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  1. I managed to get around the crashings by deleting and reinstall the game. Hope this helps some of you
  2. Hello all I had similar issue playing on my IOS iPhone 6. Game crashes whenever I continue or start a party. I deleted and download the game again from App Store which fixed it for me. Now I can access everything again. Hope it helps as I know it gets frustrating
  3. Thanks a lot for the reply but I am still abit confused. Is there still a upper limit to treasure card according to their rarity? Also would be great if there's an answer to the examples I list 2 post above, I feel that would clarify for me the changes made currently better. I am abit hesitant to pull treasure chest at the moment since dupe legendaries were removed from my cards so I hope this might have fixed that
  4. In the patch notes on IOS store it say 'disable client removing card from deck'. Can anyone clarify what this mean? Example 1. If I have a legendary card say slayer sword, and I draw another one from chest, can I use 2 of them on same character? Example 2. I have a slayer sword from location from party A, started a new game and obtained another slayer sword from location with party B. Can I transfer them to be used on same character?
  5. I just registered an account but I am unable to find the settings to link my PFID and steam account. Any help would be appreciated.
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