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  1. Did you already do Crookspur before you started the Huana Quest?
  2. We need waaaaaaaaaay better fast travel capabilities. It's getting really annoying if you have to leave the second level of a building. You go to the top level --> loading screen, You go outside --> loading screen --> you leave the part of the city and travel somewhere else --> loading screen. I'd really appreciate it if we could just travel to anywhere in the city from inside buildings so we don't have to go through all of that. It would also be nice if the Vallian Trading Company would get their own fast travel point. It just get's really, really inconvenient during quests where you have to traverse half the city. I think it would also be advisable to lock certain parts of the map or certain parts of the city until you get the quests to go there as it seems to wreak absolute havoc with the internal game logic when you simply move along however you want. I personally am a gamer who collects a ton of quests, basically any I can get my hands on, and then does the sidequests first until they are all gone before I push on with the main quest. Now normally that works great, it doesn't in Pillars because you stumble into locations you shouldn't be which messes up quest flags, you also get incoherent mumbo jumbo half the time because the game assumes you did this quest first and that quest later and so on and so forth. So as bad as that sounds I think the game needs a harder structure that forces you to do things in a certain order and some quests should be not available until you have done others. The late game content, if you can call it that, is also fairly weak since basically there is none. If you are like me and gorge on sidequests first because you want to make sure you have seen and done whatever you can before pushing the main quest on, then you have nothing left in the end. Basically we are talking about 3 main quests here. Get to the Engwithan Dig Site and do something, get to Hasongo and do something and then get to Eothas and do something. Yes there are little pieces in between here and there but basically it feels all very rushed. The faction quests do feel rushed too. I was expecting fairly long sidequests, yet the Principi one is basically two quests which involve a lot of slaughtering and then you are done. The The VTC sidequests is two quests as well as is the RDS. Yeah you have like 20 bounty hunter quests and you do have the local quests but man... that felt underwhelming. I enjoyed the characters in those factions and would have enjoyed having more of a chance to side with one of the two main players in each faction and maybe push them in certain directions. The Huana royalty I found thoroughly unimpressive, I would have much prefered to interact more with smaller Huana tribes because those quests seemed to be written much tighter and better. I did enjoy the better combat A.I. I enjoyed Xoti and Serafen as new companions and I personally could have done without Aloth tbh. I don't know why he was even there... his sort of half story about the Leaden Key was just severely underwhelming. I personally would have prefered to have Kana Rua back, which would have made much more sense. I didn't need Pallegina there, but okay, makes sense. Maia is totally forgettable and might have been replaced with Maneha, who I enjoyed a lot. I personally felt fairly let down with the companion quests. None of them really made a lot of sense to be honest and they were over so quickly and without any emotional impact (besides Serafen and Xoti) that they might as well have left them out. So yeah... I'm not sure how I feel about this. It somehow feels half finished tbh. It's good but... I don't know. It's a weird game. In a lot of ways it's more enjoyable than the first one simply because it's easier to handle, it's more polished looking, it has a story with deeper meaning, at least to me, and it does a lot of things right in the representation of it's conflicts but it's also somehow lacking. The quests in PoE where just more thick and nourishing. PoE felt like Stew, filled you up but sometimes so much so that you couldn't touch it for a couple of days and weeks, whereas this feels more like Soup. It tastes great and you always go back for another plate but it somehow never gives you the feeling that you are full and need to stop eating.
  3. Well you guys have several issues not mentioned at all in here. I already posted this bug in the thread it was for but since this bug has been known for more than a week and it isn't mentioned and it hasn't been solved or adressed at all I'm doing so here again: The quest "A Fruitful Alliance" is broken. If you dare to do Crookspur (by which I mean more than releasing the slaves) before meeting the Wahaki tribe or if you dare do it before the Queen is supposed to send you to this tribe during the "A Fruitful Alliance" quest it totally bugs out. How exactly you expect a player to not do it or do it in a correct order is beyond me. The Crookspur quest for the pirates is basically their second quest, which means you will complete it fairly early and either slaughter the leader of the Wahaki or help her. So I don't exactly know what prevents "A Fruitful Alliance" from firing. However for a lot of people it doesn't or, if it does, it doesn't update properly or the proper conversation options aren't displayed and so forth and so on. In my case the quest doesn't even show up in the questlog and there are no conversation options with the Queen or the Wahaki tribe leader after the trial for blowing up the Powder house. I'm attaching two saves via Dropbox for you guys to check out and I hope this get's fixed as do the many annoying little questbugs that Slotharingia mentioned (like finding the Ashen Maw, entering it, figuring out that it isn't just a throwaway dungeon before doing anything, leaving and then not actually getting to have a conversation with Eothas in the lighthouse yet still having the conversation options as if you did with your companions and the gods and having to guess what he said etc.) https://www.dropbox.com/s/kxb7ztjjtpyf4mt/Chrystov%20%282b4abc3e-97d4-4d3e-9263-276b99c7273e%29%20autosave_2.savegame?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/3jpaj7wosla5qer/Chrystov%20%28KahangaPalace%29%20%282b4abc3e-97d4-4d3e-9263-276b99c7273e%29%20%28785952207%29.savegame?dl=0 And before anybody asks: yes I did a bit of cheating to check out certain options in dialogue trees and so forth. Don't kill me for it.
