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  1. For any jedi you want good STR, as however good you are with

    force powers, you will probably want to use your saber occasionally.


    The other musts are "either" WIS or CHA, this depends on your

    intentions. If you are going for a "pure alignment" character then I

    would suggest high WIS, if going for a mix/neutral then CHA will be

    more important.


    You can compensate for lack of intelligence (skills) with other characters.


    Remember if you want the best implants you need at least CON 16 at the

    start, a level 4 mental boost system adds 3 to WIS, CHA and INT, very

    useful for any jedi (consular in particular) while the level 4 physical boost

    is outsanding for a good guardian +3 to STR, CON and DEX. If you are

    thinking generally, then the Level 4 "forgot the name, sorry" gives +2 to all

    stats. :(


    Therefore for a guardian I agree with "The Dark Master" although I would

    go WIS 12, CHA 8 if you are after a pure LS or DS character.


    For a first timer the high CHA would be better, as you generally tend

    towards a mix of LS and DS first time round, until you get the hang of the


  2. Arnie... seriously, his muscles are so big that he doesn't actually have

    full range of movement in his elbows, so him, with a lightsaber. Don't

    make me laugh... Although seeing him dissected alive by maul or dooku

    would have been cool (and he's far too old to play anakin anyway.)


    Edward Norton - now I think he is a very good actor, who has made good

    films (watch american history X and you'll see how good he can be.) but

    really he is also too old to play anakin.


    I don't mind hayden christennsen (or however you spell his name) but really

    he just comes across as a whiney baby as anakin.


    I have no other suggestions though so I'll leave it at that




    KILL JAR JAR BINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I use PC version and never had a problem.


    Quite useful in the trayus academy for seeing the enemies behind the doors

    and in the jekk jekk tar cantina on nar shaddaa for locating all the aliens in each

    room. (And in the subsequent maze)


    But other than that, fairly useless.


    Of course it can detect stealthed people well.



  4. He was good handling four lightsabers at once. That's the only thing I can think of him being good at.  :mellow:


    Yet he gets his arse handed to him by Obi-Wan, who in the end kills him

    with a blaster... lame.


    I mean having 4 arms, each with a lightsaber and getting beaten by a jedi

    with just 1, pathetic.


    Plus he couldn't use the force.


    Worst in the poll, no doubt.

  5. You have a seperate slot called weapon focus/proficiency/specialisation

    lightsabers, I thought that would be a clue....


    No, the melee upgrades do not affect lightsabers.


    You are better going with:


    dueling - single saber offensive

    two weapon fighting - saberstaff/2 lightsabers offensive

    jedi defense - improves deflection (defensive)


    or if high dex, low str - finesse lightsabers.


    I generally only level up lightsaber and blaster pistol proficiencies, as they

    are what my character uses. Plus two weapon fighting and jedi defense

    for a good all rounder. :)



  6. What about starting as a newly discovered Jedi who's on their way to get training at the new Jedi order, but the ship crashes. Leaving you with the job of finding help for yourself and the Jedi who'd found you. You could start the game using that Jedi's sabre-one that you can't upgrade-and have to make your own sabre later on when you reach the academy.


    The Jedi in the ship could act like Kreia did in giving you advice from afar, while using a sabre you can't upgrade would balance things out-If it was a short sabre it would be more or less the same as starting with a vibrosword.


    The level could either be a prelude to getting further training, or it could work as a way to discover the threat of the game you have to face. In the latter case you'd only get the option to start making your own sabre when you reach a particular level or location. Maybe adding in a small quest to find the parts after this would work fairly well too, better and less annoying that KOTOR 2 since you already have a sabre to use until you make yours.


    Sounds to me a little bit too much like the start of Jedi Academy. Not that there is

    anything wrong with that. :p"

  7. One point I would have to add is this:


    You get more lightsabers playing DS than LS, as you can get them by killing

    the jedi masters.


    You find it much more difficult to get influence with the characters you can turn

    into jedi when playing DS (apart from atton) this means you are likely to have

    less jedi in your party (especially as you get hanharr over mira if you are DS)


    This doesn't quite tally up, more lightsabers for less "jedi" and less lightsabers

    for more jedi.


