tomorrow during screen and map changes. After sword coast legends, I found I'm extremely patient with loading times so PoE could be long and I just haven't noticed!
  4. I like multi player FPS but tend to get bored on MMORPG. Online Co - op RPG I can dig. Used to love playing BG2 but also loved playing NWN online with 30+ randoms. In fact, spent many a year playing NWN on servers. Much more than I spent playing the SP campaign. I think a game should be fully fleshed out for SP before they even consider adding mostly pointless online aspects. Online only works for over watch but battlefront had many upset customers because it was online only. Possibly because of the universe and star gate franchise that people want to immerse themselves in. I used to enjoy CoD SP but mainly got the game for online mode. Probably wouldn't have even minded not having a CoD SP myself. So if SP is up to par then I have no issues with online aspects but would probably prefer a bigger focus on adding more to SP
  5. If given an option, I always choose male for my character. I suppose this is because I want an avatar of myself reflected in the game's world. That said, playing as a female typically won't deter me or take away enjoyment from the game. I enjoyed Morrigan as a character in Dragon Age. Ciri from the Witcher is pretty cool. I'm not sure if I like them because I know I have my character to go back to. That said, I think Laura Croft is wicked and didn't kick Terra out of my party in FFVI when given the option. Overall, I don't think it a huge factor for me unless it's gone all dead or alive and I'm dealing with a lot of err bouncy body parts
  6. I'm an Xbox user myself and was worried I'd need to pick up a mouse and keyboard. Controls are smooth and easy to navigate. Had a few hiccups where I was playing in slow mode for... 30 minutes I think. But that's just me being silly and enjoying the game that much I didn't really notice. Felt a right sod afterwards. I'm definitely up for backing any future projects!
  7. I am currently splitting my time between Witcher 3 and Pillars of Eternity. Had witcher 3 and for some reason I never played it until now. Xbox one only so missing all the glorious PC games. Had to stop for Pillars as I've been waiting for the console release forever. I found I spent more time reading up on the game than just playing it though... I suppose it is a problem I have with wanting to know all rather than just picking it up as I go along
  8. I'd prefer if romances had an affect on more than dialogue. Perhaps how they respond to you in battle. Spurned the female tank? Maybe she'll perform worse and let more blows through. Or she may want to teach you a lesson and let enemies get to you. Companion is jealous of your relationship, said companion could turn on you randomly. I do not mind romances but typically I feel they have little impact on play style.
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