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  1. I don't know if anyone mentioned Beckoner but it is completely broken, summons can carry every fight in the game easily. They should nerf their HP and Damage for sure
  2. Alchemy is a must if you are Nalpazca, passive choose what you want I guess. For skills I would say, Swift Flurry, Enervating Blows and Heartbeat Drumming are the most important ones and Torment Reach is a great AoE, also don't forget Lesser Wounds and maybe Rooting Pain but that's your choice. With Chanter everything is great, you can use summons that will carry your game or simply use offensive or defensive invocations especially CCs like Paralyze or Charm or buffs/heals. For Chants it depends if you prefer to buff your whole group or your main character but I personally use the burn and sl
  3. Thank you! Here is my save file, it was too large so I had to use dropbox. Edit: I found a save in which she has not disappeared yet. I have observed that she was not missing until my act 3 saves. NPC Missing: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ssi9ohkhcuflzpw/missing%20npc%20save.7z?dl=0 NPC not missing: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f70lr15pkth581w/npc%20NOT%20missing.7z?dl=0
  4. In my first playthrough I went Shattered Pillar/Skald to spam crits and offensive invocations, for example: Her revenge swept across the land or the petrify one. You can go with any weapon but I recommend one single handed sabre or dual wield sabre because there are a lot of good sabres in the game and they are really fast which is what you need to spam a lot of crits, there is even one which gives you damage for each phrase held. I also recommend using Gatecrashers (50% to knock down an enemy on crit) and Fair Favor (15% hit to crit with some weapons including sabres). If you want to use som
  5. I agree that the main story is really short but there are a lot of content if you finish every side quest. This happens with a lot of RPG if not all so at least for me is not a real problem, it would be nice if it was longer but I like it anyway.
  6. I prefer multiclassing, you can make really good combinations. Just try a Paladin/Chanter as a main tank and summoner and he will carry your POTD game on his own.
  7. Nungata also disappeared for me, I would upload my save but I do not know how to do it
  8. I'm having this problem aswell. Blade reforged, killed master and learned scale-breaker, the fragments of yenwood are there but not the blade fragments
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