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  1. Yeah - I was really excited for Nemnok....and then I noticed that I didn't actually get an additional level 1 spell. If you equip him quickly enough and then close out the inventory screen, you can see your extra spell for the whole second plus that you have it for.
  2. Okay, I had written up a critique along the lines of what others have said, but dropped it because I lost interest in the prospect of arguing about this. That said, I do feel compelled to at least correct your statements about Silver Tide. Silver Tide is, indeed, strong. It is not, however, a full AoE heal. It heals a fixed amount each time it activates (at 75%, 50%, and 25% of max endurance). This fixed amount is 10 at level 1, and 55 at level 16. It is adjusted by Might modifiers. It was unquestionably more powerful than any of the racials in combination with any helmet prior to the release of the White March. Now, that calculation is more difficult because endgame helmets are really damn good. The other Godlike should have their racial abilities adjusted so that they are equivalent to any other racial ability in combination with a good helmet. I liked someone's suggestion of a scaling ability, as that would remove the problem of Godlike's beginning with an ability equivalent to an endgame helmet. As it stands, your adjustments to the Godlike far surpass any conceivable combination of an endgame helmet plus a racial ability. 30 DR, in addition to a +5 buff to Constitution? And an innate retaliation that can't miss? Show me that helmet. I want to wear it. That said, thank you for your hard work!
  3. Yes. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like their website is set up to present that information effectively to their users. You would think that GOG Galaxy would make things easier, but it simply downloads the installers for the entire new version of the game, as opposed to just the patches. I appreciate a lot of things about GOG, but they've got a long ways to go before their client catches up with Steam's.
  4. Okay, even if I put all of his equipment back on it still procs. Taking it off is the necessary step, however. If Eder's attacked with all of his gear on and I haven't taken it all off, the effect doesn't proc. But if I put all of his gear back on after taking it off? Effect procs. I have no understanding of this item.
  5. I took off all of his equipment but the Binding Rope, took the Rope off and then put it back on, and the effect procc'ed. There's clearly some other unknown interaction at play.
  6. I searched the forums and couldn't find anything except the AoE bug being acknowledged. There's another topic indicating bug, but it's convoluted and there wad no Dev response.
  7. In the normal usage of Elryn's Jacket, say an enemy hits the wearer in melee, if Eyestrike procs off that melee attack it will not be Foe only -- because Eyestrike has a radius, it will hit the wearer of the jacket and blind/daze him/her. Similarly, if an ally is engaged with a ranged attacker who targets the Elryn's Jacket wearer, said ally will be hit by the Eyestrike effect if the ranged attacker procs it. Much like Overwhelming Wave on the Swaddling Sheet, I imagine that Eyestrike is supposed to be Foe only when it procs.
  8. There's no workaround, but siding with the Dozens does not prevent you from supporting Animancy at the hearings. You could also kill all of the Dozens, at which point Dunryd Row will sponsor your participation in the hearings.
  9. You're wearing the Cape of the Master Mystic -- that's your problem (my best guess anyway).
  10. Will it? I know proccing on beneficial AoEs will be fixed, but I assumed the friendly fire was intentional. Eyestrike is an area effect, if it procs off an enemy that hits you in melee, it's guaranteed to hit the wearer as well. Similarly, if it procs off a ranged enemy, and one of your allies is in melee with said enemy, your ally will be hit by eyestrike. Maybe it's supposed to be like Overwhelming Wave on the cloak? If so, I don't think I've seen that reported anywhere.
  11. Yeah, I was surprised that it was Foe only too! But I imagine that's because it would be the worst item otherwise. I mean, I already am barely able to stand Elryn's Jacket, given how frequently it blinds/dazes the wearer/your teammates (headcanon -- I'm so fabulous that even I can't see my own defects!).
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