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  1. My first game we started playing about 1980 or so, first module was Keep on the Borderlands. I remember DM'ing it, and being so overwelmed with the coolness of D&D as a kid i would spend time just making up maps and such of the actual Keep, buildings, rooms, encounters, and get really into it lol. Just the artwork on the cover of the module sucked me into the D&D world instantly. Trying to remember modules i really liked. Earthshaker of course, a huge super giant robot construct? Yes please. The Drow and Giant module series of course, awesome. My favorite one was the Castle Amber,
  2. yea everyone throwing out southpark modules to play lol i'd like it. Wallmart! The new Southpark adventure creator, now with lube.
  3. and your wish is granted! A year later the sequel is revealed and will be coon awesome.
  4. well mine looks like that, but not so neat and tidy. All mine are just tossed into the old footlocker along with old cds and cases, computer parts from 20 years ago and what ever else i toss in there that i wont' see again for another 10 years.
  5. Just wondering if anyone has ran into or heard of this bug before. A couple playthrou's im doing i've noticed that sometimes my weapons gain the druids flame sword spell on them permanently after casting. I usually use it on my main warrior and other blade using characters, and i've seen a couple weapons take on the 1-8 fire bonus damage property and stay on. I've read about problems in the past with like haste/holy bonus's and such long ago but nothing on this bug. No mods or anything of course, have 2 weapons with the bonus 1-8 on them permanent. Now of course an extra bonus never hurts
  6. I like NWN2 more just due to the party system, even though the companions are pretty bad AI and you can't really develop the OC ones how you really want due to them having prebased stats/feats, etc. I wanted my good old friend Khelgar to be a warhammer weapon master but due to his average 10 intelligence, he was lacking the ability to do that. For some reason I didn't even think to check his stats to see if he could actually do it, i just started picking feats to get him there and stop-gapped at feats i couldn't get due to not having 13 intelligence. Of course i can use console to do all
  7. well i'm new and came over because the old boards shut down last week, so hopefully others will come over. Doing a simple google search for NWN2 forums this one comes up now so hopefully those looking to migrate somewhere might jump in.
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