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  1. Least Favourite - if forced i would say green, the only character I would

    be tempted to give it to would be kreia. But I prefer Viridian for her as

    it kind of suits her. For my character I usually go for Orange, Silver or

    Cyan. As they look individual (you won't find another jedi/sith with them)


    Other Characters - Mira - Orange/Bronze - matches her hair. Atton - Purple.

    Visas - Red/Purple. Handmaiden - Silver all the way!! Kreia - Viridian.

    Disciple - Blue/Cyan. Bao-Dur - Bronze/Viridian.


    If I give them two I either choose the two colours (where I have given a

    character two colours (above)) or pick two that are close to one another

    in the spectrum - eg Purple and Blue for Atton, Silver and Cyan for



    Although I recently downloaded a mod from lucasfiles with some other

    varient colours (including pink!!)



  2. Order of planets:


    Well Per-ass-gus then telos first, as you have zero choice. :bat:


    Dantooine - to get Saber parts and construct lightsaber. (and get

    disciple :x if female exile) (though I do not go after vrook yet...)

    Nar Shadaar - to get Mira/Hanhaar, G0-T0 (I wouldn't if I had a choice :bat: )

    and complete HK-47, and turn Atton and Mira into Jedi, and to complete it.

    Dxun - To pick up Mandalore :dancing:

    Onderon pt 1 - as you kind of have to in order to get mandalore.

    Dantooine - to complete it

    Korriban - to complete it

    Dxun + Onderon pt 2 - to complete it

    (Telos Academy - to face atris)

    Dantooine - for the meeting

    Telos + Ravager - to complete

    Malachor - to complete the game (w00t)


    This list does not include the many trips to and from planets to complete

    minor side quests (like the fuel for telos quest and the expanding business




  3. One of my latest ideas for KotOR III (and no this isn't a fanfic story :blink: )


    Clothing - split into three parts, under, middle and over.


    Under - Base clothing, different colours main difference (shows under

    armour plates when armoured)


    Middle - Armour/Under-Robes


    Over - Over Robes, Armour Enhancements


    The Armours, Under & Over Robes would all be upgradeable with

    underlays and Armour with overlays.


    Armour Enhancements could be things like Enhanced Servo-motors

    which would add a strength bonus or targeting array which would add

    bonus ranged feats (like targeting/precise shot) also including various



    This would mean the helmet slot would be replaced with a visor slot

    (essentally the same thing, just different name)


    The appearance of said helmet would be linked to the armour worn,

    ie a mandalorian helmet for mandalorian armour.


    Of course you could go with an armoured jedi, with middle - armour

    and over - over-robe.


    This would allow huge variations in a characters appearance, as well as

    their ability boosts. (w00t)


    Other Item musts: The required constitution for certain level implants

    should be reduced, to make the actual implants attainable. More



    Oh one last change, instead of armour stopping the use of certain force

    powers, they should simply increase force cost and limit effectiveness,

    in other words, restricting, not stopping!!! (made rediculous in KotOR II

    as careful use of kreia could bypass many of those resricted powers

    anyway! :crazy: . And there should be an underlay that decreases that

    restriction - force channelling underlay for example.


    What do you think? Complicated enough... :lol:



  4. My first Revan was fairly middle of the road, never fully LS or DS, usually

    somewhere in between.


    Name - Damien Halo


    Portrait - the shaven headed male with the small goatee and scar over

    right eye.


    Robes - blue jedi master robes for most of the game


    Lightsaber - purple double bladed


    I generally acted as I would in real life, sarcasm a must, lying essential

    but helpful to those who warranted it, death to those who annoyed me.


    My Revan gave czerka a bloody nose on kashykk, gave the republic a

    boost on manaan, wiped out the sandpeople on tatooine, wiped out the

    sith on korriban, was forced to kill bastila, and gave malak the asswoopin'

    the original meatbag deserved! :lol:


    I must admit I missed loads of stuff first time through, like the uber crystals

    dustil, canderous' grudge match and various other little gems I found when

    playing the game subsequent times.


    My second play through was entirely DS, then 3rd was completely LS.



  5. Although I really like the idea of SWG, I:


    1 - refuse to pay to play, once i've bought a game, I don't expect to have to

    continue to pay in order to actually play it, that just sucks! :crazy:


    2 - Don't want a game that is ridden with bugs.


