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  1. You can equip/unequip items from NPCs in the Ebon Hawk in KotOR1 Just select their portrait at the bottom of the equip screen and it switches to them. I agree that being able to level up NPCs on the Hawk would be handy. Come to that, being able to possess NPCs on the Hawk would be pretty good. Why should I fix the hyperdrive when I have no repair skill, but T3 has a high one?
  2. What if I'm playing a Jedi with a blaster? Particularly early on, when you apparently don't have a lightsaber. The problem with KotOR1 is, people go to try something new (like a blaster Jedi, in particular Consulars so they can stay at the back), but find the engine is so biased towards sabers that they have little to no chance of actually being successful.
  3. We were going to, but it got cut from the final version, along with Sleheyron. I agree that transitions would be great in terms of realism, but please don't make it so dark you can't see what's going on (a la Kashyyyk/Manaan undersea base). That just annoys me; I end up sitting two inches away from my screen, doing neither my eyes nor my neck any good at all trying to see what's going on.
  4. Says who? Why can't I be a Force-sensitive Rodian who thinks he's a human? He might even have had the surgery It would be nice to have slightly deeper character creation, but not Sims2-level facial construction. A few more skills and a less-nerfed Sentinel class would be good enough. Just as long as Atton remembers to check if Revan is/was male or female, I'm happy
  5. Some kind of forced unconsciousness would be nice. That is, if the character gets too badly injured (under 1/4 health or so) they fall unconscious. They become non-hostile to enemies, but can still take damage from grenades and AoE Force powers and can only be woken by another NPC with a medpac (or at the end of combat if KotOR2 doesn't let characters heal other characters). If they hit 0 health while unconscious (due to grenades/AoE, see above) they die as normal. The character can also initiate this themself, for two rounds - they fall unconscious as above but regenerate HP and FP while out. Just an idea
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