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  1. Not exactly a typo but the voice actor for Marofeto Liano mispronounces abstention badly here: https://my.mixtape.moe/ccydrg.mp4 compare with https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/abstention
  2. I'd rule out the power supply being a problem since you've been able to stress test other games and benchmarks without crashing or random reboots. Was the previous GPU you were using an Nvidia one by any chance? I think there is something going on with the current builds of PoE2 and AMD GPUs. Case in point: this player swapped out an R9 390 for a 1050 Ti and the crashes went away. For me personally, I can only get about 15 minutes of playtime before the game crashes on my R9 380 with the latest (18.6.1) Radeon drivers. Earlier builds (along with drivers) were crash prone but not nearly s
  3. I never got all the Durance hate in PoE1. He always had the best banter in conversations (e.g. "Perhaps she misinterpreted what you meant by 'Frost-Hewn Breach.'") and the best reaction on hitting a crit in combat ("heh heh heh...").
  4. their should be there in this dialogue with Fleet Master Wakoyo
  5. The Nemnok side quest and its final battle is without a doubt my favorite in the game. It was a good challenge not only in terms of positioning but also because of the added difficulty of keeping Kaali alive while he was still hostile and attacking your party. No AoE attacks and spells was a big handicap. I know the easy option is to surrender to Nemnok and agree to his quest to retrieve the grimoires. Kaali then leaves on his own and you're free to go back on your word and start the battle immediately afterwards. However it's just so much more satisfying to have Kaali witness the fall of his
  6. I don't know if these will ever be patched, but I did notice a few dialogue errors in my latest playthrough: Lumdala omits the word "from" in her dialogue about saving the people of Defiance Bay Delem's dialogue should use its instead of it's One of the possible responses to Nesta should be "foster goodwill and cooperation" instead of cooperate
  7. Combing through the abydon_finale .stringtable and .conversation files, that line regarding the death of the Duc is part of the Aloth-related conversation tree. It does not show if Aloth's autonomy value is greater than his authority value. I'm stuck at the same exact place as you with the other two categories won. It's immensely frustrating. Please Obsidian, for the love of orbs, give us another option or two to win this
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