    Yet another great example of fore-thought in KotOR II. :crazy:



  8. Sith Lord is a title like Jedi Master, its used as a general indication of an individuals power/experience/abilities not as a direct reflection as to what those powers might be. For examples both Vader and Palpadine would be called Sith lords, but Vader would be closer to a Marauder class of sith, while Palpadine is closer to Sith Lord as a class.



    Exactly my feeling on the subject. ;)

  9. Having HK rebuilt is a pain in TSL, since I'd rather just get on with the storyline. HK seemed funnier/better in KOTOR, but in TSL, his only great moments, where taking the mic out of Carth/Bastila and discussions with T3-M4/GO-TO. I remember that my first playthrough of TSL, I forgot to finish rebuilding HK, he's that forgettable in TSL.


    Blasphemy, may the gods of KotOR strike you down where you stand. LOL.


    He has some of the best lines in both games, to not complete him, is to limit

    your enjoyment of the game. Plus he adds to the storyline

    and shows the

    darker side of T3-M4

    Plus, when upgraded he isn't half bad in combat,

    for a droid anyway.



  10. When it comes to getting sabers, I think that the ways you get them are:


    1st Lightsaber - the three parts.

    For each instance that you would get the parts after completing the quest

    you get a lightsaber.

    Therefore (at 2 parts/lightsabers per planet)

    1 for completing the quest (assuming by completing both on dantooine)

    1 for defeating visas (total 2)

    2 on dxun (total 4)

    2 on nar shadaar (total 6)

    2 on korriban (total :huh:


    Then if playing DS


    1 for killing Vrook

    1 for killing Zez-Kai-El

    1 for killing Kavar

    (?1 on Vash's Body?)


    Grand Total (playing DS): 11 (?12?)


    This is up till Malachor, and I don't know if you get more there, or if you

    can get one from Nihilus (don't think so).




    PS - almost forgot, Freedon Nadd's Short Lightsaber.

  11. The problem with G0-T0 is he stands out as being useless and annoying.


    Disciple is useful (just his voice and battle cry are very annoying, and his

    classes don't tie up)


    Kreia - well she is essential to the plot, and damn useful at times.


    T3-M4 - You couldn't have a KotOR without him (and Hk-47)


    I sure you can guess - I voted G0-T0.



  12. OK...


    Malachor - Really in 2 parts:


    Depths - only 1 type of enemy (plus the bigger version of the same enemy

    as the boss) yawn... :blink:


    Sith Academy - better, but just a slog through, no real storyline "bite" to

    encourage you along, plus enemies were so easy, could wipe the floor with

    them, even Sion. Then Traya, where the difficulty stepped up quite

    dramatically, finished by lots of dull, boring dialogue, then either the planet

    blows up or it doesn't :lol:


    Throughout, only the Exile, no friends (unless LS, when you get Mira vs Hanharr)

    but still you only have 1 character at any one time. :lol:



    Star Forge - Good cutscenes really help this, with malak ordering waves

    against you, really helps to spur you on to kill him. Confrontation with Bastila

    (LS) is good, particularly as it separates you from your companions, leaving the

    battle with Malak a 1 on 1 affair. The waves really help spread a feeling of

    desparation, especially when your companions go down. The only bad bit to my

    mind is the droid chamber, taking out waves of droids by ignoring them, woohoo.


    Overall I prefer the Star Forge, as it comes across as a real fight to the death

    on a massive battle station, against legions of the enemy hellbent on your

    destruction. :huh:

  13. I pesonally don't mind short lightsabers, they are only 2 damage less (and

    when fully upgraded, that matters not) and they are balanced, so good in

    the off hand.


    I have the philosophy, it can't do any damage if it doesn't hit, so I ensure I

    hit as often as possible.


    I generally don't go for saberstaffs, even though they look cool, as I like to

    have as many crystals benefitting my jedi as possible.



  14. The Original Trilogy:


    A New Hope; short, not many different scenes, but cool, the battle over the

    death star still ranks high today, even without the digital advancements.


    The Empire Strikes Back; great twist at the end, luke's battle with vader in

    itself was good, luke's early training, and the battle of hoth (I know I'm going

    in reverse) were all awesome.


