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  1. Reddit user guyincognito_17 just linked to a potential fix: https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/cf6fs8/i_solved_my_microstuttering_for_poe2/ I've yet to test it for more than a few minutes at a time, but it seems to have solved the issue almost completely for me.
  2. Hi @Adam Brennecke, are you still looking into the (micro-)stuttering? I have no other idea whether this is of any use to you, but I just wanted to point out that whenever I play Pathfinder: Kingmaker, I experience the same baffling drops, and at the same intervals, more or less: every 45-60 seconds. Tyranny, however, is unaffected. I'm on an i7-7700K/GTX 1070 8gb/SSD.
  3. Any suggestions, then? Keep in mind other games run just fine on my rig and I've acquired a new CPU since first installing Deadfire a year ago, with the same results.
  4. I've tried them all already and none of them worked for me. Every minute or so, the game stutters, regardless of area, no matter how high the frame rate (100+ in some cases).
  5. So you're essentially confirming that there will be no fix for the Nvidia-related issues.
  6. Patch 5.0 is out just in time for the game's 1 year anniversary and there's still no fix for this (I just tested it a few moments ago). You can't be serious, Obsidian.
  7. I'm on a GTX 1070 and the problem never went away. All other games (except for PoE1) run smoothly, including Tyranny.
  8. They're doing everything within their power to avoid addressing this issue aside from the occasional vaguely apologetic acknowledgment. It was understandable for the first few months but like you said, it's been a full year now, for Christ's sake.
  9. While we wait for a sign, does anyone know how to thoroughly delete Steam cloud saves?
  10. I'm more than a little ruffled that they haven't acknowledged this yet. After not delivering a fix for almost a full year.
  11. Are devs going to look into this? Seems like a promising lead, and a proper fix is long overdue.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. Am I right to assume that this issue doesn't occur via GOG?
  13. The 'Issues with Nvidia Graphics Cards' thread was pinned in June. Will December's 4.0 patch feature further graphical optimizations?
  14. Stuttering (on a GTX 1070) frankly killed my enjoyment of this game, which I gladly backed. I was really looking forward to the DLCs, only to realise that the issue has yet to be fixed. I'm not about to purchase a new, potentially crummier GPU to replace a perfectly functional one, at least if we go by every other game in my library. Something needs to be done, and fast.
  15. Here are the files (sorry it took me so long). DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  16. I have an i5-7500 with a GTX 1070 and a G-Sync compatible monitor. All other games run smoothly, and so would Deadfire (I tend to get 60+ FPS in most areas) if it weren't for the sudden, intermittent drops every minute or so. Even drops from 90 to 65 are noticeably irritating. I tried changing the resolution, lowering the settings, fiddling around in the Nvidia panel, nothing works. Help?
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