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  1. Playing in the computer screen is much better, be able to read the text without problems and apreciate the art in the cards is worth it and less miss clicks cant wait to play with my buddies via multiplayer !
  2. I see, thank you for the information, looks like i wont see the cards i bought for a long time...
  3. Great Questions Dunesparrow, Will the PC version able to cross save with the mobile versions? it will be nice if we can play with the same party in both plataforns Is the soundtrack is available for purchase? My friend got stuck in the tutorial, he got frustrated about the game and unstalled it, the tutorial is very confusing, now i lost a gaming buddy =( Can it be more easier to understand? i hate losing gaming friends, the game itself is fun, but hard to undestand the rules.
  4. Thanks for the video, it helped explain to my friends about the game mechanics, but i cant customize my deck like you do in the video.
  5. Hello, I bought this bundle, but i cannot put the cards in my deck, this bundle is just to unlock the cards in the vault or i can use in my adventures?
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