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  1. I generally, ***** slapped kreia in round 1 (w00t)


    Then in round 2, ran away to separate the lightsabers, then stunned them

    and pwned them with master flurry and master speed. Do that 3 times and

    hey presto, final conversation, cutscene and credits.




    (Edit: spelling mistake :'( )

  2. How do you know whether all beings are capable of being a Jedi?

    The old movies never lost a word about it.

    There are quite a few examples, where the EU contradicts the old movies. You aren't going to tell me that the EU-stuff is right, are you? ;)


    The fact is Lowbacca was a jedi in the New Jedi Order, so wookiees can become

    jedi, although if I remember right, there are species in the SW universe that

    can't. :huh:


    ...he doesn't want ANY MORE Wookiee Jedi in Star Wars...


    Which does imply that there has been at least 1 before. :)


    I do agree that a wookiee jedi in KotOR III wouldn't quite work. Most people

    you talked to in game wouldn't understand a word you said. So if they do add

    in PC alien species, they will most likely be the ones that can speak galactic basic

    (twi-leks, iridonian (zabrak), etc.) which suits me fine. :))

  3. Well, actually, in KotoR1, my forcepoints regenerated just fine. My LS Consolar there never had problem with shortage of forcepoints. It was in KotoR2 where suddenly I had to notice that my fp wont regenerate in battle. :angry:


    Unless you use the force regen feat, and items which give force regen, then

    you have no problems. ;)


    In TSL, the only time I have run out of force is on peragus, after that it's

    all good.



  4. Who cares indeed.. mostly because, why do you wanna know Diego? being

    involved in a community is not making a ****load of topics.. it's adding

    something new..


    sorry if that's a bit harsh - but every other month some new guy comes

    along and asks the same questions all over again .. it gets tiresome after

    a few years..


    Yet you would probably complain if they necro'ed an old thread of the same topic,

    they simply want their veiws displayed and discussed, fair enough really. :blink:


    CSI or what ever and him are having a battle of the spam its true.


    Yes, we know, it's been going on for as long as I've been here. -_-

  5. You could say that KotOR II looked better because the robes looked so much



    Although some of the cutscenes in KotOR I almost take my breath away, can't

    say the same for KotOR II.


    Really, it's the same engine, and same level of graphics in both games.


    Back on point:


    I would like to say:


    "hey Mira, Brianna, you girls fancy [message deleted, far too dirty and perverted]"



  6. I usually get them on Dantooine.

    One from jorran, the other from the

    forged will.




    You get DS points for forging the will, but you can easily recouperate

    to LS quite easily (especially as you are still early on in the game)




    This means in order to get them on dantooine all you have to do is

    visit administrator adare to get a scavenger pass, then visit the enclave,

    go round, rescue/kill jorran then pick up the will, tamper with it, then

    return to the admin building to collect the second peice.



    I usually do the crystal cave and return the vaporater parts at the same

    time. <_<


    This takes me about 10-15 minutes total. :dancing:

  7. Least liked droid so far - still G0T0. Which was mentioned some time go. Breaking him down into spare parts and selling them to the salvagers on Dantooine might add some credits to character's inventory.


    Or using them to upgrade T3 and HK. HK with G0-T0's stealth abilities would be cool.

    And T3 with the confuse droid ability would also be cool. :cool:



  8. Force storm is the best against multiple opponents for damage


    Force wave is great for a damaging multi-stun


    Force crush is best for one on one damage


    The best overall is Force storm, as it can own entire enemy squads

    in one (or two) blasts at high level.


    Force pull =] there is no such power in KotOR. Yes in the JK

    games it rules, throwing opponents around, disarming them, and

    if done correctly, sending them into orbit. But it's not in KotOR. :crazy:

  9. I generally play male exile, mainly cos I like handmaiden

    but can't stand disciple, although the confrontations between

    him and atton are funny.


    I just can't stand "you have left me an opening" :mellow:


    Plus handmaiden requires some effort to turn into a jedi

    meaning you have more reason to talk to her, so get more

    involved with her character.


    Although I can see the reasons for exile being female in the

    canon. I have to say that all the artwork in the manual is of

    a male exile. I also prefer a female revan, so I tend to go

    against canon anyway, not sure why. =]




    Edit: I personally would have liked it if you got handmaiden

    and mira, and got to choose between disciple and hanharr

    with G0-T0 being left out entirely.