  4. This might be true in your case but you can not claim that it is so universally because it isn't. I dealt with Crookspur very early in the game and met the tribe and presented the head to them and also solved Aloth's quest since there was no indication whatsoever, that this would lead to some other quest bugging out. Now I can not get this quest at all. Once I finished the trial and manage to execute the queens plan the questlog does not update and does not give me "A Fruitful Alliance". If I speak to the queen on the rooftop after the trial she only tells me that we need the Wahaki and again: No quest appears. If I speak to the Wahaki, again nothing happens. However I can still fail this quest even though it never shows up. So there is that. I uploaded two save files. One is the autosave when the trial is just about to start and another is the save right after the trial: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kxb7ztjjtpyf4mt/Chrystov%20%282b4abc3e-97d4-4d3e-9263-276b99c7273e%29%20autosave_2.savegame?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/3jpaj7wosla5qer/Chrystov%20%28KahangaPalace%29%20%282b4abc3e-97d4-4d3e-9263-276b99c7273e%29%20%28785952207%29.savegame?dl=0
  5. Thank you. Do boni stack? Or am I making a mistake in trying to push Eders might and constitution with every available item? Because that would mean I need to reequip my group to not waste any boni. Atm I'm trying to get my more squishy party companions equipped with as much deflection as possible but there would be no point beyond one item if those boni do not stack.
  6. Well the question is broad because there are a bunch of characters. Basically I liked the idea promoted in those videos of having 2 seperate parties that work well with each other instead of completely mixing everything together. So the idea to use the builds is good but in a way it's not since I have no idea if those setups would actually work with each other and most of them require a fair amount of micromanagement to get the best out of your characters and I personally like my party to work well together regardless if I micro manage them or not. For the most part that has worked well with the character builds presented in the youtube guide, you have one group who basically takes out the strongest enemy in one big punch and then mops up the rest or another party who grinds them to dust by basically overtanking them. However I have absolutely no clue how to equip them after a certain point. Do I give Pallegina a heavy armour or not if I use her with a gun while using her mainly to up the attack speed of my ranged fighters? How should I equip Kana if I use him with bows and more as a summoner? What kind of gear would be beneficial for Sagani? Should I deck out Eder in Might and Con improving equipement and heavy plate if I use him as my hard tank? What about Durance if I use him as a secondary tank? Does it matter which skills I give them each? So if you say there are some useful builds which also explain a bit of detail regarding the equipement you should use I would seriously be thankful if you could point me in the direction. I wasn't expecting anybody to post a dozen builds here but saying: hey look if you use those builds for those companions they will work well together and they also explain you how to equip those guys. The reason I haven't used builds is that most of the attributed for the companions suck badly so I was afraid that would in some ways negate those builds completely.
  7. Hello there, I've been a ghost here for quite some time and now decided I need to post since I need some help with setting up my party properly. I'm playing a wizard according to this build: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/84911-class-build-wizard-%E2%80%93-vecna%E2%80%99s-legacy-the-casual%E2%80%99s-guide-to-soloing-normal-difficulty-major-spoilers-301-approved/ Which is a lot of fun so far. I have also found 2 companion videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVtz0MZ8SdQ&t=1146s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2n952lELi1s Which aren't too bad though I was wondering whether anybody could improve upon them. If the concensus is that the builds are good (I'm playing on normal with a full party) then I would ask you if you could give me some advise on how to outfit/equip each of those companions or what to look for in terms of equipement (pistol, arquebus, rapier etc.) since the video doesn't really provide a lot of info on that and I would like to set my party up as well as I can. I know there have been a couple of those threads but most are old as dirt. Before an argument ensues: yes I want to play with the story companions, no I don't have any preferences other then that the group set ups work well together (you can advise me on those as well if you like). I'm grateful for any feedback you guys can give me. My experience with the Unity Engine is fairly limited tbh so I really need some sound advise.
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