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  1. That cannon had been available for a long time. I know because I couldn't play for half a year (due to switching OS, but they fixed it for me and now I play daily again!) And I got multiples of that card before my break. Still, chance is high that they are working on S&S, there have been multiple subtle hints (for example I think the alternate version of Sajan has craft and the developers made a comment about that.. and craft is also for repairing ships in S&S
  2. You could send a support ticket and we can now merge your accounts. We just need your PFID# from each device. Oh, and to heck with the Facebook multiplatform requirement. When the PC comes out you can use your Steam ID and we will allow folks that aren't using Steam to use an email addy. -F You make me sooo happy with this answer! I'll look into it right away when I get home
  3. Hello Guys, I was wondering if there was progress on this front Last October I bought a new device (Nvidia Shield Tablet) and haven't played Pathfinder since (because I had opened over 100 treasure chests on iOS, with over 100 still to open, and having bought everything up until deck 4). So I am really itching to start playing, but I can't get myself to play on my Android device, knowing I am throwing away hundreds of treasure chests... You guys are still working on this right? Is it close® on the horizon? Thanks in advance for any insight on this matter...
  4. Thanks for the update! One thing that wasn't mentioned though: multi-platform logins (iOS/Android). Can we expect that this year maybe? (waiting for it for over 2 months after I bought a new tablet . I haven't even played or seen AD4&5 yet since I can't bear to start over and lose my progress that I had on iOS)
  5. Thanks for the fast reply and very informative post! I completely understand your reasoning for not mentioning an exact date, but I am very happy to hear you are working on it. Have a nice weekend!
  6. Hi there! I haven't been able to play the game for a few months now unfortunately, because I own an iPad mini 1 (and 2 or 3 patches back the game went from 'crashy' to 'crash before every loading screen and thus unplayable'). Because Apple in their infinite wisdom decided to discontinue the iPad mini 4 16GB which was my intended buy if it just dropped a few more euro's (they didn't, it went unavailable and the new 32GB version is even more expensive..), I am also not looking to buy a new iPad, but thinking of getting a K1 Nvidia Tablets. Now here is my dilemma; I have 150 chests still
  7. I think the change is fine. Yeah the free gold is worth a bit less. On the other hand, you don't have to accumulate to 20,000 to get the most out of your gold. Because that was what I was doing, and probably a lot more people: free stuff means people feel they miss out unless you go for the max discount (20k gold), but the grind is super long, so that might make people lose interest. Even more; if you get a lot of duplicates, you are spending a long time after that purchase to clean it all up, then you probably have a long grind ahead again. In short: the old system with discount created (
  8. Awesome news! Also interested in when the patch will be out. With regards to Bounty of Norgorber: Isn't the normal Blessing of Norg a deck 2 card? (not 100% sure, can't check right now). This one is a deck 1 card. And the normal Blessing of Norg is better than all the bounties (not just Bounty of Norg, but also the other Bounties), and the bounties are consistent. So in terms of gameplay (if Blessing of Norgorber indeed is deck 2), then this bounty is balanced and consistent. Perhaps the name Norgorber should not be used if people associate it with '2 dice for any boon', but if it wa
  9. I am considering upgrading my iPad mini (1st generation), since I get so many lockups. The options would be an iPad mini 2 (also known as the first generationn iPad mini Retina) or iPad mini 4. Now the price difference is still pretty substantial here (currently €140), although perhaps the iPad mini 4 goes down in price if Apple announces a new version (probably around September, but that is a bit off). Both will get an update to iOS 10, but the mini 2 will probably be a bit slow then. What information would be interesting for me: - for everyone with an iPad mini 2; how many crashes
  10. Hey all, So I've been looking around in topics, but there is not 1 overview what is saved in the Cloud and what will/won't work with a fresh install. Ideally I want to be able to make the below table as complete and informative as possible (suggestions welcome!) Also, if anything below is NOT true (if I misinterpreted or misread from other topics), please let me know!! iOS CLOUD SAVES: (logged in Game Center account! In case characters, progress etc is missing, please check which account is logged in) STORY * Story progress -> saved * Character progress (levels) -> saved
  11. A similar issue is with Locksmith's Armor: It is a light armor, but the 'bury to reduce all damage to 0' has a banish, or bury if proficient with HEAVY armor clause. Not sure if this is intentional, or if this should also be '... or bury if proficient with LIGHT armor'
  12. EDIT: The subject was incorrect, it is not a Quest party I lost, but a STORY party (sorry for the confusion). My Quest parties are still ok, but I like playing STORY mode more, and now have no party to use in that mode (both cannot continue, and I am unable to make new parties for this mode due to iPad mini RAM). I changed the subject to be complete again ==== I was already unable to progress with my 3 person party, due to me playing on an iPad mini (and it cannot load the Here Comes the Flood scenario, most likely due to limited RAM, see my post halfway in this topic in http://forums
  13. Is there a website to see what all Treasure cards are? I am very curious about some of the cards I don't have, which others might have gotten through treasures. Couldn't find a website where they list all the currently known cards. And conversely, I see people mention getting not a lot of Legendaries, but I have received quite a few from the 120 chests I opened. From the top of my head: 2 Scarni Thief 1 Magic Flask 1 Slayer War Razor 1 Brooch of Shielding 1 That artifact that searches the top 5 cards for monsters (bla bla of inescapeable thingy) Possibly a few more.
  14. I have the exact same issue, but I think the answer is simple. I hope a developer reads this and might confirm this: The crash happens when loading the scenario, and can happen at 2 places: 1. After assigning characters to locations and pressing 'forward' the screen goes to the map of the area where the locations are shown and the map scrolls. During this scroll, the app crashes. 2. This happens about once every 10 times (usually it crashes with number 1 listed above): the scroll to top of map happens, the animation for Black Magga plays, and then when the screen goes to the normal loadi
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