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  1. Thanx Arctic, it's fixed now ! You guys were on top of it real fast.
  2. ^ Well I don't wanna start a yes/no argument on that but I guess either I just have been extremely unlucky with pc's I owned or I just don't know how to manage care for a pc. My last gaming pc was in 2015. There's always compatibility issues for me and stuff that needs fixing, thus I banned pc gaming out of my life. Like I said, it may just me being unlucky everytime or not caring enough for the pc, but I'd say that would make console gaming a better choice The whole which platform is better argument isn't for me though, I think both pc and consoles have compelling benefits to them.
  3. @Sedrefilos I think that's a matter of perspective.The reason I game on console is because of exactly the reason you mentioned: it only serves one purpose; gaming. I did use to play on pc but I got tired of spending so much time fixing errors, getting the right drivers and stuff not being compatible with all games while all I wanted is to just play the game. I guess if you enjoy exploring the technical side of pc's it's fun to fix stuff but not for me. Yeah we have mouse and keyboard support for PS4, but no
  4. I think the Salty Mast was fun, but I felt like I was left with nothing afterward. Or maybe that is a good thing.
  5. If controller support would equal a ps4 port... I know of some people who would gladly back that ;) Edit; Btw just decided I wanted to give a little 5$ support to PoE 2 regardless of porting but I can't select it on the fig page, am I not able or do I need to go somewhere else?
  6. This topic has a plethora of ideas that i'd love to see come into existence, but i'll just add one more idea because imo it's too cool not to suggest. What about a (low fantasy or realistic?) setting reinterpreting the era of the Spanish inquisition? As some might know there's quite a bit of real life lore(history?) attached to this era. The exquisite Spanish architecture of this age would add to the immersion, they really had some good taste back then. There were so much (secret) societies that were involved in how this age came into being. I would advice anyone interested in the idea to rea
  7. Hey guys, PS4 user here new to the game. So I went to an inn and selected retrain, for my main character. But after choosing the new attributes and skills the character sheet still displays the same stats. I've tried it three times at several inns and quit the game, restart, rested, but I can't seem to get it to work. Am I missing something here? I can't find anything on google about retraining so I thought I might find some answers with the vets here. Edit; I should mention that the cost for respec is subtracted from my gold every time, so it's not a cancel or anything. Edit 2; Allright i
  8. @Fiach Good to have your input here as well, let's let Obsidian know how much we like it! @sonicmage Yea, the controller and ps4 infrastructure I imagined would be difficult to port to. There have been other pc ports which served as an example of that. Which made it such a relief when Eternity turned out so well on ps4! I will most certainly look into backing more Obsidian projects if they decide to bring them over to ps4! I'm sold
  9. Dear Obsidian and other forum users, Some people requested I would let you know how Pillars of Eternity plays on console because you wondered how well it would translate to our tv's. I can assure you that this game is an absolute succes. Professional reviews have been raving and all the people I spoke to are really satisfied with how the game feels. I am a ps4 user myself and I wish to extend my gratitude and respect on a job well done porting this game so extremely well to a platform so vastly different from what it was originally designed for. I am very happy to know there is a company out
  10. I'd like to see a game in the artstyle and 2d iso perspective of PoE, but in a semi online world with a PvP arena ish setup and taking down huge bosses together. But I think the world should be somewhat be able to influence in the style Demons Souls did it with world tendency. If for example 10 players take down boss X without dying, the tendency will shift towards a Light world (with special benefits and optional enemies, loot, different items in shops etc.) but if 10 players try to take down same boss X and die a lot, the tendency will shift towards Dark and different (harder) enemies will s
  11. I played some Ark today, killing time untill Pillars reaches ps4. Just a little more waiting
  12. If you will be getting your hands on with it, I would be very interested in hearing your opinion. I am going to stick on PC but it makes me incredibly happy to see genres I am enjoying (strategy, RPG) get "translated" for consoles. More players hopefully means more games! When I get it I will let you know after playing a bit (unless people find gamebreaking stuff before I bought it, but unlikely). Yes, I am glad as well that the industry as a whole is looking towards consoles a bit more for bringing unconventional genres to it and try to make it work. I've alwas liked RTS and CRPGs a lot,
  13. The little footage I saw showed thoughtful optimization for console controls, two radial menus and larger dialogue screens (many thanks for thinking of the text size). Also hands-on control of characters instead of point and click for more accuracy on console. Now if Paradox Arctic managed to port it without any major bugs I think we have a winner here. Eagerly awaiting release
  14. I've bought the game on Steam a good while back, sadly my pc broke down and had little chance to play it. Then I heard the game is coming to ps4 and was very happy to hear that. I'm not hyped untill reviews say they did the port right (after Numera really messing up on ps4), but if the port is done with care, I will be sure to get this! As far as the game itself goes, I know what it is and how good it is, so it's all up to the porting team now. Really hope they care about it, because I really want to play a good rpg
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