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  1. And there is the nice person I asked for, thank you, now I'm even more hyped!
  2. Please some nice person from Obsidian, give us a little answer, will we see PayPal in the next days? or
  3. Do they have to pay Fig a small fortune for every word they type in an update?? Otherwise I really don't understand why not say something like "PayPal will be available at..." or "Yes, we are still working on PayPal" at least. Makes me sad as I want to help reach those new awesome stretch goals The day is still young over there but they could have mentioned this topic in the update if they still plan to release PayPal today.
  4. Regarding the fact that Wednesday was the estimated time for PayPal to become available and that the big update is coming tomorrow, I expect them to release the PayPal option or to mention it in the update at the very least. I really would like to express this nearly-end-of-the-campaign-hype with throwing some digital money at Obsidian
  5. There was an answer regarding the backer portal, not sure if this also means we have to wait this long for PayPal. Maybe they do that separately
  6. That would be an option if there wouldn't be those sweet rewards and add-ons
  7. The update was awesome xD But still nothing on PayPal as far as I see :/
  8. I have a little question regarding the additional physical box add-on: Does it really include the game or is it just the box itself? Reading the description it sounds like the game is included but I'm a bit suspicious of the prize which is actually the same as the digital copy. Seems pretty cheap to me. If it includes the game you could just take the 5$ pledge and this one instead of choosing the physical box reward (if you're not interested in the digital goodies of course) ^^
  9. I would like to be able to set my own markers on the map with a small description. This wouldn't be hard to implement and would feel more realistic. For example if you find a strong enemy somewhere or an interesting place you want to visit again at a later time
  10. I think that might be part of the AI Customization Stretch Goal, they've hit some time ago and I think this feature will be very helpful I have another very easy to implement idea (I'm pretty sure because even I could do this in Unity ^^) : Allow us to write books. Similar to the notes you could make in PoE1 I think it would be very cool for Roleplaying to be able to write a book (like in Minecraft) and place it where I want as an item in my inventory. For example you could write a "Watcher's guide to the fauna of the Deadfire Islands" and place it in your home or something like that.
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