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  1. While everything did import right for me now, Vela has also gone missing. I just got to the point where I fixed the Defiant and she's nowhere to be found. I'll probably keep going as literally everything else is working as intended for me, but Vela is missing.
  2. It's all working for me now, Eder is Dyrford's mayor and Vela is on the beach. Appreciate the work, mates!
  3. I'm having a similar issue, it seems Vela is cursed to be bugged for me. She's completely gone for me as well.
  4. A build I've tried that I haven't seen posted anywhere is Ranger(Ghost Heart/Sharpshooter)/Lifegiver. The utility is somewhat novel, as you still get the DPS of a ranger, but access to healing spells. Plus the bear spiritshift is a great panic button for a not-so-tanky ranger. Makes a passable back-line healer that can still deal some decent damage with a bear companion if you're sick of playing priest. I'd imagine a Stalker/Lifegiver would probably be better, as you could actually make a tank out of it, but I think it works somewhat well with the ranged subclasses as a striker/support. I also have really been enjoying Sharpshooter/Beguiler as a long range striker.
  5. For me, I'm still having the issue with Eder where he joins the night market, even though he went to Dyrford in my Pillars 1 save. Also Vela is still nowhere to be seen, even though I did take her in 1. I tried re-importing, going back to pillars 1 and generating a new endgame save and importing that, validating my steam files and trying to import after that, and nothing worked for me. I appreciate the work y'all are doing, but unfortunately the game remains a little broken for me. Hopefully the official patch tomorrow works a little better.
  6. I'm having the same issue. Eder has inherited the wrong ending and Vela is nowhere to be found. Last I checked, Josh said on twitter they are working on a hotfix, but gave no ETA on when it will be due to be released.
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