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  1. A big part of the strategy is also to do a lot of scouting to arrange cards in specific orders. Having the quill that lets you scout 5 and rearrange as well augury/scry is very important. The key is to make sure you find the villain and stick him on the bottom of the deck as you do not want to fight him more than once. I did this with a 2 person party, someone that can fight and another person that has support/scout/healing etc is ideal. With your party, I would either try Valeros fighting and Lem/Kyra for support or Seelah and Seoni. The smaller the party you can get away with, the less
  2. Nope, I had increased difficulty to acquire boons, lose 1 turn if you fail to acquire a boon and -5 turns.
  3. That is what I thought prior to really using her more and realizing that she actually can explore even better than most because she can freely discard a bunch of allies/blessings to explore each turn and then just sacrifice the free move to heal them all back consistently. I think most every character has strengths and weaknesses and takes playing them correctly.
  4. I would argue that is not strictly true. It seems so in theory but the key is in the 5 blessings that Seoni can carry. Assuming that both of them will have to carry attack spells so that they themselves can survive their own encounters, say that Seoni takes 3 attack spells in her 3 spell slots and Ezren takes 3 of 8 of his spells as attack spells, freeing up 5 spells for support, I posit that in most circumstances, 5 blessings are better than 5 support spells in that blessings are a lot more flexible and can be used for pretty much any check compared to most support spells which are usually ve
  5. It also makes a ring of protection better than any armor, in fact, you can reveal it more then twice, you can reveal it 14 times to take away 14 damage if you want... but once you know about it, its so hard not to use it even though it's completely overpowered and unbalanced...
  6. Having played some on my phone I think I agree with some of the posters above. I would really like an option to be able to play with the tablet UI vs the new phone UI on my phone. I can see how some people may have issues with the tablet UI on phones if they have a smaller/older/lower res phone or their eye sight may be more limited whereas other people with newer/phablet phones or just lucky with their eye sight would rather have more of the information available without additional clicks. I especially miss the summary of what cards are left in the location deck information
  7. I've had the exact same bug. I think it was a different henchment and the trigger was retribution (roll 1d6 when you defeat a monster, on 1, take 1 damage). Damage went on a loop until out of cards, continue caused game to crash. only way out was to forfeit.
  8. Does anyone have any idea if a character that this happened to is permanently screwed or would a fix retroactively return the skill? Unfortunately, I accidentally did this to one of my most high level characters and I would really prefer not to have to relevel my Seelah.
  9. So just prior to the patch I was mainly playing story mode. Yesterday, I decided to play a little quest mode again. I continued and finished (won) a quest adventure I was in the middle, resolved my decks etc and then shut the game down. Later on, I started the game again, went into quest mode manage party to switch up the party for the next adventure and noticed that half my experienced characters were missing. What it appears is that the six characters that were in the quest that I completed (Valeros, Sajan, Seelah, Harsk, Lini and Seoni) + Amri ( for whatever reason) are the only exp
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