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  1. I think the more vague descriptions in the game ("low endurance") make the game more immersive and 'real'. I want my character to be described in words, not just set of equations. That's a big part of the role-playing experience. Of course there could always be tab on the pause menu that gives more detailed descriptions, but I hate when the actual game is bogged down with the nitty-gritty math stuff (this coming from someone with a degree in mathematics.) I think of my wizard's intellect in terms of her mental abilities and intellectual prowess, not as a multiplier that increases her area-of-effect.
  2. It could be relay fun to use NPC's drinking to cause an impromptu scavengers hunt to try to find the Blacksmith who got blasted and wandered off his group. I'm not a huge fan of 'impromptu' quests, but if NPCs were to have somewhat random behaviors, it might be interesting to see the set-up to a hand-built quest being triggered at a random time by that type of thing.
  3. It would be nice if they could have an Oblivion-like level of detail when it came to NPC schedules, but I think that's something that would be a lot less noticeable in a game like this, especially for generic NPCs. It would be cool if there were a few NPCs that exhibited strange behavior if you paid enough attention to them, such as late-night benders. I do really like the idea of drinking buddies, or more relationships between NPCs in general, even if only for named characters.
  4. The maps in PoE aren't like the endless sea of unlabeled rectangles you get in Daggerfall, where it made a lot of sense to be able to label the map. Not that I'm against the idea, it would obviously be optional. I'm just curious of what you would do with such a feature in PoE
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