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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing some obvious management altar or something in the Beyond
  2. There are a few different part of the dlc that recommend different members and I’d like to use those different members. You don’t have enough slots for all of them at once. Means a very long walk back to town between each part of the dlc. Not a great experience
  3. Am I missing something or do I really have to hoof it all the way back to Harbringer’s Watch from the Beyond to switch party members in Beasts? It’s wildly inconvenient
  4. Wanted to mention sneak mode feels better now. Those visual range circles make thievery much more palatable than in PoE1, and stealth attacks/play much more manageable as well.
  5. Random things I noticed on my first/second times playing the game. Dialogue slider bars often don't work or take a number of clicks to get to work. The icons for offscreen characters don't match the characters offscreen, they all use one mercenary character's icon. Food quantity in inventory should probs decline as you hand it out to party members. All formation icons are the same, regardless of the name of formation. There don't seem to be any inventory sorting options. Healing spells should be available out of combat for priests. characters hair/clothes becomes white when looking at level up screen (player character and mercenaries) and stayed white in inventory screens after would be cool to have an auto-level option for companions (at least mercenaries) to choose skills/abilities for you there doesn't seem to be target information on spells anymore (IE: enemy, enemy AOE, all AOE etc.) for some spells (IE: Maura's Writhering Tentacles) Character doll size in inventory screen changes size when equipping weapons It's weird that you can't look at your inventory while on the overworked map Disappointed you can't copy spells from/to grimoires anymore Are there random encounters on the world map? I haven't run into any but I really feel there should be I can never actually exit the game properly, it always freezes/crashes.
  6. I'm not crazy though, right? That was a thing in PoE 1?
  7. Maybe i'm forgetting how to play PoE but how do i copy spells from the spore grimoire to my mercenary wizard's spell book? I feel like it was pretty intuitive in PoE and now i'm at a loss.
  8. It would be nice if talents were maybe even just open to characters who chose a single class.
  9. I thought I was going to roll another godlike but holy crap, those orlans look AMAZING now.
  10. Same as the rest. Activated: game doesn't appear in library.
  11. Is the backer beta PC only? NM. Found the answer in a diff thread. I'll have to beta on my smaller cintiq companion screen instead of my iMac.
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