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  1. The game is broken for me. Due to an issue with dice disappearing and not being able to play cards in mission 5.5, I cannot proceed. I am really disappointed in this patch.
  2. I am having issues with just one character. I am not allowed to play any cards and if I click on another hero to use cards, my die disappears. I cannot proceed.
  3. No, it does not. It's still bugged. Which at this point is rather insulting to your customers considering exact same ability for Kyra work perfectly (or at least it did before... didn't play Kyra since AD6 was released so it's possible that one is messed up as well now). I can confirm it is till bugged and that Kyra's is now broken as well.
  4. Ever since the latest update, this ability no longer works for me. It just discards the cards normally.
  5. I beat it once but then experienced the bug where I was not allowed to finish the scenario. That was a real kick in the teeth. Nothing like being forced to replay a garbage scenario multiple times. I do not blame Obsidian for it though; Paizo was the one who let a lot of nonsense scenarios into the game.
  6. Quest Mode certainly needs to be looked at. I'm level 13 with my characters and pretty much only find B and C level junk. Every so often I have stumbled upon a level 1 weapon, which is nice, but I haven't seen a single level 1 attack spell pop up other than Divine Light. Also, I understand penalties for failing, but why do we lose the exp we earned in the quests? We overcame the banes, we should get something for it. I can understand not awarding players gold but it is really tedious to lose all the exp gained form defeating the banes. Also, why would anyone want to bother with the difficulty tiers? The gold rewards are so minimal, I find it difficult to want to slog through a quest with two awful effects hindering me.
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