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  1. Hello people! I want to ask a few questions! Question 1: Did Briana said something about duel between Revan and Malak on Star Forge? If yes then what was her exact comments? Question 2: Did Kavar could teach Exile a Saber Combat Form? And how many Saber Forms did Kavar knew about? What else he could teach to Exile? I will appreciate reasonable answers. Thanks in advance.
  2. Revan probably mastered "Jar Kai" combat style. His Concept Arts and vision in K2 show this. Also, he would have mastered "Juyo" form and modified it a bit to his own liking as seen in the cut scene in KOTOR game. He also got hold of Tulak's secrets and studied them. But I don't know that what Saber form Tulak used. In KOTOR game: if you use Two Light Sabers and couple it with "Flurry" feat. Your fighting style probably resembles "Jar Kai" style.
  3. I consider HK - 47 to be the best Droid in Star Wars. His story is very well thought-out and enjoyable. All "meatbags" would know this.
  4. Revan for me because he is a Legendary Sith Lord of KOTOR period. As master Kriea said: "Revan was power. Staring in to his eyes was like staring in to the heart of the Force. Even then you could see the Jedi he slayed etched on his soul".
  5. Darth Sidious is the actual DLOTS (Dark Lord Of The Sith) in Star Wars movies. He was also known as "Palpatine" and he was a brilliant Strategist, Manipulator and a Master Planner like Darth Revan. His home world is Naboo. And he was trained in the ways of the Sith by a DLOTS called "Darth Plagueis - The Wise", whom Sidious killed in his sleep. Palpatine's sole purpose was domination of Galaxy and complete destruction of the Jedi Order. He closely monitored all the moves and plans of the Jedi and clouded their judgements through Dark Side and secretly organized and master-minded WARS to make his position stronger in the Senate by convincing the senators that he would be the only person who can ensure victory of Republic in wars and thus get the green-light to construct an army that would ensure his domination. His personal apprentice was Darth Maul. But later-on he manipulated Count Dooku to join his cause and after Dooku's death, he then lured Anakin to the Dark Side as his apprentice. And Sidious is considered to be the most powerful Sith Lord in entire Star Wars Saga.
  6. We are talking about a Sith Lord who was so powerful that his powerful apprentice did not dare challenge him in a proper "master vs apprentice" fashion, and you say he will be defeated by those 3 Jedi? Oh please! Malak knew that those Jedi will not be able to stop Revan, so he decided to take advantage of the situation and fired on Revan's ship to kill him. Hey! Nihilus Fanboy! you are looking only at one angle of the fight in which Revan gets caught in Nihilus's Force Drain. Now, Revan knows some force moves that can help him in eliminating his targets from a large distance. He does not even needs to come close to Nihilus to kill him.
  7. Sion was an idiot because he rushed towards Nihilus with just his Light Saber, despite the knowledge that Nihilus could use his Force Drain on him and thus got pawned. Sion should have started by using some good Force moves on Nihilus and then it would be an interesting fight to watch.
  8. Revan was badly wounded by the huge turbo-laser attack from a nearby Sith Cruiser actually. Those 3 Jedi stood no chance against Revan and he would slaughter them very easily. And Malak knew this so he decided to betray his master from his flagship. Better get your facts straight. And Revan is far more powerful then Nihilus. The only thing that Nihilus is very good with is his Super Force Drain ability. And "The Chronicles" states that Revan feeds on Dark Side Energies. His will allows him to feed on DS energies and not consumed by them. Here is some more information: "Early in the war, at some point in the year 3,963 BBY, Revan visited the ancient Sith world of Malachor V, while scouting for new outposts along the embattled Outer Rim. Word had reached him that Malachor was anathema to the Mandalorians and he wished to know the reason why. Upon landing on the planet's surface, he was nearly destroyed by the resonance of ancient Sith power and he only managed to survive the encounter through sheer force of will. He fed upon the power of the dark side of the Force, and in so doing, avoided being utterly consumed by it." Revan is a very powerful individual. He also demonstrated his "Super Force Lightening Storm" ability on Lehon planet and killed an entire Rakatan army backed by mighty "Rancor Beasts" in a single attack. (The One) - Leader of that army narrated this event to Revan when he again visited Lehon as a Jedi. Revan can use this ability again and kill Nihilus from a large distance, even before Nihilus will turn to face him. Revan can win in this fight.