    Return of the Jedi; rancor, pit of carcoon, the battle of endor, luke vs vader II,

    the final destruction of the death star and the emperor. Cool.


    The Prequel Trilogy:


    Phantom Menace; maul vs qui-gon and obi-wan was cool, the pod race was

    annoying, and way too long, anakin :bat: , r2's award ceremony was pathetic,

    JAR JAR F'IN BINKS :p:devil::geek::bat::bat::bat::bat::bat::bat:


    Attack of the Clones: all the battles ruled, in my opinion, shame about anakin,

    he comes off as a whiny p*ssy. MORE JAR JAR GRRRRRRRR.


    Revenge of the Sith: the battles were again cool, as was dooku's death. Windu's

    death however, kinda sucked. The jedi purge was a bit weak, they are jedi after

    all, they should have seen it coming. Padme's death was weak as well, and kind of

    screwed up the fact that leia say's that she remembers her mother. The one

    major failing was that they didn't kill off JAR JAR...


    In all the original trilogy is better, still has the same magic even now, decades

    later, can you say that the prequel trilogy will do the same, I think not. Sure it

    looked cool, but so much of it was lame. Vader becomes the lord of the sith

    because he misses his mummy, and he's an overbearing, overconfident wuss

    who can't keep a lightsaber in one peice for more that 5 minutes.


    My overall decision is fairly unanimous - The Original Trilogy.

  15. :bat:Whos YOUR favorite bad guy from Star Wars? :p


    Count Dooku (no he wasn't a darth)



    Actually you hear him referred to as Lord Tyranus, so his sith designation

    is Darth Tyranus. :geek:


    My vote has to be Sideous.


    Luke - "Your overconfidence is your weakness"

    Emperor - "Your faith in your friends is yours"


    I love that line. :devil:




    (Edit: spelling mistake :'( )

  16. Female Exile with Handmaiden, I think. Lose Disciple and G0T0 altogether. *shrug*


    Shame you can't do it in the game (straight from the box, I'm sure there are mods

    for choosing Handmaiden/Disciple, I just don't have one)


    As for G0-T0, you should have had the option of killing him when he sneaks aboard

    the ebon hawk, would mean 1 less character, but what the hell, I never use him


  17. One of the ideas that has been bandied around for months is that you

    should start in a jedi (or sith) academy as a padawan/apprentice, this

    means you start with a basic, non-upgradeable lightsaber. Once you

    complete the trials (prologue level) you get to make your own fully

    upgradeable, customised saber.


    I personally really like this idea, as you are starting a character from

    very near the beginning of their time as jedi, with no adventurous past

    that you don't know (amnesia is getting dull, lol) Although you can still

    find out the historys from the chronicler of the academy you start on.


    This would also allow you to have a master to take the Jolee/Kreia role,

    and at somepoint you: are assigned a padawan or find a force sensitive

    which you then train, properly I might add, saber sparring and force power

    sparring, plus giving them individual quests. Add in another jedi who's along

    for the ride and that makes 4 jedi, which is enough for me.


    It would also open up the good old, apprentice turning on master, falling to

    DS, and being redeemed/killed storyline. Which we all love.



  18. It took me more than one play through, but I really enjoyed the story.  I didn't think it was as good as KotOR 1, but still very enjoyable, better than most everything else.  I think the biggest problem I had with not liking it the first time I played through was that it was very easy to miss large chunks of the story.  I guess some would say it wasn't spoon fed, but whatever.  I finished the first game without even knowing I could train Jedi, or really getting to know my party members besides Kreia thanks to the influence system (which I ended up liking, I just didnt know how to use it at first).  It's a good story, it can just be kinda hard to get the whole picture.



    I agree it's not well described, first time through I converted handmaiden and

    bao-dur, but had no idea you could convert mira or atton. Personally I think

    the train as jedi went too far, you ended up with 7 force users (LS) or 6 (DS)

    out of 11 characters (including the exile), whilst KotOR 1 only had 4 (out of 10

    including "Revan")


    I have to say that KotOR I was equally bad when it came to expanding characters

    though. The first few play-throughs I missed so many of the character specific side

    quests (Dustil, Canderous' Honour Duel, Mission's brother, etc.) there was not quite

    enough direction towards them, or incentive to do them really.



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