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  1. I’ve got the same problem. This means people with 2+ available roles are worse than single role characters since they can never hit 4*.
  2. Fish boy hitting on you is even worse: it locks you out of all other romances unless you shut him down hard right in the initial conversation. This means you lose rep with him as soon as you get him, because even if you later tell him you’d rather stay friends the game treats you as being locked in a relationship permanently, but no longer advances his at all.
  3. Whats even worse is there’s a perception check during the Bardatto family quest to see Hylea wink at you from her holy symbol you instantly get +1 full tick of Shady. Not a response triggered event, just having the perception check (which is unavoidable) causes the gain. As a Kind Wayfarer I’m rather pissed at how shoddily disposition is put together. Don’t make classes rely on disposition, then have it be fundamentally broken at every level. Companions (and myself) stop gaining it at all (locking it where it was) randomly, and certain dialogues give it when they don’t list that they w
  4. This weapon has the ability "Poison Tipped" that adds 0.0 Corrode per 0.0 for 0.0 Seconds on hit. This seems to be a similar bug like Wahai Poraga which has a 0.0 second duration on all its abilities.
  5. Unique Weapon "Wahai Poraga" has the incorrect stats for damage. It's a poleaxe with the damage rating from an ordinary dagger (9-13). The same bug applies to the "Whispers of the Endless Path", it does 9-15 base damage instead of 2H base damage.
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