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  1. Wait... that thing in the centre... is that... mom?

  2. Zoq: Who really gives a f-ck? Fot: Hah! You messed up! Pik: ... Zoq: Enjoy it now...it doesn't happen often.
  3. Zoq: To us, this is why PS:T is just that much better. Sure you could be a slew of races and classes in SoA, but the difference it made in actual roleplaying, other than a select few quests and combat tactics, was laughable, and no way, no how "better" than that of PS:T Fot: Yeah, the game was 95% the same overal the second time we played it. Pik: ...
  4. Zoq: All I see is someone trolling. Fot: HOW DARE Y--....Oh, you're not referring to me. Pik: ... Zoq: <_<
  5. ...as long as yer talkin' 'bout a cookie-cutter world, yes...otherwise PS:T takes that distinction hands down... ...WHO LUVS YA, BABY!!... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Zoq: Fot: Pik: ...
  6. Zoq: What happened to this guy? Fot: We misses him. Pik: ...
  7. Zoq: Cheese and Sprite, Voly. What are you arguing for? Fot: It's a battle ye can't win, mate. Pik: ... Zoq: Not to say that you're wrong, mind you, but in most of the cases here, it appears you're just arguing to be stubborn. Fot: You're TROLLING! Need examples? Pik: ... Zoq: We've seen numerous occasions where people prefer ESPN NFL and NBA(for argument's sake) over EA's lineup due to their inherent superior quality. Fot: even though we've never played an ESPN game. Pik: ... Zoq: That's beside the point. ESPN games created GOOD competition for EA sports. Now, that is gone. Companies that can't competes should fold due to their own incompetence and lack of quality, not due to the fact that they don't have as much money to pay for a license for X number of years.
  8. Zoq: Hey, this might make these consoles worth getting. Fot: Yeah, we hate controllers for certain types of games. Pik: ...
  9. ...how'd ye like ta become a twosome o' equal parts???... ...WHO LUVS YA, BABY!!... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Zoq: Be my guest. " Fot: Hey! Pik: ...
  10. Fot: We're here to grace the boards with our presents. Zoq: Um... Pik: ... Fot: What? Zoq: You're giving everyone in the lair a present? Fot: Huh? Pik: ... Zoq: Nevermind.
  11. Zoq: Oh, so he was just trolling. Fot: Bu...wha....huh? Pik:... Zoq: You just stay out of this.
  12. Zoq: Do you realize that you justified BG's and NWN's stories the same way Ivan did PS:T's?
  13. You miss my point. Stripped to their basics, the plotlines of any story are going to have been done many times before. The issue is how unique and interesting the execution is. In that sense, most RPGs don't ever break beyond the 'bad guy wants to do bad things' barrier; Sarevok wants to slaughter lots and lots of people so he can become a God. Irenicus wants to slaughter everybody in his old homeland for preventing him from becoming a God, and also to give becoming a God another try. Mellissan wants to kill all the Bhaalspawn so she can become a God (notice a trend?) I wish I could tell you what the villains in NWN wanted, but I got bored around Chapter 3 and quit playing. Something about ancient lizard people conquering the world. I wouldn't be surprised if some villain or another was planning to use the slaughter of everyone in Neverwinter to become a God. Or something. The Fallouts are the only ones which comes close to breaking the barrier....but even there, with objectives you can kinda sorta see how someone might believe in, the objective is pointlessly genocidal and obviously 'bad.' Of them all, the only one which transcends the tired cliche is Torment. You can point to the amnesiac thing all you like, but beyond the set-up virtually everything in Torment is outside of your typical fare....and executed brilliantly, I might add. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Fot:
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