    3 - Want a decent atmosphere, no power hungry uber-players who own

    against everyone, and no whining beeches who complain about the slightest

    little thing. :'( ;)


    4 - I don't mind starting with a weaker character so long as there is a way to

    level him up through the lower levels quickly, so my character doesn't suck

    in terms of his abilities for too long.


    5 - As far as being a jedi, well although tempting, been there done that, with

    KotOR, the JK series, etc. I would much rather play a bounty hunter or a

    duelist. Something a little different (and less preachy, lol)


    I like the comments, they remind me of people I have met on sooo many other

    boards, although usually with a little variation, but on the same theme (and the

    intended punishments rule, lol) :bat:

  6. Additional to what I said earlier...


    Instead of choosing a class you could customise your own robes...

    Under-robes, Over-robes, boots etc. And by having some robe

    specific underlays/overlays you could create your ideal robes for

    your class/playing style as you progress through the game.


    eg. Ossus Keeper Over-robe (+# INT+WIS) with Consular Under-robe

    (+# WIS, # Force Regen), with Force Channel Underlay (+# Force Pts,

    # Force Regen) and Deflective Overlay (+# Deflection, Res # vs Energy)

    damn near perfect Consular Robes!


    Being able to do this for each character in your party (not just robes,

    armour too) would be cool, allowing you to really personalise your

    characters. (w00t)



  7. I think start at a jedi academy as a padawan, mainly because you could go

    through the fun of perhaps turning on (and killing) your master at a significant

    point in the game (thus cementing your intended DS alignment :) ). I like the

    idea of choosing a master, this could be done either through your class selection at

    the start, or by asking them in game. Really - Handmaiden = Guardian, Bao-dur =

    Sentinel (I know he was a guardian but kreia says he becomes a jedi watchman

    (LS ending) which is technically a prestige sentinel) and Disciple = Consular.


    In fact going one better, you start as a classless padawan, and your choice of

    master affects your class once you complete the jedi trials and become a full



    As far as which jedi academy, this could be fixed (coruscant, dantooine, ossus etc.)

    or you could choose via the prologue level (a reason to actually do it as opposed

    to being an annoying level in which you get attacked by game hints and tips that

    you don't really need. :crazy: )


    As far as Revan/Exile showing up, Revan should appear entirely robed (like he does

    in Ludo's tomb in KotOR II) and Exile should either not appear/be customisable/be

    entirely robed (like revan so as to hide among the true sith, or some other reason)


    At the end of KotOR II the actual ending was not much different whether you

    completed it LS or DS, so they shouldn't have too much difficulty creating a start

    point that covers both adequately well.


    One thing I would quite like is to have greater choice when it comes to my

    companions, through dialogue choices/hiring people etc. although T3M4, HK47 and

    Canderous/Mandalore must appear.

  8. Occasionally you do get blocked when passing through

    a door or like you said in combat, with the door one, just

    move backwards (S on the keyboard if PC) that usually

    fixes it, otherwise, try changing character or save/reload.


    If in combat, and your charcter stops attacking, just move

    (thus cancelling all actions) and then try attacking again,

    usually helps.


    As far as jumping around, WTF, I've never had that happen

    so I can be as helpful as umbrella in a hurricane.



  9. I've only played on PC (for both I and II)


    The only place I notice any lag is dantooine (both games)

    Supposedly there is a fix, but I cannot remember it ( :'( )


    Although the fact that I'm running a 5 yr old dell with a 1.5 gHz

    processor and only 256 megs of RDRAM may have a little to do

    with it, lol.


    As far as the 360 goes, well serves you right for spending (read

    wasting) all that money on a console that will be out of date (and

    much, much cheaper) by next year. :crazy:


    Aah, I do love it when my grotty old PC can beat a brand new

    top of the line console (MWAHAHAHAHA) :p


    Anyway, tough break dude :lol:



  10. You get it if you kill the former sith academy master

    in Hord's Tomb (DS), you can then trade it for prestige,

    and given that you can't get anyhting else for it, that's

    what most people would do.


    As far as post KotOR I, I have to guess that it became

    one of the many sith holocrons assembled by atris on

    telos, or was simply lost entirely.


    As you can't learn anything from it in KotOR I, I would

    suggest that it's a moot point whatever happened to it.

  11. Right... in order of availability:


    T3M4 - 2 ion blasters, plus his shock arm and an ion weapon, can be very good

    against other droids, but I rarely use him after peragus, preferring my own

    character or bao-dur for skill related stuff.


