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  1. It's been over a year from this game's release and charm/domination still don't work properly at all. For a cipher it's very irritating, because it makes no use of his abilities of this kind. Paralyze (mental binding) works properly and once you overcome enemy's defence you get a paralyzed enemy with the duration defined by your intelligence and graze/hit/crit. But if you get your enemy charmed/dominated (whisper of treason, puppet master, ringleader) they "break free" within the duration of this ability. So for example you dominate an anamy for 25 seconds, but after 3 seconds he breaks free a
  2. Great. And does it say something bad about the creators or maybe you? It's not a bug at all, that's how this quest is supposed to look like. The first vision triggers after some progress within the game - reaching Act II or advancing through the main quest in Act II. The second vision triggers after doing at least one job given you by one of the gods and returning to him in Council of Stars quest in Twin Elms in Act III. And considering these conditions are met, you probably need only one rest - at the keep, inn or camp per vision.
  3. Killed Adra Dragon at level 12 and with half life left on my party (Hard diff.). Two characters (my main cipher and Grieving Mother) with Mental Binding did the job by paralyzing the dragon through the whole fight, so in the end it wasn't very hard. Although I had to try probably 4 times, because of this dragon's high will my ciphers often only grazed him or missed with MB and once he got out of it he destroyed everyone apart from Eder & Pallegina with single dragon breath. But it would be good to wait until around level 14. I'm currently there and my party is so much stronger with b
  4. That's what I did, but I didn't even need the prybar, you can just raise that beam with 10 might.
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