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  1. Sorry if I'm expressing myself poorly, but English isn't my first language. I know it would be a form of turn-based combat, but what I'm talking about would require a systems, encounter and level design overhaul, as turning those options in the game in it's current form, does transform it into to much of a slog. It would require, at least the removal of the most pointless encounters, and wouldn't be something as simple as tweaking the options (although, in some areas, that helps). Anyway, I'm not detracting anything from the Baldur's Gate games, and I still enjoy them for what they do well
  2. 100% agree. Turn-based games tend to drag the fights way too much. I agree that it drags the fights more, but you can compensate that by having less "trashmobs" and tighter encounters, making each fight worth that "dragging". When dealing with RTWP, I always sensed it demanded a level of control of what was going on that is at odds with the diluted notion of "turn" it has. I recommend the episode of Three Moves Ahead that goes through this better than I could, also featuring Cameron Kunzelman: https://www.idlethumbs.net/3ma/episodes/to-infinity-engine-and-beyond-1
  3. Unfortunately, I only managed to skim the forum entries, so I'm not sure if anyone as already posted this, but there is a podcast called "Mages and Murderdads", where the hosts played through the Baldur's Gate series recently, and can be an interesting listen for some of you (I know it was for me). It is geared towards the discussion of the story and the gameplay mechanics an the way they complement or detract from the experience. Link will be below. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?playnext=1&list=PLVcfOocLDkUzbmK5SuMdQ5drxIX7BMteN&index=1 On a personal note, having played th
  4. I also had this same problem while running the beta branch on steam. Can only resolve the quest by killing Orron or making the mother choose who goes
  5. Oh... That sounds like it might be a problem. I wonder if it is intentional. That happens when the character is frenzied, I assume?
  6. What are your thoughts on the current effectiveness of a Berserker/Skald for a DPS character or a Unbroken/Chater as a tankier character? I've been loving the idea of doing a character like that but I haven't had the time to test these options out in the backer beta. With the impending release of the game, I wanted to make sure I don't make an horrible mistake and potentially ruin a playthrough.
  7. You realize they can drop more than one picture per day, right? Some of the codes came from magazines which had serveral pictures/codes in one issue. So there's plenty of time to drop all the remaining codes Yes, of course. I was referring to Daled's point of 32 codes in 4 months and 23 in 21 days (which isn't the way I personally look at the issue). Sorry for being unclear, I only just figured out how you quote people in the forum. You realize they can drop more than one picture per day, right? Some of the codes came from magazines which had serveral pictures/codes in on
  8. Yeah, it's all conjecture. If you go from a mathematical standpoint, there doesn't seem to be enough days, but it also makes sense they would bottleneck the codes close to the release date to generate hype and all that. I'm also confident that if we missed some codes in less obvious places, somebody in the team would have or will still give us a nudge in the right direction. Being part of a marketing campaign, it doesn't make much sense to frustrate the most obsessed fans of your game that would go through the work of finding the codes by making that task near impossible.
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