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  1. Hey guys, Would anyone else like the ability to make discovered traps incorporate into the path finding, so that your characters can't accidentally set off traps they've already been discovered? (Or make this a setting we could turn on at least?) This seems like it shouldn't be too hard to implement, and it would be quite helpful imo.
  2. I believe that, even if you import a character, you can pick a new level 1 class, so you won't be limiting your multiclassing options. That said, I understand the enjoyment of creating new characters Seriously, it's like a major hobby for me. Someone could almost come out with a game of just, creating characters, and I'd play that lol.
  3. I'll be creating a new character, so as to maximize & experiment with multiclassing, etc. Plus I just love to create new characters. I have like 10 mains on POE right now.
  4. Interesting... I had been wondering why my Paladin had been seeming to not hit that hard. Appears it may be the Larder Door that's the main culprit.
  5. Seems like the answer to this is at least partially dependent on how "interruptible" you are. If your Concentration is low / average, you may experience some very long waits between swings with a two-hander in some battles.
  6. "Tanky" just means you can stand there and take the hits, whether it means you are literally taking hits and have a relatively high Endurance to absorb them (bumped by CON), or it means you are avoiding hits because of high Deflection (bumped up by high RES, armor, and other factors). Of course, class abilities like the Fighter's slow regen play a factor in this as well. The OP's original proposed stats definitely tend towards being "tanky" because they emphasize both high Endurance and high Deflection. The tradeoff of course is that there offense will be more limited, and their auras and heals will be somewhat weak.
  7. Personally I would reverse the stats for MIGHT and CON, and INT and RES, so mine would look more like the following: Might: 16 Con: 13 Dex: 10 Per: 12 Int: 17 Res: 10 You get more bang for your buck that way, as MIGHT affects power of attacks and strength of your Lay on Hands, and INT affects the range of your auras and heals. Also, RES doesn't really need points if you are already bumping CON, so I diverted those points into more INT and some extra PER for higher Accuracy and Interruption. I think you'd find this build more punchy, while still being very survivable.
  8. I agree with your assessment but it would be nice if this behavior could be configurable.
  9. Baldurs Gate 2. Fallout New Vegas. Pillars of Eternity. Honorable Mentions: Skyrim. Fallout 3. Baldur's Gate 1. Dragon Age: Origins. Marvel Ultimate Alliance I & II. X-men Legends. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance.
  10. My only suggestion is that you will definitely get more utility and coverage out of your auras and spot heals with a higher Intelligence (which increases the range of those).
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