    Exile - Lightsaber + Shortsaber, maxed for damage, with master speed and master

    flurry can pump out 5 attacks a turn with about 70 damage each, in other words a

    one hit kill machine. (yes that is about 350 damage in one go :p )


    Atton - Always 2 blasters, best combo if you can get it is a mandalorian disintegrator

    and a Dashade Sonic Disruptor, plenty of damage, with attribute damage, to soften

    up harder enemies. Set as ranged tactic, with Lightsaber and Shortsaber as

    secondaries once he's a jedi, max out 2 weapon fighting a must.


    Kreia - Well she only has one hand for much of the game, so a saber that boosts

    force ability (wisdom, charisma, force regeneration) and deflection (I managed one

    with +15 deflection) to keep her alive and pumping out force powers, whilst on

    jedi support tactic.


    Bao-Dur - Much like Atton, in terms of weapons, I generally prefer to max out his

    computer use, repair, demolitions and security, and leave him in ranged mode, to

    keep him out of the way and hence alive.


    Handmaiden/Disciple - Melee weapons, if jedi LS + SS maxed for damage, with

    offensive force powers, if non-jedi vibrosword + vibroblade combo. Don't bother

    with ranged feats, or ranged boosting items.


    Mira - As I never level her up until she becomes a jedi, I treat her as a second

    player character, directing her towards lightsaber combat, with enhancing force

    powers, once again LS + SS although I tend to keep her in character and go for

    plenty of stun/slow/critical strike bonuses, great support combat character.


    Hanharr - 2 max damage vibroswords, the bigger and nastier the better, forget

    anything else, he is (no pun intended) a melee beast.


    HK47 - His HK47 specific droid sniper rifle, with plenty of damage enhancing

    upgrades, secondary - usually a couple of ion pistols for anti-droid work.


    Mandalore - Biggest, most powerful rifle I can lay my hands on, maxed for damage

    with a vibrosword, vibroblade combo in reserve, ranged tactic.


    Once I have turned all characters that I can into jedi, I usually go with Exile + Mira

    + one other (LS) or Exile + Kreia + one other (DS). :(

  12. What no lego star wars... That game has some of the funniest SW moments

    ever, particularly II, vader and ben stopping their duel to both wave at luke

    was very funny, as was lukes roving bionic hand at the end of empire, and...


    Even so I would vote KotOR I as the best, just good gameplay, and a great

    story, end of statement.



  13. Well here goes:


    Lightside - Consular followed by Weaponmaster, you get the force focus feats

    which really help your force powers, whilst weaponmaster has the best saber

    fighting styles (and access to the uber dueling and two weapon fighting feats)


    Darkside - Consular followed by Sith Lord, again with the force focus feats, then

    the ability to warp your companions alignment, and the improved force saber

    styles, allow you to own with force powers.


    Remember there are numerous items that can increase skills, skills D package

    + tech specialist belt + improved automation gloves + interface band gives a

    skill monster, regardless of natural skill levels (so long as you have at least 1

    point naturally for certain skills) whereas there are less items that can be

    combined for loads of extra feats/powers. Besides, you can always use T3 or

    Bao-Dur for skills anyway.

  14. Funniest, HK47, no doubt.


    Some of his phrases cracked me up. I also love that the original

    meatbag was malak, and revan reprogrammed him to say it about

    anyone revan saw as pathetic and useless (iow all life)


    Stupidest in KotOR, well I would have to say, Disciple.

    Unbelievably naive, and stupid, his annoying battle cry p***ed me

    off so much I stopped using him once I'd turned him jedi. :angry:


    Stupidest in SW, well Jar-Jar is the dumbest piece of "expletives deleted"

    that has ever existed, in any universe, at any time! For crying out aloud

    he almost wiped out the gungan army in Ep I, Gave palpatine emergency

    powers in Ep II, which of course resulted in the end of the republic and the

    near extinction of the jedi in Ep III. What more can I say! :p


    As a final word, I have to say that the conversations between revan and

    bastila (as a male revan) were priceless, you could wind her up soooo

    easily it was criminal. (w00t)

  15. HK47 would annihilate C3PO.


    Hopefully he would start at the feet and work up!

    Accompanied by "Oh My... What are you doing... Help...Help..."

