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  1. KotOR:


    Manaan Surface - looks great, plenty to do.

    Tatooine - loads to explore, great nostalgia.

    Taris - Loads of stuff to do.

    Lehan - looks good, rancors :p

    Star Forge - the fight of your life, unending battle.

    Korriban - loads of places to explore and loads of quests

    Kashykk - loads of walking with no rapid transit :(

    Dantooine - a bit laggy, felt lacking in excitement.

    Yavin Station - not much to do, useful though.

    Manaan Submerged - sooooo sloooow, boring :'(


    KotOR II, TSL:


    Nar Shadaar - Loads to do, good sub-plots, involving side-quests. (w00t)

    Dxun - good for exploring, good side quests, Freedon Nadd's tomb :D

    Onderon - plenty to do, the (gauntlet) walkway, plenty of fights.

    Ravager - loads of fighting, against many enemies.

    Malachor Academy - similar to /\ but you are more powerful = easier.

    Malachor Depths - only one type of enemy :lol:

    Korriban - so little to do, no-one to converse with, other than the tomb :bat:

    Dantooine - a bit laggy and restricted, pretty poor side quests.

    Telos - fairly one dimensional, and you spend a long time unable to leave :'(

    Peragus - entirely one dimensional, unable to leave, poor item availability :shifty:


    Overall best level - Nar Shadaar

    Overall worst level - Peragus

  2. When the TSF droid tells you that they've "lost" the Ebon Hawk:


    I so wanted the - "If you don't get my ship back, NOW, you will

    be scrapped" :)


    When Kreia whinges about there being so many people on board

    the Ebon Hawk:


    I wanted to say "well you're just a waste of space, and blatently

    a sith lord, so why don't you leave" :angry:


    Oh and when G0-T0 arrives on board the Ebon Hawk:


    "Get the hell off my ship, or prepare to eat laser sword" (w00t)


    Finally, when talking to disciple:


    "If you say that someone has left you an opening one more time, I

    will personally make an opening... in your chest" :blink:

  3. I remember it being PLAGUIS, a derivative of PLAGUE. An epidemic disease.


    It is mentioned somewhere that he taught SIDEOUS (palpatine) who took his

    name from the word INSIDEOUS.


    I think it was partly due to their personal tactics, in many ways. Sideous

    taking over the republic from the inside. Plaguis probably forsaw that

    his apprentice would be the one who would take over the republic and bring

    about the destruction of the jedi - hence releasing a plague on humanity

    (bit of a stretch I know) :aiee:


    I think there is a section on the Darths at wookieepedia, where they explain

    why each character has their name, I think there is one for SION as well.


    I can't be bothered to check now, so I'll leave it to interested parties. :aiee:



  4. Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam....


    Whoops, you said stop spamming, never mind... :lol:


    I actually played JA recently, just for a change, got to vjun

    and got bored though... may finish it sometime... :aiee:


    Back on topic...


    Just thinking, but wouldn't guardian -> Watchman/Assassin work

    well, with good opening feats, force jump, and good close assault

    abilities, then adding in sneak attack, (with a good stunning saber

    and either paralysis or stasis field) could end up a uber damage

    beast in combat, plus have some nice natural skill levels (before

    items) and average force powers.... just a thought. :aiee:


    May try this on my next play-through... :p




    (edit - spelling mistake :'( )

  5. I skip... After first play through, the converations seem to drag.


    Although when I get the bug it's still annoying, as you can sometimes end

    up pressing the dialogue option that you really didn't want to press.


    I usually get the bug when talking to T3-M4 whilst on the Ebon Hawk. Not

    sure why. :devil:



  6. Agreed CSI, I do prefer a balanced approach. I have tried focused classes

    before, and it does work, I just prefer to be able to weaken my enemies with

    force powers then annihilate them with my dual uber-sabers, MWAHAHAHAHA.


    (although there really isn't any reason why you can't do that as a focused class)


    Really, as the game works, I would go Guardian -> Weaponmaster/Marauder if

    staying focused, as you can get so many force powers anyway, although you

    don't get force focus, which is useful.


    Really, you should decide based on your style of play, if stand back and blast

    then Consular -> Master/Lord, if close and personal, Guardian -> Weaponmaster/

    Marauder, if a balanced then Sentinel -> Watchman/Assassin or mix classes to

    reach your personal favourite combo of skills/feats/powers. :devil:


    My advice would be, don't take advice, decide for yourself, based on what you want,

    there are no wrong answers. You will tend to pick the classes that suit you as a

    person and also suit your gaming style, thus making the experience better. (w00t)



  7. I have tried all three many times. I tend to go against the sentinel as I

    find I can augment skills quite easily with items, which I equip when I am

    doing skill stuff, and then re-equip combat stuff afterwards. I also find that

    if you kill the enemies quick enough, they never get a chance to stun/fear/

    paralyse you, so the immunites are fairly redundant.


    Consular -> Weaponmaster/Marauder is a good combo giving the force focus

    feats, to improve your force abilities, then the uber combat abilities and saber

    styles of the Weaponmaster/Marauder.


