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  1. I new this thread would lead to something...........I....am a troll. Well I am glad we all sorted that out.
  2. I'm finally beginning to learn how this forum works. If I made the title of this thread " there is not enough bitching on this forum" then everyone would have came on here and argued that there is way too much bitching on this forum. I messed up. People like zenbane and his mates.......that's how they work. By arguing the opposite of what anyone says, without commmen sense or logic coming into it.
  3. When I made the title of this thread and named it bitching on this forum i didn't mean that everyone is supposed to come onto this thread and start bitching on it.
  4. My opinion is that the world is flat. I'm also pretty sure that the topic is kind of ... Well, off-topic :-P There you go. Here we go again.
  5. Humans. We are a fantastic species but unfortunately we follow human instincts (me included). Sometimes we have to ignore our human instincts and try to deal with people better. Now I am guilty of succoming to the following points I am going to raise, I would like to clarify that, though I am a big enough man to correct myself and try to deal with people in a better way. Those points are: - people are never wrong: if someone states there opinion or there views they are going to stick to it. You can't just bring forth your own opinion and convince that person they are wrong and you are right. It's as if people are just pointlessly arguing here in this fashion. There are ways of convincing people they are wrong but they generally have to realise it for themselves, they can't be told they are wrong. - critiizing people and complaining about them. You are throwing stones. You are doing nothing more then gratifying your ego here. - try to see things from other peoples perspectives.if We at least try to do this then most of these hissy fits could be avoided. Now I'm probably going to be attacked by people for even writing this. I tried to liven this forum up by posting a joke thread a few days ago ( see thread breaking news pillars 2 has been announced)and I got trolled bad but I've had enough of all this crap after reading this thread: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/83375-a-bit-of-a-disappointment-but-at-the-same-time-a-great-rpg/ Read the last page of it.
  6. That is not true. I did positive posts as well when the game deserved it. But most of the time I do analysis of the game systems as those interest me more than story. It is not my problem that people don't agree with me and see that only as negative.I am sure devs like to ready more detailed responses more than "I love the game." From what I remeber from the threads I participated, your posts are mostly about how the game sucks and how DnD and IE games are objectively superior and Pillars should better become one while talking angrily and many times offensively to people who disagree with you or Sensuki (like you're a knight sworn allegience to him). This is not contructive criticism, is childish hate-talk. Untill now, you should have accepted that Pillars is its own thing and will never be an IE exact copy that you desire. If you can't, it's your problem; this game is not for you, leave the forums to people who are interested in it and can make useful debates. If one doesen't like a game, they ignore it and play something they enjoy. You obviously don't like it - on the contrary, despise it. Just move on mate. After release I didn't do this. Personally I give the game 8.5 score, so it hardly sucks. I did criticise it a lot during beta but that was based on other people playing it. And that was all mostly theorycrafting. And I was more critical towards it than I was after release or now. What makes me mad is that after 17 years I still didn't get a worthy successor to BG games. I expected too much from PoE and that made me mad at the game. Objectively it is a good game and overall for me best Obsidian game so far (Kotor 2 had better NPCs, SoZ had better map exploration, MotB better story, NWN2 OC better stronghold but none of them as a whole package are better than PoE). You don't have to explain yourself to them. Mate I have been attacked by quite a lot of people who frequent these forums (actually only two people). They do it because they think " they own " the forum. They want to be " the big men" in the forum. Just say whatever you want. Having said this I do honestly feel sorry for the mods on this forum.
  7. Zenbane was trolling and only I was punished for responding to a troll.You are right, I am not going to leave but I am going to ignore trolls from now on.I thought I was the only one who he argued with but after reading a lot of the threads he his in he seems to be at war with half the users on this forum.
  8. Isn't that a good thing? Why would I want to be locked to only having a certain party composition? If you position 2 tanks correctly then have the rest of your party using ranged weapons even if they are spell casters you won't need to use your magic. You can win 90% of battles by doing this! maybe cast 1 spell sometimes.
  9. I think what he is getting at is that you don't need to hardly ever use magic as you can get away with just using 2 tanks and firearms in a party of six (even on POTD). But magic can still be used effectively, you just don't need it.
  10. http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-2209561.html Why are you quoting a comment on Fallout 3? New Vegas is nothing like Fallout 3. Yeah mate totally agree with you. I wish people thought a little harder.