    And ending with HK ripping out C3PO's vocabulator and atomising it


    Even if they rebuild him, at least he won't be able to speak in that

    annoying voice! (w00t)


    "Statement; Human Cyborg Relations, Relate to that meatbag lover"

    "Weary Resignation; Pity he didn't put up much of a fight, all

    vocabulator, no assassin protocols"

    "Threat; You, Gungan, Stop acting like a moron, or you'll be next"


    (the possibilities are endless :) )



  16. I think that revan can certainly appear, wearing his/her robes of course so you

    can't see his/her face, or make out gender.


    The exile would be tougher, unless they were to have him encased in armour

    or a similar robe to revan.


    (revan as the master, exile as the apprentice)


    That might work, otherwise you would have to design them both to fit in with

    your character (which I think would be quite annoying) their alignment could be

    set by you at the start in a conversation with someone, or be the same as you

    when you meet them, so you're on the same side.

  17. Well Orange, it's a little more interesting than red, with the almost yellow core, and almost red "aura", just looks cool.


    Although if I could choose any, I'd want a black lightsaber, I sucks light in instead

    of emitting it out, that would be cool (it would suck life and force in too, the

    ultimate draining, leeching lightsaber) MWAHAHAHAHA.


    whoops dark side overload, must rest before trying to exterminate all life again.


    laterz... (lol - evilly of course)

  18. Well Judging by the previous two, there has to be both dantooine and korriban,

    although I hope they open up the tombs on korriban, and have more areas open

    on dantooine.


    Coruscant and hoth would both be cool, as they are important star wars worlds

    that haven't been covered yet in the series.


    I think that ossus as a jedi world and yavin IV as a dark side world, both of

    which would allow you to deepen your characters alignment and allow them

    to train more specifically towards their desired class etc. (trained by exar kun's

    ghost on yavin for example).


    then you need some character specific locations, the mandalorian homeworld

    to pick up canderous/mandalore and possibly nar shadaar for the scoundrel/

    bounty hunter style character that you should have.


    Finally, there has to be the "battle aboard a starship" level, like the ravager in

    KotOR II and the battle through Malak's flagship in KotOR (forgot the name)

    and of course the final apocalyptic battle on the "true sith" world.


    That makes for 9 planets and 1 starship, not mentioning other areas (like the dxun

    temple and Goto's ship in KotOR II that come as parts of levels). Examples of

    these in KotOR III could be a return to the Yavin spacestation, and perhaps a

    couscant orbital defense platform (defending it against the sith attack)


    I think this would give a broad spectrum of planets, with plenty of opportunity

    for missions, encounters and life-threatening situations, and plenty to feed the



    Anyway that's my 50 cents at least.... Laterz

  19. I have played KotOR2 at least 10 times, at no point, and I mean no point, have I

    ever used G0-T0!!! He just comes across as useless, although I'm sure he is not.

    If a character has no real attachment, or a poor background story in other words,

    I don't want to use him!


    Ranking the characters:


    1 - Handmaiden

    2 - Bao-Dur

    3 - Mira

    4 - Atton

    5 - Mandalore

    6 - Kreia

    7 - HK-47

    8 - T3-M4

    9 - Visas

    10 - Disciple

    11 - Hanharr

    12 - G0-T0


    As you can see I much prefer the characters that you can really influence. (with the

    exception of disciple, who's battle cry kind of put me off, as well as the fact that

    turning him into a jedi took, like, 1 minute.)

    Hanharr is so low, mainly because I like Mira so much (kind of reminds me of

    mission in a way). Visas, well she was really only good for giving the force sight

    ability, and at the point where the party is split up.

    Handmaiden is no 1 because her story is interesting and leaves much room for

    speculation, as well as the tie ins with atris. Bao-Dur is just so damn useful, I always leveled him high as a tech specialist to max out his skills, then turned him jedi, with

    a few force powers, gave him a couple of blasters, and stuck him in ranged, with

    2 mandalorian disintegrators, fully upgraded (ow is all I can say!!)


    Anyway I've wittered on long enough



  20. I'm guessing they will release it, interest will probably be raised

    about the same time that epI-III come out as a DVD trilogy pack.

    although this could mean a 2/3 year wait (bummer).


    I am surprised at lucasarts unwillingness to persue it now, as the

    KotOR games have been by far the best star wars games I've

    played. (and I really couldn't care less about battlefront!!)


    I do agree that the fact that they didn't release a content patch

    for KotOR2 was a stupid idea (cough*morons*cough). In retrospect

    that may be the thing that kills KotOR as a series. The decreased

    content (and mission consistency) prevented it from winning GOTY

    which may have turned lucasarts against it. (please don't let be true!)