  9. Tulak hord was an excellent duelist but he would not be able to whoop Revan in a fight, as fights between force users not just depend upon Saber Skills but also on knowledge of the force. And Revan is no push-over for any Jedi or Sith. And Malak is not as weak as some believe. He was a famous Jedi Warrior and was very strong in the force. Though after becoming a Sith, he adopted treachery as his primary way to achieve objectives. Anyways! his saber skills were very good and he also had good knowledge of Dark Side Force powers. And their was a reason that he was accepted as a "Dark Lord of the Sith" by the Sith Empire after Revan because no other Sith doubted his abilities and skills. And Malak would pawn Jolee in mere seconds. Jolee has good knowledge of the force but he is old and weak. The weakest in the mentioned list is possibly Atris.
  10. Revan's mind was almost destroyed after he was hit by a fire from a laser cannon from Leviathan perhaps. Additionally, he was mind-wiped and a fake identity was planted in his mind. But Revan was very strong in the force and was getting visions again and again about his past and even the entire power of Jedi Council could not conceal is real identity. This is a very noticeable achievement as well. So, he would eventually know the truth by himself (if no one would have told him) as his mind was slowly recovering and the force itself was helping him. As Kriea indicates that "Revan is the heart of the force". She was surely very intelligent. But Revan is no less then her!
  11. Some people say that they have encountered Angels. Now it depends upon you that you believe them or not. The closest example I can provide is that of "Supernatural phenomenon". Their are two types of phenomenon: 1) Natural 2) Supernatural - "Natural phenomenon" is that we can clearly witness and interact with. - "Supernatural phenomenon" is that we cannot clearly witness or properly interact with except in certain or special circumstances. Now! their is no proper physical evidence for existance of "Supernatural" beings as well and yet many people believe in Ghosts and such things because their are tales of large number of encounters with such beings! Thus! we can also say that physical evidence is restricted to our capability of interactivity with objects and thus it cannot explain all things.
  12. hmm! interesting question! Actually Revan was a very powerful Sith Lord and Malak was his apprentice. The reason behind this is that Revan was more smart and had more knowledge of the Dark Side powers. Even the Jedi Masters indicated that when Revan and Malak were Jedi, Revan was stronger in the force and was indeed considered to be better among the pair by the Jedi Masters. Then it is also portrayed that Revan became more powerful in the end of KOTOR game then he was as Darth Revan but remember that these are just Bastilla's words and she even says that "although you are just a mere shadow of your former-self but still you are powerful" when you confront her on Starforge (if you decline to join her on the Temple). The point here is that she was just trying to psychologically manipulate Revan's mind so that he could join her (after she joins the Dark Side). Regarding Malak! You need to note that whatever Malak used and commanded after betraying Revan, was actually created by Revan (with exception to Star Forge) but Revan's plans were different from that of Malak's. And like all other Sith Lords, Malak was also anxious to become more powerful but to achieve that, he had to undo Revan in a "Master vs Apprentice" Showdown! But Revan as a Sith Lord was never directly challenged by any other Sith Lord including Malak because it was feared that Revan would actually win in the fight. So, Malak chose a different way to end Revan's supremacy. LOL! this was the funniest! :D Anways! thanks for your answer!
  13. If you know some canon aspects about Exile and Revan more then me then why don't you mention them here? Your knowledge of Nihilus also only seems to be as much limited as revealed in the KOTOR 2 Game. And not all people share your views but that does not means that you start calling them noobs and insult them. Decent discussion can only take place when there is some level of tolerance. Try to look at faults in your thinking as well. Hmm! I got your point! Anyways! why you hate him? (just curious)
  14. Watched two movies recently! - Superman Returns (many would be familiar with this movie) - The Faculty (Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0133751/) This is a horror movie and was released in 1998 but still a good watch. Yeah! I watched all the Episodes of "Rome Season 1" and I enjoyed all. Though, the story is not fully accurate. Anyways! "Rome Season 2" is under development.
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