  10. As far as no mandalorian jedi go, hmmm I don't know.


    Thing is the mandalorians are people from a certain sector of space

    who follow the same code of honour and battle. They tend to adopt

    people into their culture, therefore it is not inconceivable that there

    could be a mandalorian jedi. Especially since jedi do not necessarily

    have to have any jedi ancestors (although it does run in families).

    Bastila is an example, neither of her parents were jedi. :lol:


    I personally would quite like to play a mandalorian jedi, with a

    specialised suit of mandalorian armour that does not restrict force

    powers, with a jedi outer robe over the top, how cool would that look.




    (ps, I have actually made mandalorian armour that does not restrict

    force powers using kotor tool, damn it looks cool :cool: )


    EDIT: (pps it's the yellow (mandalorian commander) armour as well)

  11. Usually level 27-30, although I have used the exp cheat

    to see just how powerful you are at level 50, and it isn't

    all that great, you get loads of force powers that you

    don't need, and excessive skills, the only benefit comes

    with loads of feats... Finally the enemies stack with you,

    so it doesn't make the game any easier.


    I think that the game, at release should have been limited

    to level 35, as you really can't get much higher without

    resorting to excessive spamming of the hssiss cheat, or

    downright cheating anyway. With the TSL restoration and

    the Droid Planet mods on then I can understand lvl 50, as

    there may be a chance of reaching it, but as the game

    stands, no way.



  12. Out of the 4 available (although it wouldn't have made a difference

    for me anyway) I would say:




    I just like her character, plus the showing her the life force of nar

    shadaar was a cool way to turn her into a jedi, whilst the other

    characters were like:


    "I could train you as a jedi"


    "yes please"


    end conversation. ;)


    Getting bao-dur to become a jedi on dxun would work, allowing him

    to overcome his daemons left from the mandalorian wars.


    Turning Handmaiden/Disciple on dantooine with a cutscene showing their

    awakening to the force, perhaps with a nice vision of Brianna's mother

    for handmaiden, and a vision of the old (dead) jedi masters from

    KotOR I for disciple, giving him permission to continue his studies.


    Turning Atton should really have been linked more to nar shadaar,

    linked more to him meeting someone from his past, and realising his



    If this had been the case I would have found my choice much harder

    as it would have involved me more in their decision to train as jedi/sith.



  13. I agree, even as a guardian/weaponmaster/marauder

    you have so many force points at the end you never

    seem to run out... Not like in KotOR I where your force

    points wouldn't regenerate in combat, which meant you

    could run out, not that you would of course. <_<


    This does make spamming force powers a bit too easy,

    especially when 2-3 shots of force storm at high level

    will kill every enemy in range. :-"


    This is one of the reasons I go for a combat character,

    stops rediculous annihilation of every nearby enemy in

    3 seconds... although by mid game I could if I wanted

    anyway. ;)


    By late game it rarely matters what class you chose,

    as your character is good at everything anyway.


    One of my main gripes about TSL.


    Although it doesn't stop me playing of course. :D



  14. I chose weaponmaster, as I usually play LS. As DS I would choose marauder.


    I just like getting up close and personal. :thumbsup:


    In my latest game I intend to go Guardian -> Marauder as LS (just change my

    alignment before choosing, then change back again, cheating, I know.)


    Does anyone know if you lose fury when you go LS or not, I can't remember. :">


    I don't generally choose the Sith Lord or Jedi Master, as you end up with too many force

    powers, most of which you don't use or need, I prefer loads of feats, most of which are

    always active.




    (ps - I've been playing with KotOR tool recently, creating my own items... having a

    jedi/sith with master force focus, force immunity and force jump is just cool, therefore

    class is really irrelevant... MWAHAHAHAHAHA)

  15. Although I do really want hooded robes, I agree that they are not top

    priority, I would rather have a game that played well.


    Things like hooded robes can always be added towards the end, or by

    modders once the game has been released.


    I find it quite annoying that neither LA nor Obsidian will announce whether

    KotOR III is being developed, a "KotOr III is in development, however a

    release date has yet to be confirmed" would do me.


    At least we would know.



  16. From what I remember of the level, when you click the door you get:


    "this door needs to be opened by a nearby terminal"


    I assume that it was either supposed to open when you re-activate the

    station's generator, or it was supposed to be opened by the HK-50 droid

    that randomly explodes in the released version of the game, or you need

    HK-47 to open the door, not sure which.


    Will have to wait for TSL restoration to find out. :shifty: If it ever gets released.


    (can't wait for the droid planet either... :'( )

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