  11. I think the point he made was a very good one and I understood it completely.
  12. Yeah so many people like stacking and wish it was implemented better. I'm also not to sure if pillars achieves that splendidly.
  13. There's always room to complain, that's what christmas is for! I doubt anyone really questions your life. I mean, you post about great build combo's while others post about... https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/83361-breaking-news-pillars-2-has-been-announced/ Anywho, Am I the only who avoided the Cipher class completely? When I bought PoE I read a lot about how Ciphers are very cookie cutter, so I went with a Chanter instead. But now I'm thinking of going Druid over Chanter. Yeah I agree with you Zendo. It's a shame that others are so irratable and serious. Thanks for drawing the comparison to my post that aims to lighten people up. Greatly appreciated.
  14. So some of my options differ from yours to. Geez, what is the meaning of the word forum again?
  15. These forums exist for people to share there views and opinions. If they differ to yours and that makes you angry then that's something you have to work on. I admit I can be blunt sometimes, though I honestly don't think that little hissy fit you had has anything to do with me, it is more what's going on in your life. And FYI I'm using these forums again because I'm on a remote island in the gulf of thailand and I'm bored ****less.
  16. Dude you have waaaaay to much time on your hands and I mean wwaaaaaaaaaay to much. Seriously way way to much. Way to much. Too I'm from australia. We have a different interpretation of English here. I'm also using my iPad with its stupid auto- correct. By I appreciate you education in English thanks.
  17. Wait, you would use a cipher without charm or dominate? I never needed to use them. Combat even on POTD is unbelievably easy. If you have 2 tanks and four casters armed with arquebus's you generally won't even need to cast any spells. My typical party consisted of Fighter Fighter Cipher - arquebus Mage - arquebus Priest - arquebus Druid - arquebus Combat was insanely easy. Casters shouldn't be able to use fire arms or bows like fighters and rangers do (like you can't in baldurs gate). 90% of fights you just position your tanks maybe cast 1 spell (wave) then peg everything off with you firearms, pathetic I reckon. Makes ranged classes like rangers completely pointless when a caster can do the same almost as good. The first 4 levels are beautiful in terms of difficulty on POTD. I didnt expect that at only level 7 the game would degrade into a mindless faceroll. If I knew that I would have strongly considered not buying it. But there is still time, maybe everything will be fixed. When you hit defiance bay the game Definately does as you put it spiral into a mindless faceroll. Not only that but in all the wrong other ways to. There are no unique items worth collecting or buying and most of the abilities selection upon level up are pointless. So not only are you beating the game hands down but you are beating it with boring items and abilities.
  18. Dude you have waaaaay to much time on your hands and I mean wwaaaaaaaaaay to much. Seriously way way to much. Way to much.
  19. Would you laughing if you blew your face off and then lost your balls?
  20. Breaking news. This has just been announced by obsidian. Pillars 2 has been confirmed! The plot shall involve the protagonist misfiring a blunderbuss and blowing his face off. In the search for a new face he unfortunately encounters another biawac machine that starts spinning and doesn't steal his soul this time but instead takes his balls. With his face blown off and no balls he comes to the realisation he is totally screwed. Fortunately he finds a dwarf woman hanging from a tree that tells him he must seek out another face and a new set off balls. Not content with his old set of balls the protagonist asks the dwarf woman who has the biggest set of balls in dry wood. She tells him that an cannoneer ogre from the white march called thaosis has the biggest balls she has ever seen. With his compass set the protagonist sets of on an epic journey to recover his manhood. Pillars of eternity 2: The man with no face and no balls.
  21. I have super high expectations for pillars 2. Super super super high. I will be incredibly let down if it is not better the bg2.
  22. Well pillars doesn't have startling originality because it is a IE knock off, it Definately doesn't have a rich story line the whole soul thing I found ridiculously stupid. Great items to collect? No this is where the game lacks the most, 90% of the items in pillars hardly even do anything eg a helmet that does +1 engaged or a ring that gives +1 perception. The spells? Yeah the spells are good like them in pillars. But as a whole, comparing pillars to bg2? No I don't think pillars is on the same level. But bg2 is the best game I have ever played and pillars is probably the second best game I have ever played.
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