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  1. Now, I remember there being some debate about this a while ago, but I left and can't seem to find any of the threads where this used to be discussed. Finally got to playing the game and finished it twice, but I can't seem to find any robe with a hood up. Now, I understood that there would be no robes that could get the hood up and down, because that would require too much scripting or power from the engine or something like that, but the actual presence of a hooded robe, even without the option to put it down would be nice. So.. Does anyone know what robe/armor has a hood? Thanks in advance. Mr U
  2. Probably the head of the Czerka Corporation. Ruthless and all business, and never afraid to close a deal with an evil overlord despite the descructive effect it may have on the Galaxy. Mr U
  3. Well, I saved prior, and I tried two out of four. The first time I merged with Helios, the second I brought the Illuminati back in power. I prefered the latter though. For some reason, being an invisible hand in things, influencing, not leading directly appeals to me . Mr U
  4. Forgive my ignorance, but what does the C in CRPG refer to? Although I have not played Kotor2, as my computer won't run it, I find it peculiar that a certain group of players would not find a challenge in the game. If there is a group of people who are experienced RPG-ers, and who need a bigger challenge, surely Obsidian could have created an additional difficulty setting, perhaps named 213374U? Especially when it is so simple. Although I am not yet ready to condemn Obsidian for anything, I do feel that a broad difficulty spectrum (easy for the ff players, difficult for the experienced players) is important. Mr U
  5. Evolution. Big Bang (A gigantic collision of particles with anti-particles, simple chance of it occuring) The purpose of life is to create as many great people as possible. The purpose of life is expansion, Der Wille zur macht. The Great Men will drive this expansion, and it is the purpose of the 'complacent mass' to support them in their quest Seeking knowledge, assisting others in scientific, cultural et caetera expansion We are biological machines. When we die, our brain seizes to function, and our brain activity seizes. It is like a computer calculating PI for hours after another, and than getting it's power cut. Logic. Occam's razor. The existence of an omnipotent, omniscient being creating us, and giving us a soul that elevates to eden, where it will live an eternal death of beauty and pleasure is less likely than my above hypothesis. My general impression of man, really. Some are ignorant, some use their Christian religion in an effort to further mankind. I regret that their moral system conflicts with my Nietzschean view. My views? Regarding theology? Proof. Proof of afterlife, proof of God, proof of creationism. Mr U
  6. I was being ironic in reference to the history of the US. The mere idea of restricting history to a region, instead of mankind is absurd. Nationalism is absurd. Why should it make any difference to the greatness of anyone in which region he is born? Alternatively, why should any 'American' feel proud of what someone in his country has achieved more than a man is proud of what another man has achieved? Why should we limit our pride, our feelings of valor to a region or historical period. I suggest changing the purpose of this thread to discussing the greatest (wo)man ever in existance. ---- Anti-asylum? Come on. Our current asylum system is being abused by thousands. Fortuyn had some decent thoughts, I believe, but he lacked any reason to execute them. Mr U
  7. I did not read his books, but could you direct me to a quote where he stated he wanted to kick out non-Dutch people? Mr U
  8. I cried when I saw Oscar Schindler next to Gandhi. I don't consider Ayaan Hirsi Ali a populist. Wilders is, indeed, populistic, though I agree with him on some issues, Turkey not joining the EU for example. I will agree however, that Ayaan Hirsi Ali is not a good 'congress-member', She is just more suited making Submission parts, writing books and coming up for the rights of the muslim woman in other ways. Anyshoe, I don't think the US has any true heroes. The nation is too young for that, and instead they worship quasi-/semi-heroes. Stop nationalism, start nihilism and moral relativism! Mr U
  9. It's Pim Fortuyn, and I disagree with him on both being conservative, and being racist. Fact is, he changed his opinion so damn often he didn't know what he was. He was an opportunist and a populist. He was just charismatic, and appealed to the public, apparantly. I'm glad I don't have to vote for the greatest American. I do now however know what I'll vote when they do 'the greatest oxymoron'. Mr U
  10. Well, I won't have anyone claiming I can't stand a joke. You had me . Mr U
  11. Rather amusing coming from someone who feels the constant urge to tell other people what to do. You see, the beauty of the whole is that I do not have to make up stories at all. There are 'forum guidelines' that must be adhered to. Not at all. I do not believe neither of you to be homophobic in any way. In fact, I do not even know on what I should base that. What I do know is that Epiphany has not been posting in a way that is not in adherence to the forum guidelines. If anyone wishes to debate this, I am completely open for that, but I do not feel this thread is suitable for it. After all, we are talking about 'the greatest jedi ever', which no doubt is more important than our debate . If you want, by the way, I could make you a crying emoticon. I have some skill with Animation shop pro. Mr U
  12. Freedom of religion means that people are allowed to believe what they want. Whether this relates to deities or simply plants is irrelevant. As soon as someone claims that only he is right, and forces that view unto others, he is robbing people of their rights. It is not my intent to rob you of your time, Epiphany, though you are robbing my time. I feel obligated to step in as I do not at all appreciate your way of debating and I feel that you are indeed casting a shadow on these forums. Also, I believe I hold the exclusive choice where to take my 'analiytical nonsense' (whatever that is. Analytical, perhaps?), and the administrators and moderators hold the right of deleting, and editing my posts, or banning me from this board. Also, the choice of 'hounding', is also mine, and I shall not be affected by your pitiful attempts at bullying people around. Ad nauseum, Mr U
  13. 'palpatine won' is a conclusion. Observing a fight is an observation. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion mean that everyone is free to attach their own conclusions to their observations. Not only do you imply here that only you are correct and that only you hold the 'truth', you also rob others from their freedom of speech and religion, and although a board is by no means a valid way of exercising one's rights, you do not have the right to put boundaries on the behaviour of others. The administrators and moderators of this board, however, do, and although it is not my intention to speak for them, I doubt they would like your behaviour. As to the greatest jedi, I would have to say Jolee Bindo, as he was not afraid to deviate from his path of neutrality when destiny called for him. Mr U PS. Again I find your behaviour unwelcoming, Epiphany. Please take my kind advice and try to be a bit nicer and accepting to others.
  14. On another site, people made fun of my name, and called me a gay person, even writing fanfics about their sexual fantasies. In any way, in an attempt to not let them down, I took the 'gayest' color I could find and took it as my own . Now, I should add that I am in fact not gay, although I am happy, occasionally. I try to ridicule homophobic people when I'm not waiting for Kotor 2 . Mr U
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