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  1. Worth noting is that the Power Level persist for some time. So it can be used for multiple attack abilities which scale of power level (although only at +1) in every fight, e.g. FoD (arcane knight). Empower is not available for such cases (not available via multiclassing) I guess monk would be the better choice though. Too bad FoD is not restored by Blood Sacrifice Edit: Blood Sacrifice does state, "+1 Wizard Power Level". Perhaps I was wrong to assume that it would apply to abilities (FoD etc) and lashes? A very nice and fun addition overall!
  2. Is equipment (armor, defenses) carried over when shapeshifting? I.e. is the trade off 15s transform and glass status?
  3. One more issue with "batsht crazy disabling druid tank" http://http//forums.obsidian.net/topic/83775-class-build-batsht-crazy-disabling-druid-tank/ Should be the last one
  4. Hey, you made a small misstake for Support Priest, or How I Buffed The Others link is: http://http//forums.obsidian.net/topic/83506-class-build-support-priest-or-how-i-buffed-the-others/ should be: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/83506-class-build-support-priest-or-how-i-buffed-the-others/ Thanks
  5. After killing these great wizards on PoTD, I find myself craving more lore. Are there any stories or lore or something around Arkemy, Citzal, Concelhaut, Llengrath, Minoletta, Ninagauth, Ryngrim?
  6. Durance is fully equpped with sword & shield talent, cautious attack, sup deflection. So he is off-tankish. I never run straight in with my rogue, it´s just that she gets murdered by monks and whatnot instantly after slashing her first cleric or so. Sure, I see the benefit for the damage, but it´s just not feasible... testing with chanter now (although paladin looks really interesting)
  7. What would be the benefit of having a paladin except the accuracy aura? (never had one)
  8. I´ve had it with rogues.... PoTD party at ~12 level. Monk (offensive) Fighter (lady of pain) Wizard (blaster) Cipher Priest (durance) Rogue (melee) My rogue is _always_ dying. Every single fight. Any ideas on what to replace her with at this level? Maybe another melee chanter?
  9. Can we get a new sticky for "Builds & Strategies"?! There are quite a few interesting builds buried in the forum. Now I recon LadyCrimson is no longer active, but there got to be other moderators around? Would hate to see some of the fine and thought through works dissapear.
  10. Trying to reconcile your math with my earlier test (from the link above): Plate Armor (+50%) Vulnerable Attack (+20%) Armored Grace (-15% penalty*) Durgan Steel armor (-15% penalty) *this was before 2.03. These should be additive, which means (50+20-15-15)=40% recovery penalty. Then we have: Durgan Steel weapon (+15% attack speed) Speed weapon (+20% attack speed) Deleterious Alacrity of Motion (+50% attack speed) These should be multiplicative, which means 1.15x1.20x1.5=2.07 or 107% recovery reduction. So, 140% - 107% = 33% recovery before DEX. 50 * 33% = 16.5 frames. 25 DEX (+45% action speed; applies to both attack and recovery) Then we apply dexterity: (16.5 / 1.45) = 11.37 Et voilà: 11-frame recovery + 4-frame delay (which apparently can't be eliminated and doesn't factor in any calculation.) This is a major breakthrough—Kaylon, you are a genius! Now my LoP is not only the ultimate single-target melee DPS machine, but even has the flexibility to forgo Armored Grace and take a different ability (which is great, seeing as TWM pt. II is going to add new mid-level abilities for all classes.) I'm going to enjoy my next play through quite a lot, bwahahah! Your LoP?
  11. This was hillarious. How did you accidently killed the entire inn?
  12. According to the announcement at least: <ahref http://eternity.obsidian.net/news/pillars-of-eternity-the-white-march---part-1-release-date-announced>link</a>
  13. For a super early pistol there is the "The Disappointer". It comes with a Quality enhancement "Terrible Accuracy", but due to game mechanics only one Quality can be in place at the same time. Thus, if we enchant it with "Accurate 1" we end up with -1 accuracy instead of -13. it is hidden in the tent where you find Sparfel´s pack.
  14. Pillars is currently in a state of flux as a major new patch and expansion is about to be released (25th august). So, what is strong now is likely to change. Luckily patch 2.0 will introduce the respec feature, so you can experiment if saves between patches is compatible (anyone knows)? In _general_ it is: fast weapons = high damage to unarmored targets slow weapons = high damage to armored targets So, good to have one of each. Also if you want to specialize in martial ranged damage, the ranger is the stronger choice currently. There was great post comparing rogue/ranger dps if your interested: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/78939-class-builds-ranged-ranger-ranged-rogue-melee-rogue/ On easy/normal you can complete the game blindfolded. Obsidian should have had the courage to remove easy/normal and replace it with hard as default. For Path of the Damned it´s more about optimized parties as whole. Most seems to end up using: 1 tank + 1 priest + 1 offtank + 3 dps Anyways. A little off topic, but you seemed new so I wanted to share some experience.
  15. Comments! Completed Hard with OP´s party with the addition of Wizard/Druid as suggested DPS (6 party instead of 4). Most of the issues was due to pushing Od Nua underleveled. - Ranged Rogue peaked mid game but felt more and more obsolete late game where enemies had high deflection/pierce DR. - The chanter did his part as offtank. For summons I used mostly figurines as phrases takes forever to build up. Ended up using him mostly for the "Sure Handed Ila" buff. - Druid was strong but perhaps not needed because of Wizard. PoTD is obviously harder so perhaps Chanter/Rogue is a necessity. Also note that we are talking about optimized parties here. Rogue is only obsolete in the sense that perhaps something else can be more effective late game. So next I´m doing a PoTD run and was thinking of going with: Fighter Priest Cipher Melee Wizard I´m split about Cipher because of the focus which takes time to build up and requires a steady of consistent damage. The best alternative seems to build him as ranged while melee provides better focus generation. I was also thinking of the Cipher with Aumaua + Qucik Switch spike during initlization for focus advantage. Ideas?
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