    Likewise Guardian -> Master/Lord is a good combo, giving force jump, and plenty

    of initial feats, then loads of force abilities, using jump followed by lightning storm/

    force wave, is a nice combo, that can wipe out scores of opponents.


    My personal favourite is Consular -> Weaponmaster/Marauder.



  8. Other than the obvious DS points you gain for killing them (which you decide in

    conversation anyway) there is no obligation to kill them on their respective worlds.


    You can choose to kill them at the enclave on dantooine if you wish (for DS points).

    If you don't however, then kreia will kill them with what looks like death field/drain

    life. In other words, they die, whether you kill them or not. The only difference is

    who kills them and when they die.



  9. Disciple - if I ever have to hear "you have left me an opening" again I will

    go (even more) insane (than I already am, lol)


    I would have chosen G0-T0 however, as he is entirely useless, and just

    plain annoying. I would rather they had had a female twilek, or a kel-dor,

    or... (well anything other than that useless pile of scrap :thumbsup: )




    (Edit for spelling mistake :'( )

  10. My latest Revan:


    Name: Matris Darklighter

    Gender: Male

    Head: Long Haired Caucasian

    Class: Scout + Guardian

    Robes: Red Master Robes

    Saber: Heart of the Guardian Saberstaff w. Dragon Pearl

    and Solari Crystals

    Alignment: Mild Light Alignment


    I am still early on in the game so his character is yet to truly




  11. I think that KotOR III being a prequel wouldn't quite work


    I like the idea of joining a group though, ie as a light jedi the sith

    are hostiles, whilst as a dark jedi the good guys (republic etc) are

    the hostiles. This would mean that your intended alignment would

    actually affect the game hugely, rather than just the ending, a little.




    KotOR III better be coming out or I'll :) and lusacarts'll :'( . LOL

  12. 1st - HK-47

    2nd - R2-D2

    3rd - T3-M4

    7th - C-3PO

    8th - G0-T0


    The others I don't really care about, so won't bother ranking



    HK Rules... "Shall I kill him for you, master" :)

    C-3PO - just plain annoying, he never stopped spouting garbage,

    even after someone had shot him.

    G0-T0 - Don't get me started. :p:bat::bat:



  13. I usually go for str+con for a guardian, int+dex for sentinel

    and wis+cha for consular as the best stats.


    2nd best stats: wis+dex for guardian, str+con for sentinel

    and str+con for consular


    3rd best stats: dex+cha for guardian, wis+cha for sentinel

    and int+dex for consular.


    This seems appropriate to their roles. :brows:


    Upgrades always go on best stats, or con for better implants.


    But really you can go down any route you want, so long as you

    play the game accordingly.



  14. There are parts of the game where kreia is useful, although I

    agree she is a meatbag and I don't use her often.


    You kind of have to take her on the mission to the onderon

    palace, where you face rank upon rank of cannon fodder, having

    kreia on jedi support is very useful, and most of the enemies have

    blasters - hence the deflection being useful.


    I prefer Mira/Handmaiden/Hanharr + Atton/Bao-Dur/Mandalore,

    depending on the mission and my alignment. DS with Mandalore

    and Hanharr is just awesome! They are sooo vicious!


    A little off topic, cough:sorry:cough, god I hate that word... No

    true sith would ever use it given the choice... :brows:




    ps Disciple and G0-T0 :bat::bat::bat: (w00t)

  15. It comes down to personal preference, I like the

    variability aspect, as I'm ever optimistic, though with

    strength bonuses I would estimate that my lowest damage

    would be about 20-25, depends on my items.


    (although I have to say the lowest these sabers usually get

    is around the 40 mark, and they don't go that cough:low:cough

    very often) :joy:


    In way of contrast the saber I give to kreia is completely different

    Ossus Dueling Lens, Superior Deflection Emitter and Superior

    Telegorn Jolt Cell with Jenraux and Lorrdian crystals, for uber

    deflection, to keep her alive and casting force powers, to further

    boost my exiles killing abilities. :dancing:



  16. Lightsaber and Shortsaber combo. Both with pontite lenses, Superior Fencing

    Emitters and Ultimate Diatium Energy Cells. (10-40 dam and 10-38 dam resp.)


    Crystals: Lightsaber - Double Barab Ore (using upgrade exploit) and Kaiburr

    Shortsaber - Exile's Crystal and either Double Pontite or Double Hurrikaine.


    +4-24 fire dam, and either +2-20 cold dam or +2-16 unstoppable, +5 LS/DS, ow!


    The ultimate uber sabers... Mwahahahahaha :dancing:


    If being good and not exploiting the games flaws (like any good sith lord would)

    then simply remove the double from the crystals... :bat:


    +2-16 fire dam, and either +1-10 cold dam or +1-8 unstoppable, +5 LS/DS.


    Add Master Flurry, Master Force Speed, Paralyse and Sneak Attack, with plenty

    of strength enhancing goodies and what do you get... around 300+ damage,

    in one turn of combat, may your poor, hapless, enemies rest... in... peace...



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