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  1. Those are some interesting ideas. Some mysterious philanthropist needs to just drop a check off at Obsidian with a note that it's for Pathfinder Adventures multiplayer development. Especially cross-platform.
  2. I second the suggestion. The ability to communicate this would be incredibly helpful. Doc Mage is playing Kyra and is caught unprepared to deal with a Goblin Henchman. Thankfully, several cards in multiple characters' hands are highlighted. After a couple selections, "Doc Mage requests that Harsk play Blessing of the Gods" appears on King_Momo's screen, and "Doc Mage requests that Lem use Bardic Performance" appears on MHCD's screen. A couple more selections are made, and Doc Mage sees a "Kyra plays Blessing of the Gods" notification, with the accompanying additional die appearing
  3. That's not a bad idea. I might be less inclined to do it with Scholar Ezren, as there's already the possibility of taking one card feat in weapon competing with the much stronger preference for spells and items, and if I'm using Scholar Ezren, I'm already trying to minimize roadblocks in his amazing deck cycling and exploration abilities. But for a late-game feat on a well-rounded generalist/survivalist style regular Ezren, that's probably something worth trying - it makes him even more independent and versatile, and potentially doesn't hamper your other card selection anyway, since you m
  4. Not trying to spam here, just sincerely interested. Are there any devs or fans who can answer this? @MHCD, pretty sure it was Hannah Kennedy that did the alts. This dev blog post implies as much, and she's also been responsible for a bunch of the card art. Thank you very much! I had even read that blog post, and I must have missed Hannah's name. All that searching through credits and looking up artists to find the style that matched, and it was right there the whole time ha.
  5. Not trying to spam here, just sincerely interested. Are there any devs or fans who can answer this?
  6. Thing is, with Lem you often don't want to recharge a spell. You want it in your discard pile so it would be available when needed. Sure, Lem can get through his deck rather fast but that still doesn't guarantee you'll get it when most needed. That is especially true in 6-5 where his ability to cast Mass Cure (or even Major Cure) every turn will make a huge difference. But that doesn't work if you do it with every spell - otherwise, you would have no spells with which to feed the swap. Don't get me wrong - I love versatile performance, but you have to find a balance between recharging
  7. The reason why Merisiel is god tier is because of her Evasion. IMO, the only two god characters are Seelah and Merisiel. They are the only two with abilities that are just consistently strong or have a high ceiling for situational investment. I have to disagree; I think evasion is not that strong. Your biggest plus is, if she finds the villain early. First off, there is a low chance (Assuming a 4 person party it’s 1/6 that she’s in the location that has the villain). Then she isn’t guaranteed to find it early in the location (It could be at the bottom of the deck). Then (if
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