    I was again thinking optimistically (they will release KotOR3)

    and was wondering whether a complete character design feature

    would be the answer, like in some of the wrestling games on

    the PS1/2, which allow almost complete control over all parts of

    the character.


    Another thing that came to mind, with respect to armour. I know

    people have been wanting raisable hoods on jedi robes, well wouldn't

    it be cool if, with the mandalorian armour(s) you could choose to have

    the helmet on/off (with bonuses/penalties for doing so), and have them

    differentiated by colour (normal - blue, heavy - red, assault - yellow).

    I think that would be cool.


    anyway I've wittered on long enough



  21. Fighting styles is a good point DARTH|MAUL I would like to see different animations for each of the saber styles, and dark and light side specific styles, vaapad being an example of a DS fighting style that's really aggressive.


    As far as playing as other races go, it would be cool but I don't see it happening, I personally would love to be able to play as a Iridorian (Zabrak) M or a Twilek F Jedi, mainly because they look cool.


    I do think that they will need to have a bigger range of races for the accompanying characters, as in KotOR2 the only real "alien" was bao'dur, visas looked too human, and apart from the droids the rest were human (I know there was a wookie, hanharr, but I wasn't keen on him and preferred to get mara as you could turn her into a jedi). so 2 or 3 proper alien characters in KotOR3 would be awesome.


    Time period wise, I think between 10 and 25 years, mainly because of wanting revan and the exile (and associated characters) to be present, yet have changed sufficiently to still be "new". I think on balance it should be closer to 25 years as a new jedi order would have had to be established and flourishing, yet still be under threat from the enemy you have to defeat.




    EDIT: Oh and only 2 droids please, G0T0 was useless!!

  22. OK, my first post on this board... ahem...


    Right, what I want out of KotOR3


    As far as the main character goes, more choice of heads, start as a apprentice/

    padawan. ie classless for the prologue (training) and you choose your class at the end, prestige classes should still become available (if max 50 levels then at level 20, with the first 5(ish) levels being a padawan) this should allow you to create a fairly balanced jedi character yet still personalised to your gamepley preferences.


    Items/Weapons/Armour - Better looking robes (duh), more complete armour (the large gaps don't look good) with personalisable colours (both robes and armour) so you can actually have the robes/armour you want and still retain a degree of consistency with the colour of your characters (or have them looking completely different, pick your poison). You should start with a basic, non upgradeable lightsaber, until you become a full fledged jedi, when you get to design your own (like in jedi academy) which will be upgradeable. All quest items should disappear after the quest is finished (unless it is a usable item) as they fill the inventory so quickly. (I could go on forever on this) my last point is item pick ups, the completely random system in KotOR2 was rubbish, at least separate items etc into groups and have a random item from that group, ie a jedi related item in a box in a jedi temple, rather than a load of guns/grenades/useless stuff.


    Worlds - well Dantooine and Korriban are a must, preferable with all areas open! Tatooine, Coruscant, Corellia, Kashyyk, and Mon Calamari would be cool, as well as the Yavin Moon (and associated space station, bring back the baraguin!) and a suitable final planet.


    Quests - well seeing as they missed out the HK factory in KotOR2 despite mentioning it, I think they have to include it.


    Characters - HK, T3 for sure (they are like R2 and C3PO, the stories narrators), 3 Jedi (G,S&C), Canderous/Mandalore as a soldier, and the rest completely new, some

    of the old characters would make up the jedi council, Handmaiden, Disciple, Bao-Dur, Atton, etc. however any that could have died (bastila, carth, visas etc) should be either left out entirely or should appear as holograms. Revan, if (s)he appears should be entirely robed appropriate to a choice you make at the start of the game (the classic black robes if DS, new brown/cream robes if LS) while the exile should either not appear at all, or should have followed revan's example and become entirely covered, "so as to hide in true sith territory" etc.


    Others - The influence system should remain, however the converting to jedi should not, there should be more chances to affect influence, and the change to the characters alignment should be taken into account in successive influence attempts.

    Non-Jedi should be much more attractive, giving them the precise shot feats as a free upgrade at certain levels would help, as well as enabling new abilities that would be non-jedi specific like scoundrels luck etc.


    Above all however I want a "finished" game with loads of new and different environments, that will take me ages to complete, and be fun.


    And of course, no ****** peragus style level!!!!!

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