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  1. I hope they avoid making addons just for "addons". I know we will get one (have allready payed for it). I really hope when it will arrive it have something to add for mainstory. Make it deeper, more meaninfull. Sure you can play "just" mainstory but it would be really nice to get even once something what give you more of secrets from mainstory, maybe even add up some side twist for it. Same for extra companions. I really did not like how they were in POE White March. Sure they did have side quests and so on.. ..but most what happen for them and what they had to say or give for player
  2. I would personally want to see in Pillars of Eternity 2: 1) Add on (yes, there will be atleast one, that is promised and allready payed for for some of us) with: Story what have something to do, something to add, for orginal story. Making storyline deeper and more meaningfull. After all let's say a decade after when people will buy this game they get ALL of it, including modules what are made bit later. 1.5) IF we get more companions during this add on I wish and hope they have something to say/give/do/interact during mainstory / game. Not only for new content.
  3. Not possible really. Thing is: If we look older RPG games and older computer RPG games like: Baldur's Gate or Fallout (1-2) they were really great but need relative deep learning curve. If we look now best selling "RPG games" like Diablo III, Fallout 4, Elder Scroll V: Skyrim we quite fast see that these games sell because they are really fast to learn, look good and are more of shoot em up / hack & slash and less for deep turn based RPG like Planescape Torment where most of your time went reading things and trying different stuff and "playing roleplay". If we thing Pillars of
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