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  1. I didn't hear her being called kae either, now I am even more confused.
  2. I think it was just because I didn't talk to Kreia enough.
  3. yeah i put the url up i dont know if anyone looked at it but it explained it nicely and i think shes kae <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, it explained it quite well. I am glad I know now, because that whole issue was getting on my nerves.
  4. Is there a specific place or is it a rare find? Has anyone gotten Malek's robe? I want to know if it look's cool. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It's in a specific place, I just forgot where.
  5. I finally looked up the whole Traya thing on wookieepedia.com now I understand.
  6. You know, you can get Jolee's robe in KOTOR2.
  7. Thanks you just ruined it for me, now i know the Handmaidens name.
  8. I was a level 15 consular and I have been to 2 plants 1 moon and Kreia turned me into a Jedi Master. I remember last time I played I was level 25-30 before I was a Jedi Master. Is this normal having a low Jedi consular level and turning into a Jedi Master? Is this a good thing?
  9. I think Duxn is the prettiest moon. How come the Mandalorians are so nice on Duxn?
  10. Now let us see if Malachor will accept your body, Old Woman...
  11. I love that segment. Great stuff, and by the way, your game arrived yesterday Jesse. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Cool.
  12. *Talking about Visas* Kreia- And do not mate with her. Whatever you may feel, whatever urges consume you, do not let them control you, such union would breed....difficulties. Exile- Just because I saved her doesn't mean I was going to charge up her loading ramp.
  13. And yet this whole Traya thing comes back into play. I beat the game and never remember a part where Atris or Kreia was Traya, I don't understand.
  14. I think a ice world would be great. You only have a little bit of it on Telos.
  15. How far in the game do you get all the parts to have him with you?
  16. Its a better idea to boost up his wisdom a bit.
  17. I am already past a bunch of stuff in my game so I can't keep track now.
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