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  1. I've seen the same issue- and not just with the rune of shielding. also happens with the rune of wealth. seems the the only ones i have seen work consistently is the rune of savagery and rune of pilfering. i have seen the rune of shielding work not at all or occasionally or every time. doesn't seem to matter if you use the 1 hr, 4 hr or 12 hour versions- just seems to work intermittently...
  2. a day or two before the PC version came out, i used a bunch of gold that i had saved up, and some cash (to be able to get the Ambassador program stuff) to purchase about 50 chests and all of the cards from the enhancement section of the store. after i merged my PC and Phone accounts, it seems as if i have lost a bunch of things- my rooster , a bunch of sets of dice- seems as if all i have now are the legendary ones- missing all the basic, marbled, luminous and epic dice sets i had. i purchased one copy of all of the cards from the enhancements section- yet they don't seem to s
  3. nope didnt help and i lost everything that i had done up to that point as well. leveling, completed scenarios, gear, everything. had to start over...
  4. i have the same issue. next problem is that i cannot even forfeit the game to try and reset the scenario. if i log out of the game and log back in, i press continue, once it reloads where i left off, it goes back to asking continue or heal. pressing either locks the game up and cannot do anything. pressing any of the icons does nothing.
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